March 16, 2017

James Dellingpole on Why He Hates Big Oil

Dana Mathewson

... and why you should too.

How's this for a quote? "It goes without saying that Exxon, like Shell, like most Big Oil companies, like Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is now using its influence to try to prevent President Trump to fulfil his campaign trail promise to withdraw the U.S. from the UN Paris Climate Agreement." It's all in the article.


This Delingpole article fits perfectly with one of my short written pieces.

A few years ago, I wrote a piece at the Aviary about my attending a conservative announcement and protest against the Northeast Regional Carbon (Tax) Exchange that was held on courthouse steps in Foley Square in Lower Manhattan. Some 20-something kid came up to me and started talking about climate change and gave me his business card and I dismissed him and his global warming words, upsetting him. I immediately noticed that the street address of his "nonprofit" was 30 Broad Street in Manhattan, a very expensive address in the heart of Manhattan's financial district. No real climate change nonprofit could not afford such rents. In fact, months later I went to Broad Street to get the exact location of this kid's nonprofit's offices. Get this. The nonprofit was located in an office building across the street and twenty feet due south of the New York Stock Exchange itself!

So I wonder if his organization was getting funding from some big business or foreign government. As they used to say, is the Pope Catholic? This kid was not ashamed to hand me his card with such an address, assuming I would be too dumb to know what the rents were on the entire length of Broad Street. Of course, having rich friends to pay his organization's rent must have also boosted his chutpa and his confidence in his organizaiton's power. I wish I would have called him out about Broad Street rents in general and told him he was a phony.

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