April 13, 2018

Never Say Never; Black on White Hate Crime Prosecuted

Timothy Birdnow

In a recent discussion online I pointed out that hate crimes are not really applied to minorities, and are primarily a way of granting special rights to minorities - and shutting up the white majority. I stated:

""Hate speech" is a way around the First Amendment. That was the whole intent of the notion. It was intended to make it possible to shut certain people up rather than allow them to speak and be refuted and rebuked.

And of course "hate crimes" mean some are more equal than others before the law. A crime of violence is a crime of violence. I don't give it more weight because the person who committed it didn't like some people and that was a motive. Oh, and isn't it funny they NEVER charge minorities with hate crimes...."

End excerpt.

Well, reader Mike points our attention to this rare case where a group of black thugs beat up a mentally disabled white man:

Never say never, it might come back and bite you.

Crimes against whites equals small percentage of hate crimes, FBI ...

Jan 6, 2017 - In Chicago, two men and two women — all black — are facing hate crime charges in connection with the brutal beating of a mentally disabled white man that was streamed on Facebook Live. The video shows the victim is tied up and the suspects are making racial slurs and references to his mental capacity ...

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