December 02, 2018

More Hate Mail to the Post-Dispatch

More hate mail from my brother Brian to the Post-Dispatch:

Dear Tod Robberson,
In the PD editorial of last week entitled "More Trade War Casualties" you undermine your own case with your unrestrained glee and the zeal with which you attack the Trump Administration. It seems that you are celebrating and popping champagne corks at the news that GM will be closing down factories in the USA.

Your newspaper never met a Republican politician you didn't loath, and you used to attack the GOP for the Party orthodoxy in favor of free trade. Now that the titular leader is a protectionist, your paper has become a latter day convert to the Manchester Economic thinking you used to deride. If a Republican says something is white, the Post-Dispatch will say it is black, and contrarianism will rule.

As I said, you would be more convincing in your argument if the tone of the editorial were more sober, and less celebratory. Rooting for a recession is no way to express opposition to a President. Standing on the sidelines and leading cheers for an economic downturn undermines your credibility to discuss these things rationally.

Brian E. Birdnow

Here are my 2c:

Guess Tod Roberson didn't read this seems the trade war is being paid for almost exclusively by the Chinese and not the Americans. This is from Bloomberg, not Fox, I might add.

I have another question for Mr. Roberson; did he and the good people at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch support Right to Work in Missouri? IF GM is partially pulling out of the U.S. then it is as much a function of high labor costs, which they seek to alleviate by moving to Mexico and other cheap places. Right to work here and through the country may well have helped keep GM in the States. Strange how the P-D supports labor unions (who funnel millions of dollars to the Democratic Party) and then cheers when companies leave America for cheaper labor. Is that the stench of hypocrisy I smell?

Oh, and in case Mr. Roberson missed it, Obama pushed out the CEO of GM in 2009 and got one installed who was more, uh, accomodating to his plans. That was why everyone called it "Government Motors" and they began making electric go-carts and other things people do not want. Now they are pulling out of America. Is it any coincidence that a company run by Obamabots is trying to hurt the U.S. economy and by extension Donald Trump's efforts? Anybody?

Well, the Post-Dispatch is too busy trash talking in an effort to kill the recovery.

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