May 15, 2018

Did Trump Destroy the Nork's Nuclear Test Facility?

Timothy Birdnow

On April 26 the Aviary reported that the Chinese University of Science and Technology detected the collapse of North Korea's nuclear test site. The next day Rush Limbaugh reported the same, leading me to conclude that Limbaugh read it here at The Aviary (that has happened on several occasions; things reported here have wound up on the Rush Limbaugh show.)

At any rate, the story is now filtering through the general media. Gateway Pundit is reporting on it and suggesting that Trump had something to do with it Jim Hoft makes the case:

"Some experts believe that the reason North Korea is doing this and meeting President Trump in Singapore in June is because the President destroyed North Korea’s nuclear testing ability during the explosion last year.

Newsweek reported on a new book, Striking Power: How Cyber, Robots, and Space Weapons Change the Rules of War, by international law professors John Yoo (University of California, Berkeley) and Jeremy Rabkin (George Mason University). In the article Newsweek states the following –

…Yoo suggests, the U.S. should go on the offense with cyberweapons designed to do things like make missiles malfunction (which maybe it has already done, but shh!), erase data from military computers, wipe out the country’s bank accounts or even steal and publicize Kim’s smoochy emails to Dennis Rodman. It might send out tiny, barely detectable, AI-driven drones that work together like swarms of bees to take out key assets or people. In the longer run, Yoo says, it’s feasible to develop satellite-based anti-missile technology armed with AI that could watch other nations, learn what an impending missile launch looks like and immediately fry the thing with lasers."

End excerpt.

Hoft goes on to point out that Donald Trump taunted Kim in a manner consistent with foreknowledge of this destruction of his test site.

I don't know that we have that kind of capability, but it is perhaps possible. It certainly could be done in an open society but I am dubious of it in the Hermit Kingdom, where we cannot get things into position. But then, I am not privy to the capabilities of our government or its intent.

To make this site collapse we would need a lot of intelligence on the stress points in the mountain, and be able to finesse them via harmonic shock waves. That's pretty complex. We clearly didn't use brute force.

If we did it, I suspect it was with insider intelligence, probably courtesy of the Chinese. Or the Chinese did it themselves, though I doubt they would have the technology to pull that off.

So I am not prepared to give Trump the credit, although he may have known about it when it happened. Still, you never know. As late as 2006 the U.S. government was denying the EMP effect when nuclear weapons were employed - I know, because some government stooge wrote an angry letter to American Thinker in response to my article on the matter, saying he was involved in the Starfish Prime tests and that there was no EMP effect (even though street lights blew out all over Hawaii, 800 miles away, as did televisions and radios etc.) We really don't know what our government has at its disposal.

Given the lack of money and motivation in North Korea, though, it's a wonder they had a test site at all.

I'm not prepared to give Trump credit, but as my old physics teacher in high school used to say "chance favors the prepared mind" and if you put the screws to an enemy hard enough they make mistakes. Any way you slice it it would not have happened on Obama's watch. Nor on Hillary's.

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