September 20, 2023

Men and Women are Different

Nikki Grace

This will probably not surprise anyone and many may not like my position on the issue. I don't find anything out of order with women being of lower participation in management in the corporations and government.

As an executive who managed both men and women, women overwhelmingly were unwilling to put in what men did for their jobs. Women employees always wanted more money, but stated and demonstrated that they didn't want to apply for the jobs that paid more because they didn't want to put in the overtime, the continuing education, the certifications and in some cases the licenses required for those positions. The commitment required.

I still meet young women workers today that tell me that they don't want to go into management for these very reasons, the demand of being in those positions. Women want more money but less demands made on them. Perhaps they know themselves better than the societal planners. Life is short, happiness is ephemeral, looking for happiness in a position or job will not deliver happiness to women.

Many may not like this either. Women have a higher average IQ than men as a group, however they have fewer outliers at both ends of the arc, fewer people of low IQ and fewer people of high IQ. Men overwhelmingly have more people of genius IQ. To me, this fits the pattern of the one in a hundred women who actually match the drive. characteristics , and willingness to sacrifice, the requirements to rise to those positions generally held by men in corporations in private sector and government in public sector.

Personally I find this acceptable. The political and societal push to diversity, equality and inclusion without regard for natural characteristics is a perversion, distortion and derangement of a natural order and leads to mismanagement ,devolution and instability in all institutions who try to force this unnatural development. And massive dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

As a comment on municipal governance. In the 80s while at college in Madison Wisconsin taking a course in commercial real estate underwriting and appraisal under the renown professor, Dr. Graskamp, as part of our course work we studied urban planning, an emerging field. At that time degrees were beginning to be offered in urban planning. Those departments were run by leftists.

Cities evolve organically, generally concentrically within topographical boundaries. Leftist wanted to destroy the separation of the classes, social, racial and economic that happens organically in society. Class warfare, the common refrain of leftists. The old canard of "good intentions". What this leftist central planning utopian idea is leading to is blight, flight, conflict, increased crime, corruption and collapse of infrastructure. There may be a more enlightened governance paradigm awaiting in the future but at the present, the direction is deranged.

Tim adds: Well, woman were evolved to deal with general problems as they were the caretakers of children and keepers of the home. There is a biological drive to that end, whether we want to admit that or not. Men were providers by evolutionary decree, and their job was to hunt - a single-minded purpose. Men would naturally tend to be more focused and obsessive and go after a single objective more than women. They were made by Nature and Nature's God to be more goal-oriented. Neither is better but just suited to different tasks.

We are essentially uppper paleolithic creatures in a modern world and while we have changed quite a bit our nature remains what it was shaped to be. I believe men ARE better suited to the working world and precisely because of the reasons I just explained.

Yes, there are professions where womens tendencies are better, but most jobs require the kind of committment and focus that allows for chasing down a wild boar rather than gathering nuts, or collecting firewood.

My own experience with women managers is they are far too consensus driven, slow to make decisions, too worried about giving offense, and tend to lose focus on occasion. Not all, surely, and no in every field. This is on average, not an absolute rule.

Some try to claim women have to accomplish more to get ahead. I disagree. My experience is women are eagerly pushed forward by upper management precisely BECAUSE they are women and the companies want to show they are on the "right side" of things. And older men always like to please younger women.

In the military women are exempted from any number of requirements their male compatriots must meet. They don't have to do chin ups, I'm given to understand. I know that women technicians are assigned grunts to carry their tool boxes; the boxes are too heavy for them. So the old joke can be reworked "how many women does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Just one, but she needs a man to do it." Female aviators in the Navy get extra "downs" too. They are not held to the same standards as the male pilots.

IF women actually were the equals of men in these jobs they wouldn't require special privileges.

Men and women are different and this radical egalitarianism is ultimately horribly destructive. We have this modern idea of "no limits" meaning reality shouldn't matter. That way lies madness.

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