June 19, 2019

Alien Assaults Woman he Raped after his Release from Prison

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a story that disgusts on multiple levels. A homeless Seattle man strangled a wheel-chair bound mother after a bleeding heart judge released him without supervision after only nine months in jail for the rape. 

From the article:

(Francisco) Carranza-Ramirez pleaded guilty to the attacks in February, and on Thursday a King County judge ordered him released from jail on time served, KCPQ reported. He was in jail for nine months.

Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps declined to put Carranza-Ramirez on probation or community release, which would have put him under supervision, after he promised to fly to California on Monday and go to Mexico by land, The Seattle Times reported.

The man, who police infuriatingly described as "a white man" despite being from Mexico and named Francisco Carranza-Ramirez, was released with no probation and no supervision, despite efforts by the victim to obtain a restraining order against him. He showed up at the woman's home a few days later with vengeance on his mind:

On Saturday, the woman spotted Carranza-Ramirez outside her home despite a protective order issued by the court requiring him to stay 1,000 feet away, KCPQ reported.

"He was just at a distance, just like staring at me,” the woman said, KIRO reported. She called 911 to report his violation of the protection order but Carranza-Ramirez ran away.

About 9 p.m. Sunday, Carranza-Ramirez returned as she took her service dog for a walk and attacked her, knocking her out of her wheelchair and choking her, The Seattle Times reported.

She suffered cuts, bruises, seizures and a concussion before a passer-by intervened and Carranza-Ramirez fled, according to the publication.

Advocates for illegal immigrants claim there is no criminal problem with illegal aliens, yet we have had multiple examples of this nature. How much are we willing to tolerate in the interest of feeling good about ourselves as welcoming people?

Also, nine months for raping a woman?  That is a vile miscarriage of justice, to put it mildly. The judge in this case should be impeached and removed from the bench.

Handicapped people are a group that has been part of the Democratic coalition, but in that coalition some are more equal than others. The handicapped are less important than illegal aliens, because the alien invaders offer the road to power to the Democrats and a way to fundamentally change America from what it had been, which they think was abhorrent, into a new nation, with new people, ones more easily malleable. So a handicapped mother can be raped and threatened and little is done because she is of less value than the rapist, at least from a politically correct perspective.

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