June 24, 2021

CA to Thin Out Forests

Timothy Birdnow

California plans to spend tens of thousands of dollars to thin out the fuel in their forests to preven fires - precisely as Donald Trump advocated (and was roundly attacked for it).

According to the Blaze:

The plan was revealed, it was pointed out that former President Donald Trump made that exact suggestion during his presidency. Trump, however, was met with ridicule by progressives bent on making forest fires a symptom of climate change.
What did Trump do?

After wildfires ravaged California last summer — killing 33 people and burning a record 4.3 million acres — Trump issued an ultimatum to California's Democratic leaders: Clean your forest floors or lose federal money. Trump made similar threats in 2018 and 2019.

The media worked overtime to spin the suggestion — which, in reality, is a common forest conservation measure — as prompting "head-scratching from experts" and as evidence Trump did not "understand the science of wildfires" and was "politicizing natural disasters."

The Trump administration finally made good on Trump's threats last October by refusing "to grant California an emergency declaration that would make hundreds of millions of dollars in federal funding available for areas devastated" by wildfires, the Washington Post reported.

Trump later reversed that decision after Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) personally appealed to Trump.
What is California doing now?

California officials now say they're going to do exactly what Trump had suggested: clear the forests of debris that intensifies fires.

According to Bloomberg, California will spend $500 million this fiscal year on "an effort that includes clearing pines, firs and redwoods. Without all this fuel on the forest floor, California officials contend, blazes will be less likely to turn into the mega-fires that devour thousands of acres."

So why now?

Well, obviously Trump's not in office any longer. But also because Gavin Newsome is in trouble politically and he cannot afford a major fire - with the attending blame - at this point. Newsuince needs tempers to cool, along with the rest of the crazy yellow state.

Of course you will hear little about this in the mainstream media.

The rise of wildfires around the globe coincide with radical changes in forestry management; it used to be loggers would come in and thin the forests, and people would gather the fallen deadwood. That practice changed with environmentalism, and the prevailing thinking for a couple of decades now was to have an "arboreal forest" in which all manner of clutter and debris laid strewn about. Of course, wildfires is the end result of this and drier areas like California or Australia burn as a result. Such fires are Nature's way of clearing out the old growth and debris. They are healthy things, except human beings don't like them much (which is why we do fire suppression.)

Of course, since the advent of Climate Change alarmism, these types of fires are used as "proof" the planet is warming, and the media beats that drum because the Ruling Class wants global warming as a tool for fundamental societal change.

But in fact a fool can see that if you have a lot of dry wood around it's a fire hazzard. It has nothing to do with the under 1 degree F. of planetary warming we have witnessed (most of which manifest as slightly warming nighttime temperatures), nor does it tie in with some mythical drought caused by global warming.

Warming is supposed to be caused by carbon dioxide moderately increasing planetary temperatures, leading to the evaporation of a lot of water into the atmosphere, which supposedly heats the planet (that alone is dubious as clouds can cool the planet just as easily) which then causes a positive feedback loop, eventually leading to the discharge of methane. But we do not witness this; there is no major increase in the planet's albedo (cloudiness) and IF this theory were correct it would mean MORE rain everywhere, not less. The idea that warming would cause drought is hard to defend.

But of course anything that advances the cause these days is promoted, no matter how unlikely. The media floods the zone, knowing that shallow thinkers will accept what they are peddling.

But here we see Newsome taking steps he should have taken when first entering office, and that because he knows exactly what has been causing forest fires. He wanted to do his part for the Cause as long as it didn't hurt him personally.

The Left is so very manipulative and does not shrink from hurting, even killing people. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet...

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1 Well, whattya know! Gruesome Newsom decided to save his own skin. He doesn't really give a rip about the forests, because he doesn't get enough votes from there. But he apparently realizes that those wildfires are no longer a one-sided political issue. Pigs CAN learn to fly. . .

Posted by: Dana Mathewson at June 24, 2021 10:11 PM (usxcn)

2 Oh now you've gone and done it Dana; the Democrats will now find a way to get ballots to trees and shrubs!  They are senior citizens, after all!

Posted by: Timothy Birdnow at June 25, 2021 06:45 AM (uRwTJ)

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