January 14, 2018

False Missile Alarm in Hawaii

\Dana Mathewson

Must be something in the water there. Courtesy of  Urgent Agenda:

"I WOULD HOPE SO – FROM DAILY MAIL: A Civil Defense employee is set to be retrained after a shocking blunder on Saturday morning, when a mistaken alert warning of an inbound ballistic missile sent thousands fleeing for shelter. The false alarm was caused by a Hawaii Emergency Management Agency employee who 'pushed the wrong buttons' during an internal drill timed to coincide with a shift handover at 8.07am. The all-clear phone alert was not sent until 38 minutes later. Incredibly, officials said the employee who made the mistake wasn't aware of it until mobile phones in the command center began displaying the alert. 'This guy feels bad, right. He's not doing this on purpose - it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it,' said EMA Administrator Vern Miyagi in a press conference Saturday afternoon. Retrained? Was he ever trained in the first place? I don't think we've ever had an incident like this. It requires a major investigation, probably at the Congressional level."

End excerpt.

History buffs among you may remember that our (admittedly primitive) air defense radar picked up the incoming planes from Admiral Nagumo's attacking forces at Pearl Harbor in 1941, but were dismissed by Sunday-morning analysts as "flights of seabirds" or other anomalies. It will never be known if we might have gotten at least some of our planes off the ground in time, if not to mount a counter-attack, then perhaps to save some of them. All of our planes were destroyed on the ground by Japanese bombers.


And just how true is this "mistake"? I suspect we aren't getting the whole story. Maybe there actually was something out there, perhaps North Korean or Chinese. And maybe this guy was not just guilty of pushing the wrong button. I fear we will never know.

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