March 17, 2017

Liberalism Caving?

Dana Mathewson

Kurt's on a roll here, guns blazing from both hands.

Over the top, as always, but fun to read.

Jack Kemp repllies:

Dana, I don't know what's all caving in on them leftists, as the Schlichter article claims. The right has its victories (such as the Trump election), but...

Today Amer. Thinker had a piece on a 6'5" young thug hitting radio talk show host Michel Savage near Savage's hom, in a restaurant.

There was also an article about liberal Jews shocked at the antisemitism rise in America, yet tells how they ignored the teaching in Palestinain schools of hatred of Jews and the leftist Jews encouraging Muslim immigration into the U.S., with its many virulent antisemites.

Amer. Thinker also has an article on the left's ability to hold two contradicory positons at the same time. The article calls it cognative dissonance but it could easily be also called stupidity or hypocrisy.

And there is one on the UN's radical feminist attempts to control everyone in the world.

I would not be in such a hurry to claim "Mission Accomplished." I think the war is ongoing - and it started over one hundred years ago in America.


Well, you could say that the guy hitting Savage is a matter of frustration, although Savage might disagree. It's a matter of certainty that the Left has declared all-out war on everybody else, whether or not they realize they are losing it. And your other points are very good. One might almost think cognitive dissonance was invented by liberals, who, after all, have no "center" to guide them

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