June 09, 2024

Light Alone Evaporates Water

Timothy Birdnow

Vedddy Eeenterestink! As you no doubt are aware, the Earth's albedo has been dropping for some decades now and that means less cloud cover, meaning more sunlight getting to the Earth's oceans. (Of course the Gang Green blames this dropping albedo on "climate change" which is completely illogical as a waremer world would see a RISE in albedo from more water vapor in the atmosphere.)

Carlos Felix Velazquez

Very Interesting. MIT researchers have just discovered that photons alone can evaporate water. I'm no expert but I'd think this probably changes some of our most important climate models and formulas for calculating water vapor in the atmosphere.

I then consulted ChatGPT which didn't know what I was talking about and said I was confused. Then I asked the more up to date, COPILOT (Microsoft's AI chatbot) and it did know of this new MIT discovery. Here are the results of the COPILOT query.

Me : What is the photo molecular effect?

The photomolecular effect is a fascinating discovery that demonstrates how light can cause water to evaporate without the need for heat. This process involves photons of light dislodging clusters of water molecules from the surface, allowing them to float into the air and cause evaporation1. It’s a significant departure from the traditional understanding of evaporation, which typically requires heat to break the bonds between water molecules.

Researchers at MIT have conducted experiments showing that this effect can occur naturally across various water surfaces and could have profound implications for climate modeling, solar energy, and water purification technologies1. The photomolecular effect suggests that light-induced evaporation could be a widespread natural process, affecting everything from clouds to plant transpiration2.

This discovery is not only important for our understanding of the natural world but also opens up potential new avenues for technological innovation, particularly in areas where solar power and clean water production are crucial1. It’s a prime example of how ongoing research can yield surprising insights into phenomena we encounter in everyday life.

New MIT Discovery Just Solved one of Physics BIGGEST Mysteries!

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