August 09, 2017

ERic Bolling UPdated

Jack Kemp

Yesterday I sent this email below to Eric Bolling's twitter account and the others mentioned.

As of now, Bolling hasn't replied to or even "liked" my tweet. I suspect such a wealthy guy (a former commodities trader and member of the Board of Directors of the NYMEX) can afford to have a staff read his emails to pick out the ones worthy of reply. Right now I am a lot less inclined to care what happens to Mr. Bolling, particularly with his wishy-washy public statements of denial.

I knew before I sent this I dare say valuable information to Bolling and Rush L. that I'd probably get not even a reply. I did it because I thought free speech and conservatism was under attack. But the question is: am I considered a fellow conservative by these self-important people? Time will tell.

Years ago, before Rush Limbaugh had his website fully operational with summaries of the stories he covered, Rush read on my blog pieces from American Thinker. I wrote to his company wanting to BUY a transcript of what he said. His staff took three weeks before they told me that I would have to buy an annual subscription to Rush 24/7 to get that. I bet Rush made a whole lot of money on the ads that ran in the approximately 10 minutes it took to read my story on Dec. 20, 2006.

When working for Project Shining City on Jeff Bruzzo's documentary on 9/11 Ten Years After, I met a wealthy aerospace subcontractor from Connecticut who was a volunteer fireman who went to Ground Zero to work on removal of Trade Center rubble. A few of us went to his home where he showed me a cabinet top full of medicines he now takes to counteract the effect of the fumes he inhaled at Ground Zero. When I found, read and summarized for him (in an email) health related info from a book about 9/11, he wrote me back that what I told him was "invaluable." Invaluable means you cannot put a price on it and that he would not be sending me an honorarium of say $25 to cover the price of the hardcover book.

On a more positive note, after I heard Joseph Hickman, a veteran and investigator, talk in NY City about the Burn Pits in the Middle East and he mentioned his own health issues, I later sent him a tweet about a book called "The PTSD Breakthrough" which had much info about treatments for toxic poisoning related to military service. Mr. Hickman immediately sent me an upvote on my tweet, essentially an acknowledgement and thank you for pointing this out to him.

Although I'm not sorry I sent Bolling the info in a tweet, I wouldn't send him any more info if I discover it. That may change if he acknowledges me now, but I'm not holding my breath on that possibility

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