May 16, 2024

Clouds in my Coffee

Tomer D. Tamarkin

Dr. John Clauser, Nobel laurate, physics, lecture video and notes are here. Please watch.

The cloud thermostat is the dominant climate controlling mechanism

Scott Snell adds:

People fixate on the additional radiant energy from (slightly) enhanced CO2 absorption of OLR, but completely ignore convection. IMO, a little extra radiant heating just means the atmosphere churns a little faster. The extra heat is quickly dissipated by a few additional thunderstorms here and there. Earth's been doing this climate thing a long, long time.

CO2 resonates strongly in only one relevant bandwidth of OLR, around 1500 nm. This trait causes it to achieve saturation for GHE at very low concentrations. By the time you reach 400 ppm, there is very little left of that bandwidth to absorb.

As you also know, Happer and van Wiijngarden have made this clear with their work.

But really important details like this somehow get lost in the clamor. So we get predictions of doom all day, every day. It's dumb and incorrect. But it sells newspapers, and that's all that matters.

I suspect that CO2 might have played a major role early in the Earth's history in elevating the atmospheric temperature sufficiently to allow liquid water, therefore water vapor. Now it's almost irrelevant. Yet you have no shortage of people calling it the "control knob" of the climate, an offensively simplistic depiction.

Because of the breathless media coverage, most folks, when asked, greatly overestimate the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. When you tell them that its concentration has increased by roughly one part out of ten thousand in the last hundred years, from three parts to four, that makes it a little easier to grasp.

Tim adds:

I like to actually put those figures in terms people understand. There are four molecules of carbon dioxide out of every TEN THOUSAND molecules of air, and of those just one can be attributed to industrial emissions. This is rather like covering your greenhouse with chickenwire then being surprised when frost gets your plants.

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