May 16, 2024

It Wasn't HAARP

Lyle Hancock Sr.

Lately, my news feed has been flooded with claims that HAARP caused the auroras or augmented them to intensify. Neither claim has any objective support. However, I can see where press releases from the HAARP program might feed into such beliefs. They conducted an experiment where they tried to ionize a very highly focused and small region of the ionosphere and actually created some visible light, too faint to be seen except out of the corner of your eye (where the rods are more sensitive to faint light). But special cameras did record the nearly imperceptible quiver of light. That was with highly focused 3.6 Megawatts of HF energy. Yeah, a candle at five miles distance would have been more visible. So, they proved that exciting ions in the E and F regions of the ionosphere can produce light. The sun already demonstrated that years before HAARP with incredibly more dramatic auroras.

There is a history of the program that very few know about. The program actually started back in the 1960s. Back then the program had well-defined objectives - exploring ionospheric heating techniques for potential military applications, such as over-the-horizon radar, communications, and eavesdropping on the radio signals of countries of interest.

The first facility was placed in East Africa. However, by the end of the 1960s, the facility was dismantled due to political instability in the region to prevent the advanced technology from potentially falling into unwelcome hands.

Today's HAARP program states its objectives:

• Investigating the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, which can affect radio communication and navigation systems.
• Studying the potential for improving radio communication a͟n͟d͟ ͟s͟u͟r͟v͟e͟i͟l͟l͟a͟n͟c͟e͟ ͟t͟e͟c͟h͟n͟o͟l͟o͟g͟i͟e͟s͟.
• Researching the effects of ionospheric disturbances on satellite and terrestrial communication systems.
• Exploring ionospheric heating techniques f͟o͟r͟ ͟p͟o͟t͟e͟n͟t͟i͟a͟l͟ ͟m͟i͟l͟i͟t͟a͟r͟y͟ ͟a͟p͟p͟l͟i͟c͟a͟t͟i͟o͟n͟s͟, such as over-the-horizon radar and communications.

So, there! Not much has changed. The program is not concerned with creating brilliant Christmas-like displays of lights all around the world as experienced on May 11th and 12th. I would think that if they had actually accomplished that, there would be considerable bragging to make Russia feel little. It has other, more well-defined objectives. None of which is to produce or augment awe-inspiring ribbons of colorful light around the world.

Occam's razor dictates that the least complicated explanation of an occurrence is the most likely explanation. The sun's expulsion of one hellofa series of coronal mass ejections lighting up the ionosphere makes more sense than an incredibly complicated explanation of how HAARP did it. From a purely technical overview of what it would take for HAARP to do it, let me leave it as not only technically impossible but serving no practical purpose. Those solar flares came from a nuclear power generator on the face of the sun some 17 times the size of the Earth. So, our earthly energy production is going to match that? Dream on.

I'll finish this rebuttal by saying I'm a federally licensed RF engineer. I've designed and built arrays of transmitters and antennae around the world. I have a practical feel for how much energy it takes to power the 3.6 Megawatt HF antenna array HAARP uses. It is hellofa lot, taking conversion factors into account. And they accomplished lighting a barely visible candle in the sky.

Believe what you want. HAARP didn't do it. If you believe so, then please enlighten me with the technical exposé of how they did it.

Tim adds:

While I do agree HAARP didn't do it and I further think it paranoia on the part of many I will say this; the government secrecy in what they do and their endless manipulative behavior spawns a total lack of trust that makes people suspect everything. When you lie enough you come to lack credibility. It's like the old gangsters, or the wild west outlaws, who were blamed for every bank robbery west of the Mississippi; they did only a fraction of them but they got the blame anyway because they did enough of them.

Chester McAteer adds:

People generally have no clue about scale, so let’s look at the consideration of scale and man's insignificant role in the climate even with all his "advanced technology".

Humans are far more dangerous to the immediate environment than to the climate, of which his contribution is of little or perhaps statically zero.

There are approximately 7000 thunderstorms daily that convert in an inconceivable manner the energy equivalent of Hiroshima bomb in one hour, can you imagine that for a moment? As impressive as that is, when you look at a single tropical cyclone it has the energy that corresponds to man’s global consumption of electrical energy in one year, now that is the scale of the components of our climate.

The amount of heat that the rather small Gulfstream generates each and every day would require humans to build 110,000 nuclear power plants 50 meters apart across the Atlantic. Does that scale give you any indication about the power of the presence of humans on this planet?

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