May 15, 2018

Greitens Case Dismissed

Timothy Birdnow

The politically-motivated case against Missouri Governor Eric Greitesn has been dropped after the prosecution was forced to admit they had no evidence. The cnrterpiece of the case was an alleged photograph taken by the embattled Governor of his illicit lover in the buff, and allegedly used to blackmail her into silence. But the witness admitted she may have dreamed the whole thing, and without a photograph to prove it happened there was no case.

The prosecutor dropped the charges after the presiding judge permitted the Greitens camp to call her as a witness, opening her to perjury and other charges.

Prosecutor Kim Gardner, a Black Lives Matter activist, knew full well she had no case, but used the charges - which she promoted while illegally meeting with the witness - to bash the Governor and the Missouri Republican Party. It was a political hit job, much like what was done to Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin, and for many of the same reasons (Greitens, like Walker, was a proponent of Right to Work, for instance.)

Gardner vows to continue her harassment of the Governor, and wants to ask for a special prosecutor. Frankly, given her suppression of evidence, witness tampering, perjury in court, and obstruction of justice a special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate HER.

Greitens, a monumentally stupid man who ran on family values, nearly shot his own foot off here and he doesn't merit a lot of sympathy. But, he may be a creep, but he's our creep and we have to defend him because he was and is being railroaded and we have to protect our own. Conservatives complain about how we can't get people in government who will not turn on us, but then we turn on them whenever the cold wind blows. Consider Roy Moore in the Alabama special election; Moore could have won if he hadn't been thrown to the wolves. Todd Akin in Missouri's Senate race a few years ago is another prime example. Our side inevitably turns and runs.

I saw a nature special a few years ago about wolves hunting buffalo in Canada; the wolves - fewer in number and much smaller - confronted the buffalo and waited patiently. Eventually one buffalo became skittish and ran for it, opening the line and allowing the wolves through, Then all of the buffalo ran for it and the wolves made their kill in leisurely fashion. The wolves knew it was coming, and only had to wait. Our side is much like the buffalo, eternally ready to throw our own overboard when the wolves make their assault.

Look, we don't want to have real bad guys in the party, but we don't want to throw out people accused for political reasons. Loyalty is a virtue, and one that our side should expect from us. We claim to be the more moral of the two groups, but then we have no loyalty, a bunch of Judas Iscariots. Why wouldn't a politician join the RINO wing? They at least will protect their own. Conservatives are cowards.

And fools; Saul Alinsky said "if you push a negative long and hard enough it can break through and become a positive" and that means you don't just give up when times get tough.. Hang in there and eventually the public begins to see things your way. As Sun Tzu said, you don't penetrate shallowly into enemy territory, for that leads to dispersion; you go deep or not at all. Our side is forever dipping a toe in and complaining it's too hot or too cold.

Anyway, Greitens is a long way from out of the woods. He still faces charges for evidence tampering in the business with his charity donor list and he faces a sniveling Republican Party intent on impeaching him. But this victory will at least shore up his approval rating, which is quite low thanks to endless negative coverage (the Missouri Governor doesn't have the bully pulpit a President Trump has, for instance) and people are going to start thinking that he is persecuted rather than perpetrator. In modern America, victimhood goes a long, long way.

Greitens needs to start going on the offensive now, pushing his agenda forward and coming up with popular ideas that will shake things up. The People are his most powerful ally, if he can recapture them. He was elected as an outsider, a guy to shake things up. He needs to get the public thinking that he is being persecuted because of that - and he wold not be lying. Had Greitens not run for governor he would never have been prosecuted for any of this.

He can still win this thing, but he has to take the fight to his enemies.

How did the Republicans respond to all this?  It was rather the old saw "you will be given a fair hearing and then shot".  From the Fox 2 report:

The dismissal of the felony invasion of privacy charge does not change the facts that have been revealed to the Missouri House of Representative’s Special Investigative Committee on Oversight. The House’s investigation and the Circuit Attorney’s case are two separate paths. The members of the House committee have discovered a disturbing pattern of allegations, most of which are completely separate from the case dismissed today. They need time to finish their investigation. We now hope the governor and his staff are more forthcoming with the facts, and they decide to appear before the special investigative committee. The governor has lost the moral authority and the ability to lead the state going forward, and we reaffirm our call that he resign immediately.'”

Senate President Pro Tem Ron Richard, R-JoplinDistrict 32

Majority Floor Leader Mike Kehoe, R-Jefferson City District 6

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