August 07, 2018

Elizabeth Warren tries to fuel a race war

Jack Kemp

In order to change her lilly white image as someone who only talks about (fighting) big money banks - and to also compete with Bernie Sanders as the biggest nut in America - Elizabeth Warren is now smearing US law enforecemt as racist.

J'accuse Sen. Warren. Clearly she is trying to raise racial tensions in this country with undocumented and inflamitory remarks - and she doesn't much care what the consequenses will be, just as long as she can get a chance at the Democratic Party nomination for President in 2020.

In Rich Lowry's article in the NY Post, he concludes "... in reaction to President Trump, the left is embracing a sweeping indictment of America as undemocratic and racist at the core.Warren’s performance shows that the party is prepared to consider no critique of America too radical or out of bounds.?"

Here are some of the lowlights.


The Massachusetts senator who has made a career of unfairly maligning bankers and other alleged capitalist malefactors is now smearing the criminal justice system, too.

In a speech at a historically black college in New Orleans, she declared that "the hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist . . . I mean front and back.”

Her riff is a sign that the Democrats are going to leaven their lurch toward socialism with a condemnation of America as fundamentally racist. After helping fuel Trump’s rise in 2016 with loose rhetoric about the bigotry of cops, Democrats hope to dislodge him in 2020 with even more sweeping accusations of systematic racism.

...But the contention that US law enforcement is a product of racial hatred is a paranoid lie, from top to bottom, from beginning to end, from front to back.


The biggest reason for the overall disparity in incarceration is different rates of offending. Blacks account for a little more than 50 present of homicides.


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