July 14, 2017

Media Ignored Obama Foreign Interventions

Timothy Birdnow

So, America's poppinjaywalking parasitic media has now discovered that it is bad if a foreign power intervenes in national elections. Hmmm. They never seemed to care in the past. But now that things have gone poorly for their chosen Moosiah Hillary and an orange troll doll somehow defeated her it becomes obvious that the Eeevilll Russkies must have stolen the election, and that is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad! Funny; they ignored all sorts of election tapering in the past.

Take for example the Obama legacy. Barack Hussein Obama (peace be upon him!) meddled with all manner of elections overseas and the media yawned.

1. Obama meddled in the Kenyan elections to get his fellow tribesman Raila Odinga elected. Odinga, a socialist and Muslim sympathizer, is a member of the Luo tribe - the same as Barack Obama's family. In 2013 Obama spent large sums of money to guarantee "fair" elections, which in reality were support for Odinga. This is illegal according to U.S. law, but such niceties never bothered Mr. Obama.

2. In 2009 the socialist president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, attempted to overrule the term limits imposed by the Honduran constitution and declare himself President for Life. The Honduran congress objected, and the national Supreme Court ordered Zelaya removed from office. The military complied with the Court's request and overthrew Zelaya, who was forced to flee the country. The Obama Administration was furious that this protege' of Hugo Chavez was overthrown, and immediately called for his return to poer. They kept calling it a coup, but the reality is this was a failed coup on the part of Zelaya and his supporters, who sought to overturn the Honduran constitution. While Zelaya never returned to power the pressure put on Honduras by the Obama Administration led them to allow him to return to the country. Interestingly enough, violence ensued and tens of thousands of unaccompanied minor children made the long trek through Mexico to the United States, where the Obama Administration so kindly embraced their refugee status. Why, it was almost as if Obama planned this whole filthy episode.

The point is, he TRIED to itnerfere with the internal workings of a sovereign nation where we had no compelling interest. The media yawned.

3. Obama spent American money and personally campaigned against Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

4. Obama spent money to oppose Marine LaPen in France.

5. Obama hosted a seminar on the use of social media in fomenting revolution in Egypt. It was sponsored by Google and Facebook, if I recall correctly, and we helped organize and promote the revolution against our ally Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. After Mubarak's fall Obama promoted the Muslim Brotherhood leader Muhammad Morsi, who began instituting Sharia Law as soon as he was sworn into power. The military removed him in a coup in 2013 that enraged the Obama administration.

6. Obama spied on numerous foreign heads of state, including Germany's Angela Merkel, the President of Mexico, the President of France, the Presidents of Peru and Bolivia, and of cuorse Israel's prime minister. At one point the French threatened the U.S. over the spying activity.

7. Barack Obama meddled in the Brexit vote in Britain.

8. The U.S. forcibly detained and invaded the airplane of the President of Bolivia while searching for Edward Snowden, clearly a lawless act.

In fact, the meddling by the Obama Administration was so bad that the GoP formally requested an investigation. There was little said by the media.

The media also ignores the fact that both Ukraine and Estonia meddled in the last election on behalf of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

And let us not even begin to recount the Clinton Administration, who accepted illegal campaign contributions in return for Clinton issuing a waiver to Loral Aerospace so they could teach the Chinese how to fix their launch vehicles, thus giving them ICBM technology and making them a super power. The media wasn't too concerned, although Tim Russert was shocked that more people didn't care about that act of actual treason.

The American media is not a journalistic enterprise but rather a propoganda machine. Rush Limbaugh thinks the media is calling the shots rather than the Democratic Party and he's rigth, but I suspect it is the Ivy League that is the real brain and the media is their church. Any way you look at it, however, the reality is we aren't getting facts, nor are we getting anything other than what the media and whoever is their master want us to have.

Americans no longer really believe in the mainstream media, but they still listen to them. That has to change.

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