May 18, 2018

Amnesty Coming, and Ryan Promotes with faint Damnation

Timothy Birdnow

The amnetizers in the GOP are just five votes away from breaking open the country with an amnesty. No less than 20 Republicans have already signed on to this despicable sneak attack, despite the fact that much of the country is opposed to the plan.

From the Washington Times:

"The petition drive, known officially as a "discharge petition,” gives House lawmakers a way to force bills onto the floor over the objections of the majority party’s leaders. The petition was launched May 9 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo, Florida Republican.

His plan would set up a debate involving four different immigration bills, and whichever gets the most votes would emerge the victor.

One of those bills would likely be a "clean” Dream Act, which would grant citizenship rights to millions of illegal immigrants without any other border security or immigration enforcement changes. Another bill would grant citizenship in exchange for a study of border security."

End excerpt.

Paul Ryan, who just announced a few days ago he would like an amnesty before he leaves office, is now complaining about this move as undercutting the House leadership:

""We think they’re a big mistake. They dis-unify our majority,”

But Mr. Ryan himself called for something very much like this

As late as February of 2018 Ryan made the statement:

"To anyone who doubts my intention to solve this problem and bring up a DACA and immigration reform bill, do not,"

So clearly he wants a bill sent to the President. His crocodile tears now are precisely that - a way to pretend he isn't responsible while the forces pushing amnesty in the business community know it was the good Speaker. Ryan has always wanted amnesty. According to Conservative HQ:

Ryan has made known his desire for an amnesty bill for many years, and back in April of 2013 ABC News ran a lengthy article about Paul Ryan’s support for "comprehensive immigration reform,” saying:

The Wisconsin Republican [Ryan] made a joint appearance on Monday with Democratic Rep. Luis Gutiérrez in the latter's home city of Chicago, where he embraced comprehensive immigration reform. Rather than use the Boston attacks to call for delaying the issue, he said they should serve as a wake-up call to get a bill passed.

"We have a broken immigration system and, if anything, what we see in Boston is that we have to fix and modernize our immigration system for lots of reasons," Ryan said, according to Politico. "National security reasons, economic security reasons. For all those reasons we need to fix our broken immigration system…"

While Ryan's activity might seem out of step with his usual focus on budgetary issues, it's not new, according to Gutiérrez. The Illinois Democrat said that 10 years ago, Ryan played a role in a previous effort to draft an immigration bill in the House... During his whirlwind tour of Chicago, Ryan spoke about the economic benefits that immigration reform could bring to the U.S.

This is the same Luis Gutierrez who back in 2009 introduced the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America's Security and Prosperity Act” to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and who once wrote an op-ed in the liberal Huffington Post to complain that Obama’s immigration enforcement policies were too strict.

End excerpt.

So, this "rebellion" is exactly what the Pee Wee Herman look alike Ryan has always wanted. Does anyone really think he's trying to stop this?

This stupidity is beyond words, too; Trump won election in large part because of his promise to build a wall and start enforcing immigration laws. The GOP is facing a tough midterm and instead of promoting Trump's popular agenda they are joining hands with the Democrats in legalizing a bunch of invading aliens. It will cost them votes now and in the foreseeable future, as the voting public will no longer have any doubt that the GOP is corrupt to the core and not worthy of our trust. Also, in the long run this hurts the GOP as these kids will NOT become Republicans any more than the three million amnetized by Ronald Reagan did. In point of fact, there was no gratitude at all with Reagan signing the bill in 1986 and Hispanics voting for Michael Dukakis in '88 by 69 to 30%. Pew numbers show Hispanics are a solid voting block:

Year Democrat Republican
1980 (Reagan/Carter) 56% 35%
1984 (Reagan/Mondale) 61% 37%
1988 (Bush/Dukakis) 69% 30%
1992 (Bush/Clinton) 61% 25%
1996 (Dole/Clinton) 72% 21%
2000 (Bush/Gore) 62% 35%
2004 (Bush/Kerry) 58% 40%
2008 (Obama/McCain) 67% 31%
2012 (Obama/Romney) 71% 27%
Average 64% 31%

As the Center for Immigration Studies article says:

"The expulsion crowd at the Journal never acknowledges the fact that pro-amnesty, "comprehensive immigration reform" leader John McCain (R-Ariz.), was rejected by 67 percent of Hispanic voters, that 72 percent of Hispanics voted against Bob Dole, that 69 percent voted against the elder Bush and that 62 percent voted against the younger Bush. So, it could be argued that Romney's "tough" illegal immigration stance cost him only 4 percentage points of the Hispanic vote as opposed to that of McCain and that he actually picked up 6 points over Dole and 2 points more than Bush senior did"

So if we amnetize the DACA "children" we get chain migration along with it, and at minimum three million new Democratic voters. The GOP is stark-raving mad.

So, they anger their base for people who won't end up being their allies and for what? Thirty pieces of silver from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, from Disney, from the Meat Packers and a few other special interests who care more about profits than they do about the future of this country.

Despicable. And Paul Ryan is the Judas goat leading his fellow Republicans down the Green Mile with faint protests.

America elected Trump to rid us of this sort of thing. But the GOP clearly hasn't gotten the message. I fear that the GOP must, like the Israelites who had been slaves in Egypt and had to learn to be tough and self-reliant by wandering thirty years, face time in the wilderness, until the last of this corrupt and degenerate generation of politicians is gone.

But what will be left for the new, better elephants to come back to?


Paul Ryan's superpac has contributed millions in recent days to the very people signing the discharge petition.  Looks like Pee Wee is in fact funding this whole scheme.

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