March 31, 2019

Hate Crimes Hoaxes: Bearing False Witness

Timothy Birdnow

Move over, Jussie!

But even before the election, the discredited "anti-hate” group was sounding the alarm on any story that could be used against Trump before waiting for the actual details. On November 2, 2016, the SPLC’s "Hatewatch Staff” posted a story titled "Authorities Suspect Voter Intimidation in Burning, Vandalism of Mississippi Church.”

The article was about the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church being set on fire and the words "Vote Trump” spray-painted on the side of the building. SPLC also mentioned this incident in its massive list of alleged hate crimes following Trump’s election (the vast majority of which were allegations from people reaching out to SPLC without providing a shred of evidence for their claims).

Eventually, the SPLC had to append an Editor’s Note to its story, which reads in big bold letters: "In December 2016, a suspect, a member of the church, was arrested in connection with the crime, and authorities now believe the attack was not politically motivated.” The title and original article remain.

The man who actually set the fire, 47-year-old Andrew McClinton, is African-American and a member of the church. On Thursday, he pleaded guilty to arson, according to the Associated Press. He will be sentenced in late April.

Why would someone committing a felony paint "vote Trump" on the side of a black church they were torching? You would have to be monstrously stupid to do that. This shows how the Left views those with whom they disagree; they are imbecilic, toothless Okies, with IQ's comparable to their belt sizes. They really do see conservatives that way.

If hate crimes are on the rise, why are so many faked? See here for a database of hate crimes hoaxes. See also this list from the Daily Caller for some highlights.

I ask all my minority brothers and sisters; is this any different from the bad old days where black men were accused of crimes to hide the sins and misbehavior of white people? How many lynching occurred because of false accusations? An innocent black man is passing through and a local lady, who has just given birth to a mixed-race baby, accuses him of raping her. The result? He gets taken by a bunch of enraged men and strung up on a tree. But, but, but this is different, you say. How, exactly? Maybe white people aren't getting lynched by blacks for it (although one wonders about "random" assaults), but how many lives of policemen have been taken by Black Lives Matter terrorists based on anger at stuff like this? Furthermore, how many real hate crimes are going to be ignored, or shrugged off,  because of this sort of phony bologna virtue signaling and calumny?

Granted, a number of black people are angry at Smollett for his little kabuki theater act, but I wonder if it is more because he got caught than because he did something wrong? I hope that's not the case. Honesty should be an universal virtue, and false witness a sin we should all despise, black, white, brown, red, or yellow. We have enough to do to settle our differences without making up grievances.

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