January 25, 2020

Arguing with Idiots, Greta Edition

Timothy Birdnow

In a recent Facebook discussion on Greta Thurnberg and Global Warming one of the interlocutors had this to say:

i've never heard her even raise her voice, but "EVERYONE PANIC" is an excellent choice of words give our present dire straits.. but she sated "don't worry, no one hardly listened to me"

(BTW I reproduced this as is; the sentence structure and other mistakes are all his.)

I replied:

Previous generations had the Depression, the Second World War, the Cold War. Young people in particular want to think they are at least as put upon as their elders so they jump on board with this stupidity.

Global Warming is as bad as the Soviet threat of nuclear war to them, because they don't have such threats to worry about. And they complain about how terrible life in America is these days when they are living in an economic paradise with material wealth undreamed of by their grandparents. They really are the ultimate in ungrateful snots.

So Scoldilocks suggests we all panic over hot air because she has nothing to really worry about.

I've a few suggestions; try worrying about Iranian nuclear weapons, or some terrorists using CRISPR technology to create a terrible plague. That ought to keep you busy for a while.

He replied:

Timothy, I would TOTALLY agree with what you said, if global warming was "stupidity", and not the threat to end ALL for humankind as we know it!!! Criticizing her is what big money wants for the climate denier movement that let's them continue down a path of destruction of mother earth.

My response:

Global warming isn't threatening to end all life. The hysteria there is astonishing.

First, the evidence is woefully lacking. There is no hot spot in the tropical troposphere, as the models predict. There has been no major increase in the rate of sea level rise, another fundamental pillar in the alarmist model. Planetary temperatures have risen, but we were told by now they would be much higher and, frankly, the "hottest year on record" claims are always statistically tied with other hot years, many of them in the thirties, well before the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Antarctica has been gaining land ice mass, btw.

And there has been no disappearance of low lying atolls in the oceans. On the contrary, a number of Pacific atolls have actually gotten bigger. https://dailycaller.com/2018/02/09/study-pacific-islands-getting-bigger-despite-rising-seas/

People are not rushing to sell sea front property. They are buying. That includes major corporations that hire top scientists to privately give them the information.

And what evidence do we have that co2 will raise temperatures markedly? It certainly has not done so on Mars, which has an atmosphere that is 95% carbon dioxide but much of the Martian atmosphere is frozen out as dry ice. Why? Because it's COLD on Mars! Scientists agree Mars receives enough energy to be much warmer, but it isn't. IF carbon dioxide were such a powerful greenhouse gas wouldn't Mars at least be warm enough to keep the atmosphere from freezing in winter?

In fact, Roger Revelle himself argued for no more than a 2 degrees C. rise in atmospheric temperatures before the logarithmic nature of the process choked it off. The real argument is over feedbacks. Alarmists claim positive feedbacks caused by increased atmospheric humidity will eventually release methane and warm the Earth a lot. Others argue it will do no such thing, that an increase in atmospheric water vapor will increase planetary albedo (clouds will form) and reflect energy back into space. As of now we do not see an increase in precipitation worldwide, nor do we see an increase in planetary albedo. In fact, between 2000 and 2004 NASA's Earth Observatory reported a DECREASE in planetary albedo. https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov/images/5484/earths-albedo-in-decline Given that we came off of the peak of global warming, that should not have happened. But it did.
Note too that planetary temperatures are still largely stagnant, after peaking in the late nineties. This too is in violation of the models. And they haven't found the "missing heat" which they assured us was in the oceans.

This is grounds for panic? We don't have anything but flawed computer models. If a model fails to predict things then it is of little value. And these models failed to predict current conditions when input with past data. In short, they are largely worthless.

But we are supposed to freak out over this, and impose draconian regulations and world government, and redistribute wealth, all on this basis?

Anyone remember the eugenics scares of the early twentieth century? Turns out Mankind did not devolve into animal barbarism (except in Congress). But some people just have to have a bogyman to hide from.

And it should be pointed out that the Earth has both had much higher temperatures in the past than now AND much higher carbon dioxide levels (during colder temperatures, I might add.) Not sure how a degree of warming constitutes an extinction event.

This is Millenialism. It's a prophecy of doomsday designed to scare people into rash action, action that can be controlled and guided to drive social change. And a lot of people are making a lot of money off of this. There is a huge vested interest in the success of Climate Change Alarmism.

I'll post it if he responds, but I rather doubt it will be more than a "nyuh, uh! But what are YOU!" type of reply.

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