May 14, 2018

Navy Torpedoes Windbags and other Turbine News

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. Navy is blocking a California scheme to put floating wind farms in the Pacific Ocean.

According to the LA Times:

At the request of Gov. Jerry Brown, the federal government's Bureau of Ocean Energy Management established an intergovernmental task force to look into opportunities for offshore wind in California. State waters extend from the ocean shoreline outward by three nautical miles. Federal waters extend from three miles to 200 nautical miles. Floating offshore wind projects typically would be located in federal waters, but because the cables connect onshore, they would cross state waters. That means state as well as federal agencies would be involved.

The Department of Defense was asked to provide its assessment of the California coast. Last summer, the Navy released a map, using the colors of a traffic light — green for no restrictions, yellow for site-specific stipulations and red for what it called "wind exclusion," where the military wanted no wind farms at all. (Blue areas were coded for sites designated as National Marine Sanctuaries.)

The red "no-go" areas covered all of Southern California — from the southern tip of the Mexican border, extending through San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara counties and all the way to Big Sur. The area included the Central Coast — site of the potential Morro Bay projects."

End excerpt.

Well, naturally; these things will block naval traffic, and probably screw up radar and other sensitive military equipment.

"Clean energy" is a will-o-the-wisp, a mirage designed ultimately to allow environmentalists to dismantle industrial civilization and to create parity between the Third World and the developed. It's a dirty trick disguised as a way to promote peace and plenty. Hopefully the military will stand its, er, well maybe mot ground, but stand firm.

In other blowback to bird blenders, an MP in Ontario is introducing legislation banning nondisclosure agreements in wind farm contracts.

Often when a property owner leases his land to a wind farm company he is made to sign an NDA so that he may not complain when the farm starts causing him problems. Those problems include:

"health problems, due noise or vibration or suddenly your well goes bad, because of pile driving or so on, "

The NDA's prevent you from talking. It is the sneaky way the Gang Green keeps people in the dark about potential problems with their pet projects. And since Canada is so much more "Progressive" than the U.S. they are quick to shut the mouths of any malcontents, no matter how serious the complaint.

The tide may be turning on this stupidity.

Wind power is at best a stopgap measure. The wind only blows at certain times, and if there was a way to harness it without blocking large swaths of territory it would be fine, but there is no decent way to profitably harness wind power for commercial electricity. Instead you have to build these big, expensive turbines that chop up birds, cause people to go deaf, and ruin the beauty of the landscape. these are big money projects, too, and produce both toxic chemicals in the manufacture as well as greenhouse gases. The only ones to prosper are those heavily invested in them; the rest of us pay through higher electric bills - which is the point. The Gang Green wants to drive us out of a high energy economy, make us live simpler i.e. like our nineteenth century ancestors. Well, good luck with that; we left the nineteenth century because it sucked. Progress is called that fora reason.

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