July 17, 2017

Chaos in the White House

Jack Kemp forwards this:

This is Really Just Stupid
By Erick Erickson | July 16, 2017, 10:29pm | @ewerickson

You know what? It is ultimately irrelevant that either the Democrats set up Donald Trump, Jr. or the Russians set up both the Democrats and the Trump campaign. Whether there was a set up or not, the only reason we are in this situation is because Donald Trump, Jr. chose to take that meeting, chose to lie about that meeting, chose to feign full transparency and disclosure about that meeting, and is still hiding stuff about that meeting.
If the meeting was perfectly innocent, why hide so much that it perpetuates a media cycle?
If nothing came of the meeting, why not get it all out there now?
Who all was in the meeting? We should all know this by now instead of seeing the media drip, drip, drip out that first there was a Russian lawyer who the Trump team said was not there. Then it turns out there was a former Soviet spy in the meeting too. Kushner allegedly left the meeting pretty quickly, but the others stayed and there were more in the meeting than we know about.
If the Trump team truly has nothing to hide, they ought to get it all out there quickly, forcefully, and make the case that they should move on.
The problem is at this point no one can really trust them and you can tell no one trusts them because even their own chief defenders are divided on how best to defend them and what talking points work best. It seems they have hired outside, expert damage control advisers and have refused to listen to them given the array of defenses and decisions being made.

On top of it all, it is more and more obvious that most of the leaking is coming from within the Trump team. In fact, one person in the White House tells me he is even convinced it is his colleagues leaking and not the Mueller team leaking. Two senators familiar with the Mueller investigation also tell me the leaks are Trump team originated and not with Mueller’s team in their opinion. In fact, one person with direct knowledge of the investigation tells me that Mueller’s team is looking at something the media speculation is not currently covering and has only shifted its attention to Trump, Jr. after the release of that email thread.

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Thanks Jack!

Not sure why Reince Preibus is still in the WH. He's Chief of Staff and is supposed to be handling this sort of thing. I wonder if old Preibus himself isn't the leaker; an inside job by the RINO class to wreck Trump's presidency.

Daren Jonescu and I had long discussions about this, if the RINO class wasn't acting through Trump to forever destroy the prospects of an outsider. If they bring Trump down they will largely succeed, because nobody will ever talk about anyone except a Senator or other insider ever again.


Fay Voshell says:

Trump needs to stop running the government as if it's a family business venture.

Jack replies:

Exactly, Fay.

Here's what I wrote today as a comment to Brian Joondeph's AT blog piece on Donald Jr.:

The problem is that even though Donald Jr. didn't break any law, his actions have gone a long way to pushing tax reform and Obamacare repeal down the road, hopefully to be done either later this year or early next year. Trump needs to clean house and get rid of the internal - and infernal - leaks within his adminstration. A Democrat working for Trump's real estate interests in 2012 had a very similar everyday agenda to The Donald's. A Democrat working for the 2017 Trump adminstration has a very different agenda than Donald Trump's.

From FAy:

Well put, Jack. He needs to say, "You're fired" to a host of people who are determined to sabotage him.

Yes, you hit the nail on the head. Trump doesn't seem to see that he can't do the same type of deals with Dems he did in NYC. Those were business deals. Government deals are a different species. Ideology matters more than pragmatism; posturing more than achievement; keeping the old machine running rather than give it new wheels.


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