September 25, 2022

Media Says Graham never Saw a Vagina

Timothy Birdnow

MSNBC mocks Lindsay Graham's sexuality in a disgusting fashion:

MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle and her guests on The 11th Hour were in fits of laughter as they mocked Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham with the implication that he is gay during an off-the-rails segment about abortion policy in the United States.

On Friday’s show, Ruhle’s panel guests included CBS Sunday Morning‘s Nancy Giles, CNBC’s Ron Insana, MSNBC columnist Liz Plank, and comic and podcaster Judy Gold.

Toward the end of the show, Ruhle brought up Sen. Graham and the abortion legislation he put forward, which has been a major news story all week. Just mentioning his name elicited some groans from the guests.

Ruhle said Graham is "more than doubling down” with the legislation, and said to the panel "I want you to first help me understand, why would he even be doing this?”

"Why do this? Republicans don’t even support it across the board. He’s dividing Republicans. It’s not like you can get white evangelical voters to vote for you twice,” said Ruhle. "And now they’re knocking out a ton of other potential new voters.”


"And, the fact that he is telling women what to do with their bodies,” Gold began. She paused a second before Giles nodded and said, "Go for it.”

"He’s never seen a vagina! He’s never seen a naked woman!” Gold blurted, as the whole panel laughed it up, including Stephanie Ruhle. "And he is telling me?”

The implication that Gold was using to crack up the panel is one that’s made pretty often on the Democrat side, which is to suggest Graham is gay, apparently as an insult.

Amid the crosstalk and tittering, Ruhle added her own wink and nudge, saying, "We don’t know that for sure. We do not know that for sure.”

MSNBC’s Liz Plank said "It’s probably true, it’s probably true.”

I rather doubt Gold has seen a vagina either; she probably has a Barby-doll bottom.

I thought trans men are women; they have vaginas made of penile material, don't they? If so then Lindsay at least has seen a male vagina...

Or perhaps these broads are just jealous that Lindsay may get more male members than do they.

Can you imagine if hosts on Fox said something comparable? They would be fired. But liberals always get a pass.

Not content going after Graham they took a pot shot at Marco Runio:

"And Marco Rubio, don’t forget,” Insana added.

"Do they want to have babies?” Giles asked.

"No, they’re men who need Viagra!” said Gold as Plank and Ruhle laughed some more. "They don’t even operate correctly!”

"Right,” Giles agreed.

This is like a bunch of 12 year olds. Maybe next they can pull 'em out and measure.

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1 Yes, this is all locker-room banter, and I wouldn't give a rat's a** for, or to, any of the participants.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 25, 2022 08:52 PM (GIKgf)

2 And so what the heck if Lindsey is -- excuse me, MAY BE -- a bit light in the sneakers? I've never seen a news item or a video of him fondling little girls -- or boys -- and/or sniffing their mother's (or father's) hair. And if it had happened, you bet your life it would have been all over the Fake News stations.

You want to talk about homosexuals in government, how about Ric Grinnell, who did a splendid job of whatever President Trump gave him, and if you hear him interviewed on Fox News, you'll agree that he's one of the sharpest people we ever had in the government.

So there!

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 25, 2022 09:45 PM (FSK6u)

3 Exactly Dana. THEY are forever telling us we are bigots and haters for not CELEBRATING gay behavior, but they mock and sneer at those who are just quiet about their sexuality when it suits them. It's monstrous hypocrisy.

Grinnell did indeed do a fine job. He didn't make an issue of his sexuality; it was just part of him. That'w all conservatives ever asked, to not have it rammed down our collective throats.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at September 26, 2022 07:15 AM (wFp8l)

4 Slightly off topic, but this raises a topic I’ve often wondered about, which is the "gay pride” thing.

Gay people say they did not choose to be gay, that they were simply born that way, that it is, so to speak, genetic and is part of the make up with which they were created. Then they march in parades and proclaim that they are "proud to be gay.”

I’m very tall, 6’4” tall. I rather enjoy being tall most of the time, although it does have disadvantages at times. But should I be proud of being tall? I don’t think so. Being tall is an accident of my birth. What’s to be proud of?

Being gay is, gay people claim, an accident of their births, but they make a big deal out of being proud of it. Why?

Posted by: Bill H at September 26, 2022 09:14 AM (Q7br2)

5 That's one heck of a good question, Bill! And I don't have the answer to it. I suppose I could ask my gay daughter, or my wife's gay daughter, but I think I'd stir up a hornet's nest by doing so.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 26, 2022 10:47 PM (G90di)

6 That's a good point Bill. Why be proud of a physical attribute? You had nothing to do with your height, or the color of your hair, or your eyes or whatnot. So why march in "pride parades"?  If it's celebrating your lifestyle CHOICE then it is akin to having fat marches - being proud of your obesity since you might have been "born that way" but then chose to not fight it.

I have a weight problem. I'm not proud of it. I would never think it wise to have marches celebrating my spare tire.

So why do we have marches celebrating a behavior that can be controlled even if the underlying urge is somehow genetic?

There are plenty of urges that are perhaps genetic, or at least deeply rooted in the psyche, that we control. We don't celebrate someone for thinking they are Napoleon. Or those who pretend they are adult babies. Or pedophiles. We used to consider this a moral matter. Now homosexuality is a "lifestyle" as though you are choosing to hang out in coffee shops like beatnicks.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at September 28, 2022 08:17 AM (6lr42)

7 Or "short people" marches, which I'd be eligible for but wouldn't go. 

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at September 28, 2022 05:26 PM (G90di)

8 Point well taken Dana!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at September 29, 2022 08:10 AM (X4dZM)

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