March 15, 2019

Not Our Wastebasket Anymore

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a fine essay on recycling and how we are now witnesswing it's unlamented end. From Always on Watch:

My German friends in the small farming village where I lived would remind me, conspiratorially, that the government wasn't really recycling all that stuff.

When we returned to the states, we voluntarily paid our garbage service more money for a recycling bin, but we were shocked at how loose the rules were. On a few occasions, to our horror, our kids had thrown garbage into the bins, but nobody at the garbage company even batted an eye.

My wife and I have long suspected US recycling was a scam, but then the free market solution came to me: We were paying other countries to take our dirty, garbage-laden and improperly sorted recycling (those bill envelopes with the plastic window? You are supposed to remove that window before putting the envelope in the paper recycling), and those nations taking our recycling paid slave laborers nickels a day to clean it, and then they sold it on the global market.

China's Not Taking our Crap Anymore

Read it all!


If there was any economic value in recycling the waste companies would go through the trash themselves. They don''t, preferring to outsource the work to the consumer. That should tell us all that recycling is a scam. So what is the point? Well, why do religious people follow certain practices? Muslim men wear long beards and face Mecca when they pray. The purpose is to meld the Believer to the Faith. Separating trash is one way the secular individual can be made a part of the "greater good" and thus feel like he belongs to the Church of the Holy Environment. It's a sacrament. Couple that with driving small clown cars to save on greenhouse gas emissions, not eating meat to avoid cow farts and pig methane, etc. and you have the modern guilt-riddled liberal, a soul who believes in nothing except the tangibles of this world, but who believes passionately in the contrived mission of "saving the planet" where once a Christian America sought to save souls from Hell.

People are starting to realize this was never about actually doing anything, but rather about making people feel a certain way. Nobody wants to recycle anymore for that very reason. AS I say, if it had any financial benefit it would be done by the trash companies. But we have actually been sending our garbage to CHINA, for goodness sake, because they have the manpower to make it worth their troubles and we don't, and they don't worry about some bad smells. We pay them to take our trash, so they take it.

Or did. Now that they aren't taking it, we aren't separating it. Why bother?

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1 Well! (in my best Jack Benny imitation) All this time I've been careful to put The Right Stuff in the recycling bin -- and wishing, for example, that styrofoam was supposed to go there (it's not; it goes in the garbage). AND taking used items containing electronics (telephones, TV remotes, etc.) directly to the recycling center about 12 miles from here -- and sometimes getting told that if it was an old appliance such as a now-dead microwave or treadmill, I'd have to take it down the street to an appliance dealer who'd accept it (for a $25 fee).
And sometimes the people at the center would say "You don't need to recycle that, just put it in your garbage." Luckily that never resulted in a wasted trip because I always went to the center with a number of items.
Well, China or no China, I'm gonna still do it because we put enough stuff into the bin -- cardboard, wine bottles, paper, etc., and the recycling bin's twice the size of the garbage bin.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at March 15, 2019 11:18 AM (rIYC+)

2 I don't blame you there, Dana.  In fact, I used my father's recycle bin when he was sick for the exact same reason.  I don't hold it against anyone, except the liberals, who have ulterior motives. As usual.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at March 16, 2019 06:31 AM (tfC+s)

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