May 14, 2019

Judge Orders Florida give Spanish Ballots

Timothy Birdnow

A Federal Judge has ordered Florida to provide election ballots in Spanish.

According to Breitbart:

"Compliance with this Order is not optional,” wrote Chief Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida Gainesville Division, according to Fox News. "This Court will not hesitate to use every tool the law provides to enforce this Order.”

The judge also re-affirmed that people born in Puerto Rico are U.S. citizens and English-only ballots violate the rights of those raised and educated in Spanish.

Walker ordered that all primary and general election ballots must also be printed in Spanish starting with the ballots in March of 2020.

Why are federal courts involving themselves in state matters? The individual states establish the electoral schemes. And, as Warner Todd Houston makes clear, the state government was already working on this. There was no reason for a Federal judge to get involved. He did it anyway as "insurance" and to set a precedent.

Also, this is the United States. We speak English here. If these Puerto Ricans don't like it they are free to return home to vote. I am in favor of cutting the Island loose at any rate; we derive no benefit from our relationship with Puerto Rico, which does nothing but suckle upon the teat of Auntie Samantha and export good Democratic voters. We don't need them. Let's make the Puerto Ricans stand on their own feet for a change.

I hope everyone realizes that with these Puerto Ricans voting in Florida, along with the recent re-enfranchisement of felons, the Sunshine State is probably lost to the GOP, and that may well be the ballgame. Great move, Governor Scott!

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