January 13, 2019

Hypocrisy on Alien Trespassers and the Post-Dispatch

Timothy Birdnow

My brother Brian takes on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch again, this time pointing out the hypocrisy of said litter-box liner on the issue of illegal migration:

Dear Mr. Patrick,

I read your short piece of January 11th, entitled "6 Men Accused of Trying Falsely To Obtain Driver's Licenses" with great interest. Your newspaper, which as recently as January 10th, insists that there is no illegal immigration crisis, must have been asleep at the switch, or distracted by the snowstorm , when they allowed your article to see the light of day. Why does one say this? Let's take a look:

Briefly, Briefly, you mention that ICE agents arrested Martin Vargas-Avalos, Cristobal Vargas-Avalos, Juan Manuel Vargas-Avalos and Sandy Francisco Portillo-Hernandez for using forged documents to obtain drivers licenses. They used Jose Manuel Barradas-Geron and Omar Fernando Ortiz-Granados as their intermediaries.

You might argue that the Spanish names prove nothing, and that these men might have been of Iberian descent. The fact is, however, that Senor Portillo-Hernandez carries a Honduran passport. ICE reports that all of the men are in the country illegally, coming from Mexico,  and the men were also carrying false banking statements, utility bills, and a computer, printer and scanner in their car.

Again, the Post-Dispatch claims that there is no illegal immigration crisis, and that Donald Trump is Chicken Little, trying to manufacture a crisis. After reading your article, sir, I wonder whether the President might be right, and the Post-Dispatch might be lying?

Brian E. Birdnow

Aviary readers may remember I wrote about this topic back in February 2018. This is one of the dirty little secrets the media and their Democratic (and GOPe) allies do not want you to know. They keep trying to claim illegal aliens committ few crimes. They are lying - as I pointed out here.

Does anybody remember Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf aka Baghdad Bob? He was Saddam Hussein's information minister who, when the American forces were entering the city, told the media Iraqi forces had driven the Americans out. The disconnect with reality was hysterical, and yet the disconnect with the reality of the alien invasion and the attendant crime is just as ridiculous.

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