July 27, 2022

Ancient Geological Wisdom

Richard Cronin

The ancients knew a great deal that we are just coming back to understand more fully.

I’ve posted previously how the Earth’s seasonal inclination (precession) imparts tensile stresses upon our Southern Hemisphere imposed by the tugging of the Sun’s gravity. This opens up the Southern Ocean Trench systems. Increased warming of the water and greater evaporation drive the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Effects claimed to be "Extreme Weather” by the spreaders of fear porn.

Longer term, this repeated tensile stressing has opened up the broad Southern Oceans while continental land masses dominate the Northern Hemisphere.

Imagine that I stuck a big suction cup on your belly, tied a rope to the suction cup, then whirled you around overhead as you squirmed and screamed. Of course, this centrifugal force would cause your belly to distend. You’d get stretch marks. Trench systems in the Southern Oceans are pretty much the same thing.

We see and feel the Sun’s radiation. It’s obvious. You cannot see gravity, yet it is arguably the most important energy source in our existence. Recent work suggests that there may be a union of gravity with electromagnetis m.

Something more on the ancients. Brahmagupta (598 to 668 AD) pondered about the attraction between celestial masses.

Brahmasphuta-si ddhanta(Correct ly Established Doctrine of Brahma, 628 CE) dealt with both Indian mathematics and astronomy.

Brahmagupta calculated the instantaneous motion of a planet, gave correct equations for parallax, and some information related to the computation of eclipses.

His works introduced Indian concept of mathematics based astronomy into the Arab world.

He also theorized that all bodies with mass are attracted to the earth. He may or may not have known of the heliocentric solar system, credited to Copernicus. Copernicus had three (3) advantages in communicating his concepts:

1) Copernicus had the common language of learning and science — Latin.
2) The printing press
3) Copernicus was part of the white, Eurocentric patriarchy (Heh).

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The ancients knew a great deal that we are just coming back to understand more fully.

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