January 24, 2023

Bloody Hands of the Pink Nation

Timothy Birdnow

Joe Biden is now asking Communists to help Ukraine by sending their old weapons to help fight the Russians and promising to replace them with new American equipment.

Every time I think the Biden Administration has gone as low as they can get they find new depths.

The US has asked Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and six other Latin American nations to send their old Russian weapons to Ukraine in exchange for U.S. equipment.

US SOUTHCOM Commander General Laura Richardson discussed the request in a recent interview.pic.twitter.com/7AW2lPrrr1

— MintPress News (@MintPressNews) January 23, 2023

 "60 percent of the world's lithium is in the Lithium Triangle: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile."

Gen. Richardson also discussed Latin American trade and the US's "stake" in the economic resources of the region, including the Amazon's fresh water. pic.twitter.com/RUTqo4rIu1

— MintPress News (@MintPressNews) January 23, 2023

They cannot possibly be that stupid.

And do note the reason for the scheme; to acquire lithium to promote Biden's demand that America quit driving gas powered vehicles and move to the boondoggle electric cars.

These people are insane - or they hate America and all Mankind, I'm not sure which.

Latin America is turning red. The Communist regimes - Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Cuba, are now being joined by a host of other nations in the region - Honduras saw the election of the wife of the Marxist who tried to subvert the constitution and remain in power beyond his term of office (and was removed by the country's supreme court and subsequently by the military when he refused to leave.)  Xiomara Castro de Zelaya is now moving the country toward the glorious socialist revolutione'.

Mexico saw the election of the radical leftist Lopez-Obrador. In El Salvador they have Nayib Armando Bukele Ortez, who proudly calls himself a "man of the left". We saw leftists recently elected in Peru, in Columbia, in Bolivia, in Brazil (well, he stole the job), in Guatemala and in Chile. Argentina has always had leftists in power, too, with the Peronistas winning regularly.

So Latin America is turning red, as the Soviets had tried to make happen during the Cold War, and Joe Biden wants to ARM them!

Communist revolutions will break out all over the region, and the most stable Latin American countries will face civil wars and revolutions.

There is already blood on Biden's hands. And it is on Obama's as well.

We are told by Mr. Biden that the invasion of our southern border is caused by refugees. If so, why are there so many? Because he and Mr. Obama (and Mr. Bush) ignored the problems down in Latin America and did not push for real reforms. We have let the Communists infect the whole region, and the fruits of Communism are always refugees seeking to escape. Many of the people crossing the border are from these countries.

It's disgraceful, and Joe Biden wants to give these bolshevik regimes new, modern weapons to wipe out the people who oppose them.

But why wouldn't he? I mean, he would LOVE to take the weapons of Americans so we can't drive his geriatric carcass out of office when he tries to pull a Zelaya and overstay his time in office. And I suspect he'll do just that by openly cheating in the next election.

Why shouldn't we give weapons to Marxists? America is now a pink nation.

So why are they doing that? Seems we have exhausted our own weapons cache.

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