March 15, 2017

Alan West - Be Bold!

Dana Mathewson

I certainly see this man as a viable candidate for president one of these days. He makes some great points here. Unlike our current president (whom I am not denigrating), he is and always has been a true conservative.

"I for one have grown tired of the incessant lexicon of failure and submission when I hear GOP leaders whine that we have a binary choice. Or that this is the best we can do, that was not Reagan’s calling card, he set forth a bold constitutional conservative policy agenda that made Carter’s four years of malaise a distant memory, irrelevant. When GOP leaders speak of "perfection being the enemy of good enough”, well, in my former Battalion where we proudly proclaimed "Be Bold”, that would have never been an acceptable mentality.

"It is time the GOP stop seeking to be all things to all people. It is time they present a clear delineation between who they are, what they stand for, and that for which they are willing to fight. The GOP need not create insidious labels like "compassionate conservatism” which masked an expansive growth in government and spending. The GOP must ask itself the hard question, are we a constitutional conservative party that truly believes in the founding principles of governance for this Republic? Those principles are limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty, and a free market/free enterprise economy. If the answer is no, then stop pretending to be in order to gain electoral support, only to disappoint.

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