April 13, 2018

Muddled Marchers Miss the Mark

Timothy Birdnow

SLU News discusses a local March for their Lies, er, Lives. The quote a protest sign held by a mother and daughter combo which reads:

"trained to be a teacher not a sharp shooter.”
I could amend that "trained to be a teacher not a sharp shooter destined to be a coffin dweller". The stupidity employed is beyond belief.

And it suggests that school teachers are incapable of learning something new. What a great lesson to teach their students.

The article says protesters were chanting: "Hey hey, ho ho, the NRA has got to go” as if the NRA had anything to do with any of these shootings. If the people involved knew anything whatsoever they would know that school shootings have almost all happened in Democrat-controlled areas and usually involved mental illness (and liberal gun grabbers were the ones who promoted integration of the mentally ill into the general society) and crazy liberal ideas like the PROMISE program that created a loophole for criminal and insane kids to get weapons. But it is easier to create a bogeyman than to actually look at the problems and why they are there. Mostly they are there because of liberal social and educational policies. Latchkey kids and broken families - the fruits of the "you can have it all baby" schemes from the seventies and eighties - bring a terrible price.

Here's a classic quote from the article:

"Rosati-Kain High School junior Hannah Wyler asked during conversation, "Education is a basic human right; if we get shot up in school do we even still have that right?”

Wrong. Education is not a Right, it is a privilege. A right imposes no obligation on anyone else. In fact, many Americans received little or no education until the 20th century because everyone knew it was NOT a right. Universal education was the b rainchild of Thomas Dewey, a radical who sought to turn America into a socialist state and fundamentally change this country. He wanted to take children away from their parents to inculcate them with HIS values rather than their sires. If you want to read more about Dewey and the rise of radical public education read the excellent book by Daren Jonescu The Case Against Public Education. It is eye opening.

The article ends with a call for these kids to skip school again. Gee, I wonder how hard it was to get kids to play hookie; heck, when I was their age I did it without an excuse.

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