January 14, 2018

Climate Gulag Archipelago

Timothy Birdnow

University of Adelaide particle physicist Tony Thomas has unearthed a 2008 document fantasizing about exiling climate change deniers to gulags on the kerguelen Islands as well as South Georgia and the South Island of new Zealand.

Climate Futures – Responses to Climate Change in 2030”, From his article in Quadrant:

Take the deep-green Forum for the Future, which cheerfully anticipates penal colonies for sceptics:

fasces IVThe Kerguelen islands are horridly cold and windy specks near the Antarctic, populated by a few score of French scientists and several thousand sheep. But to a leading British green group, Forum for the Future, it has enormous potential as an internationally-run penal colony for global warming sceptics.
The Forum’s founder-director is Jonathon Porritt, 67, Eton- and Oxford-bred Chancellor of Keele University, adviser to Prince Charles, and Green Party activist. [1] The Forum’s fancy for Kerguelen can be found in its 76-page report "Climate Futures – Responses to Climate Change in 2030”, written in conjunction with Hewlett-Packard, a company which should know better. This scenario, one of five, involves the naughty world delaying the reduction of emissions, for which we must all suffer. The document even conjures a fictional climate criminal and imagines him being deported to Kerguelen in 2028. He is Jean-Claude Bertillon, leader of the No Climate Change Party in Canada, "convicted of denying the existence of climate change”.

The report actually fantasises three penal colonies which, from the context, must be for for climate criminals. The other two are Britain’s frosty South Georgia[2] and the South Island of New Zealand. Written in 2008, the document attempts to show how CO2 emissions will wreck the planet within a couple of decades unless civilisation turns away from the sins of consumerism and economic growth. As we are now almost half-way to the 2030 forecast date it is possible to get a handle on how the Forum’s timeline is working out, and perhaps to gain an inkling of any substance to the report’s assertion that our descendants will look back on us with the same disgust we reserve for the slave-owners of yesteryear.

The authors — and Porritt himself — long for an eco-catastrophe that would eliminate all public doubts about climate doom. Their manifesto says,

"Because of a chilling lack of confidence in our leaders … our only hope would be for an isolated, serious pre-taste of climate change to happen soon enough for the political and behavioral response to have a useful impact.”


"‘Climate crime’ is a social faux pas everywhere, but in some countries it is a crime to publicly question the existence of anthropogenic climate change or to propose actions that could in some way contribute to climate change.

"It is very rare to come across dissenting voices with any real power, but resistance to overly strong state intervention is occasionally violent. The media in some countries has been permitted to discuss whether the single focus on resolving climate change means that other equally important or inter-linked issues are being ignored.”

"in some countries a licence is now required to have children and these are awarded according to a points system. Climate-friendly behaviour means points…

"It is not unusual for governments to monitor household energy consumption in real time, with warnings sent to homes that exceed their quotas. For example, citizens could be told to turn off certain appliances such as washing machines or kettles or even have them switched off remotely.”

End excerpt.

And in the end self-styled intellectuals will rule, the saviors of Mankind.

I notice that the British author does not suggest sending these "deniers" to, say, Greenland or Svaalbard; that would be too close to civilization and they could be contacted. As I stated to Paul Driessen (who kindly sent this to me) if the "deniers" were given a free hand in the wilderness they would wind up creating one of the most prosperous nations on Earth, despite living in a frozen wasteland. That could not be allowed in Svaalbard or on Baffin island.

But the point here is to illustrate the totalitarian mindset of these people. They can't let reality speak for itself; they have to silence those who point out they have been wrong on many occasions. Like Herod imprisoning and then murdering John the Baptist because he called him out, these people will do anything to shut the mouths of those who are trying to stop their dreams - dreams which experience sugggests will become nightmares to the majority if enacted. We've already seen the fruits of "sustainability" under Obama - virtually no economic growth, high unemployment, and a life of despair. We've seen it in spades in countries around the globe that have adopted socialism, watched as people became increasingly poor, sick, hungry, and desperate. Why do the Greens not understand that the millions of "refugees" pouring into Europe and doing so to escape the very "pristine" environmental paradises that they want to impose on the whole world?

Many do understand that; they just don't care. Socialism is a religion, not an economic theory.

Liberals - and that includes the environmentalists - are juveniles. They think like pre-adults, reason like pre-adults. And when confronted with the reality that their juvenile thinking does not comport with the way things work their answer is as juvenile, to shut the mouths and punish those who disagree with them. In the end their motives are not pure, but petty jealousy and power lusts.

So we should not be surprised at such a fantasy. What is surprising is that they haven't tried to carry it out yet. But Hitler and Stalin did when they got the chance, so give these fellows time...

Oh, and these are not just a bunch of nuts at this Forum for the Future. The British organizations if funded by Target, Kimberly Clark, Unilever, the Shell Foundation, and a host of other big corporate sponsors. See Jo Nova's website.

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