July 26, 2022

Coherent Narrative?

Maurizio Morabito

Here's a coherent narrative. Nobody ever cared about George Floyd's life per se. A bunch of scruples-free politicians and freeloaders used the camera footage of his death to launch a series of attacks on the President, because he was Trump, killing at least 25 more people in the process (but again, the organizers did not care about those people either). To this day still very few people truly care about Floyd or BLM...if they did, Whitfield (see first comment) would be very well known, worldwide, if only because his death is the perfect example that some lives don't seem to matter to policing tactics in the USA.

What evidence do I have about the above? That's not the point. The point is that I can put together a story that makes sense, if my premises are accepted even just for argument's sake.

The Jan 6th Committee has not been able to do even that. Anyone accepting their premises will still be unable to explain how all the evidence they gathered can possibly demonstrate that Trump was on the cusp of leading an attempt to overthrow the government of the United States, or even to unlawfully delay the certification process for the elections.

There's very little to tell the death of Herman Whitfield from the death of George Floyd

Nobody knows Herman Whitfield. There have been no worldwide demonstrations.

The one report mentioned in Wikipedia is blocked from view from Europe probably because of GDPR.

NOBODY has blamed Biden. Nobody will attack a church in DC because of Whitfield and nobody will burn homeless shelters and there will never be CNN journalidiots claiming MOSTLY PEACEFUL protests are happening with a giant uncontrolled fire right behind them.

It's almost as if there was nothing organic and grassroots about the George Floyd's movement.

But hey, Trump was in the White House. What a coincidence.

"Police responding to a mental health call used a stun gun on Whitfield and restrained him despite him saying he couldn't breathe. The coroner's officer ruled Whitfield's death a homicide and said he died from "cardiopulmonar y arrest in the setting of law enforcement subdual, prone restraint and conducted electrical weapon use."


I can’t find any sense in the 6th Jan insurrection narrative

The answer can’t be "I know what Trump was thinking” because nobody can possibly know what Trump or anyone else was thinking

This IS the narrative:

Trump was staging a coup by staying inactive as rioters were storming a building whose doors were opened as 2nd amendment supporters turned up in the thousands with close to zero weapons as Don Jr was openly and explicitly against any suggestion to break any rules as all the political and military power of the USA were far away from that building as Pence motu proprio decided to violate the Constitution as Trump was trying to grab the steering wheel inside an armoured car from a well trained Secret Service officer as the car didn’t even swerve a little and all of this was totally unknown until someone told the Committee that she heard people talking about it just a few days before another witness told the Committee that he heard people talking about it as the Committee failed to ask a potential direct witness if the story was true.

I don’t know why would anyone have to care about Trump’s alternative narrative, since the narrative above doesn’t make any sense whatsoever


Tim adds:

Donald Trump has run projects all over the world, and he's no stranger to setting up complex tasks. IF he was promoting an insurrection why would it be so incompetent? No guns were used, nn bombs set off, no attempts to seize any key centers of power except the Capitol (which was evacuated easily) and then video shows the Capitol Police holding the doors and inviting the "insurrectionists" inside.

I would add the group that scuffled with police did not wait until Trump was finished speaking; they were there too quickly, which proves they were never at the speech in the first place. If Trump wanted an insurrection why was it not planned better?

Don't give me any bull about Trump being incompetent; he's built buildings all over the world and he was President and did a good job despite overwhelming attacks on him. He knows how to manage a project.

This thing stinks of the CIA and a "color revolution". Gin up a false flag attack and then blame the enemy (in this case Trump.) We know that at least some people in our government had been plotting against Trump - the FBI lied to get FISA warrants, for instance, and spied on Trump. Louis McCabe commited perjury before Congress, lying about Trump. We know about Lisa Paige and Peter Strzok. Why wouldn't they send a few people into the crowd to rile them up and gin up an "insurrection"?

But if that is too conspiratorial, fine. Even without suspecting a set-up the whole thing stinks otherwise. Who was killed? Only one of the protesters, shot dead while in a supine position and the shooting officer was not even charged. The only other deaths were incidental, as is normal in such a large crowd. Nothing was burned. No looting. When Trump was inaugurated there were looters and fires and broken windows all over D.C. and over 300 people were arrested. It was far worse than the "insurrection" except that nobody sat in Nancy Pelosi's chair or took selfies inside the building.

Why the disparity in handling the two situations, and why call one an insurrection?

But, but, but...at Trump;'s inaugural nobody went into the CAPITOL!

Well, they did in Wisconsin a few years ago, and nobody called that an insurrection. And they tried to storm the White House just months before and nobody called THAT an insurrection. Insted they tried to blame Trump for tear gassing the rioters when he tried to go to church.

I would add Mr. Trump was already tried for leading an "insurrection" and acquitted by the Senate. This is the second attempt to use this to get him.

Much is made about Trump's "silence" on the matter, even though at the speech he called for peaceful protests and twice tweeted for calm. But why didn't Nancy Pelosi come out on television and ask for the national guard? SHE is the one in charge of security for the Capitol building. Why, it was as if she wanted this to happen.

The former head of the Capitol Police said Pelosi refused his request to call out the National Guard. https://www.npr.org/2021/01/11/955548910/ex-capitol-police-chief-rebuffs-claims-national-guard-was-never-called-during-ri

There are other strange things. The Capitol Police were at half staff on Jan. 6. Why? They were under-equpped, many lacking helmets. Why? The FBI sent armed commandos to Quantico with shoot to kill orders but not a single person to the Capitol, or even provided a threat assessment. Why?

What did Nancy Pelosi know, and when did she know it?

No one on the stacked Jan. 6 Committe (which has just two Republicans, both Trump haters and one was even kicked out of her own state's party) seems even remotely interested in what Pelosi was doing. Why not?

This thing stinks to high heaven. It's clearly a political witch hunt designed to keep Trump from ever rising again, and to circumvent the First Amendment. The Committee is the real insurrection.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at 08:02 AM | Comments (4) | Add Comment
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1 "…used the camera footage of his death to launch a series of attacks on the President, because he was Trump,” What a bunch of tripe. Does the author even live in the Unites States?

The death of George Floyd was used as part of the Black Lives Matter movement, not against Trump. It was part of a campaign of civil divisiveness and disorder which had been going on since a similar event in Ferguson, MO when Barack Obama was president.

The Democrat Party had been on the anti-white bandwagon for years before George Floyd died of a drug overdose, using it as a distraction from their radical and catastrophic social agenda. They certainly have attacked Trump, but the George Floyd extravaganza was much bigger than that.

Posted by: Bill H at July 26, 2022 08:19 AM (Q7br2)

2 You're both right. The Floyd kerfuffle was made up out of whole cloth. The reason it was allowed to cause such fuss was to distract people from the lousy job that the mayor of Minneapolis is doing, and the job that Minnesota's governor is doing.

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at July 26, 2022 10:40 PM (rDOKo)

3 Actually Bill the author lives in Italy.

I agree with Dana here. Both were at work. The Floyd business was a Godsend to the Democrats, who needed to sever a growing minority of black voters from Mr. Trump. It wasn't the sole reason for the rioting but it was certainly a part of why they were soft on it.

They needed to gin up anger.

Of course you are right in that this is the whole BLM nonsense, and they were just looking for any black death to riot over. It doesn't matter if the black person who died was a career thug or not. Here in St. Louis there was rioting over the death of a black thug named Vonderrie Myers Jr. in a police shooting just two months after the Ferguson incident. He was a really bad guy but they dutifully turned out and rioted anyway.

He shot at the cop first.

But the mob didn't care about the details.

Now this was in 2014, when the "Community Organizer" aka the domestic rabblerouser Barack Hussein Obama was in office. It was intended to create a movement that would act as a kind of Brownshirts for the Left. It worked, and they have used it to great effect ever since.

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at July 27, 2022 07:43 AM (NKKVe)

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