May 12, 2018

More on Greitens

Timothy Birdnow

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In my article on Missouri Governor Greitens I had to leave a number of things out that really should have been in the piece, but the article was getting too long and in the interest of brevity I stuck to the critical details. For instance, the judge in the case refused to allow a change in venue, despite the fact that the City of St. Louis has perhaps ten Republicans counting myself and my wife, and neither of us were called to jury duty for this case. Greitens cannot get a fair trial here, and he knew it. But the judge simply refused to entertain moving it. Also, Greitens lawyers wisely asked that he be allowed to waive a jury and instead have a bench trial, so the law would be the determining factor and not the R behind Greiten's name. The judge would have none of it, and Greitens is being forced to face a hostile jury, one that is probably going to be predominantly black and in sympathy with the BLM prosecutor. Greitens did succeed at getting the trial moved from November (just before the elections) to May, but he had asked for April so as to get this out of the way. The judge refused to allow that, too. And the judge, knowing what a travesty of justice this is, with suppression of evidence and evidence and witness tampering, has on several occasions refused to throw the case out, as any reasonable magistrate would do.

In any other case the prosecutor herself would be cited for contempt of court. And Tisaby, the investigator, would be in jail. In court Gardner was asked directly if Tisaby was off the case as she claimed then who was the investigator and Gardner, the lead prosecutor, simply ignored the question.  Three times the judge asked her and she simply refused to respond at all, staring at the floor and ignoring the question. Anybody else would be in jail. Not so here, with the black political power structure entirely behind Gardner and the state Democrats (and many of the Republicans as well) backing this whole thing.

Meanwhile demands have been fierce from both sides for Greitens to resign, and articles of impeachment are being drawn up, despite the fact that the Governor has not even had his day in court yet.

This would make a great movie or stage play. Sort of All the King's Men and The Bonfire of the Vanities meets a reverse To Kill a Mockingbird meets Fifty Shades of Gray...'

Greitens approached politics in much the same way as Trump, calling out and offending established politicians. Unlike Trump, though, who tried to mend fences to a degree (and had enough power that the political class had to at least try to work with him) Greitens isolated himself, and now he's facing the music.

For the record, I did not support Greitens in the primary, as he was a Democrat. He also struck me as a self-promoter, a guy who padded his resume' considerably. He did have an impressive resume', too; Special Forces, Oxford, ran a charity, etc. But right is right, and what is being done to Greitens is shameful. Oh, and he's been a pretty good governor since taking office. But he's supported Right to Work, which has the labor unions enraged (I support him on that) and the unions are still powerful in Missouri. And as I mentioned in the article, he is cutting lots of money out of the cookie jar for special interests, and they don't like it at all. Unfortunately for Greitens, he hasn't had enough time for his program to bear fruit, and the media in Missouri is all left wing so he will get no credit.

His situation is very similar to Scott Walker's in Wisconsin shortly after he took over. The same forces that were arrayed against Walker are arrayed against Greitens. It's doubtful, though, that Greitens will survive this, in my opinion, because the GOP will impeach him if and when he loses his trial - which I strongly suspect he will. He'll win on appeal, but the damage will be done. That is the whole point of this. Gardner doesn't care if Greitens spends six minutes in jail; she wants to destroy his political career. So do a lot of other people.

Every conservative in America should care about this.

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