December 04, 2018

Apostacy in Judaism Too

Jack Kemp

Folks, in the spirit of this discussion about Christianity and Judaism not being truly practiced by people who delude themselves that they are either Christians or Jews, I wish to introduce a specific matter from an American Thinker blog and an exchange I had in the comment section of that blog written by Thomas Lifson himself.
Jack Kemp

Thoms Lifson recently wrote a piece at American Thinker called "16 Democrat presidential contenders have endorsed CAIR"

At least one of those Democrats endorsing CAIR is the billionaire Democrat funder Tom Steyer, a person with one Jewish parent, according to Wikipedia. Author Lifson also included a remark concerning (nominally) Jewish Democrats. My reply in the comment section started with a one sentence quote from Lifson's blog piece which I expanded upon. A few other readers also added other comments in reply to me, a grouping I wish to copy here below..

JackKemp a day ago
"American Jews continue to support Democrats by a huge margin. They are fools."

Over a decade ago I wrote a piece at American Thinker about Jewish War Veterans protesting a cross on federal property near San Diego. I called it "Proof that there are Stupid Jews" and frankly was pleasantly surprised that Amer. Thinker editors posted it with that title. At the same time, there was a Muslim who shot his way into a synagogue in Seattle, wounding four. But the Jewish War Veterans thought their big problem was a cross on a hill. I later told a recent Russian Immigrant Jewish woman - who lived through much tougher times growing up - a quick summary of this story. The first words out of this woman's mouth were, "They want the Christian police to protect their synagogue and they insult their cross."

I see that not much has changed since the time I wrote that piece. This self defeating stupidity by American Jews cannot go on much longer. Either they will be officially no longer Jews - or they could be officially dead at the hands of mobs. In the old days, a rabbi thought the worst thing a Jew could do was to convert to Christianity. Today we see the worst thing a Jew can do is to convert to believe in secular nihilism and stand for nothing. Adam Gadhan was a member of Al Qaeda - and he was born Adam Pearlman, a Jew in Californi

◦Alice Cheshire replied to JackKemp a day ago
This is true of virtually all religious sectors of America. The Pope is basically a communist. All denominations sell out religion for approval by SJW. Get ready for Sharia law or nihilism. One or the other is all that remains.

◦canitary replied to Alice Cheshire • 20 hours ago
You right Alice , it is like Christians, many churches went to the deep end of leftism.

kv2109 replied to Alice Cheshire replied to KV 11 hours ago
WRONG, you forgot about The 2nd CIVIL WAR.....AND WE TAKE "NO" PRISONERS

ricpic replied to JackKemp 18 hours ago
About 3/4's of Jews are politically suicidal. Or suicidally stupid if you prefer. I say this as a Jew. I am no longer interested in "explanations" for this phenomenon. It is inexplicable that such a generally bright people is beyond belief stupid and self-destructive politically.

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