April 18, 2017

Green Energy: An Offer They Can't Refuse

Timothy Birdnow

The Sicilian Mafia is going Green - and youse guys better do it too or else!


From the article:

"Italian police have recently discovered links between the Sicilian crime families known as the Cosa Nostra, and wind and solar power companies in the area. Law enforcement officers have taken around a dozen crime bosses off to jail, along with corrupt officials and company executives; they have also seized around 30 percent of Sicily’s wind farms, and have frozen more than $2 billion worth of assets.

Back in 2010 a similar police operation saw the seizure of over 40 companies, land, buildings, factories, bank accounts, stocks, cars, and yachts from the Sicilian business man Vito Nicastri, also known as the ‘Lord of the Wind’ due to his investments in wind farms and solar panel factories.

It is likely that the Mafia has been attracted to renewable energy for several reasons; Sicily is a sunny, windy island that offers great alternative energy opportunities; much like Germany and Spain, Italy has been awarding generous subsidies to try and encourage the development of renewable energy projects; and also, the renewable energy industry offers a legitimate business which is likely to be around for many years and can provide a good front for the family"

End excerpt.

The Mafia is attracted where there is a lot of money and that is corruptible. Green energy is all that and more, a mafio wet dream where government money flows like water and there is little accountability. It has the same allure as the labor unions or running numbers. Look at the fortunes made by Al Gore, way, who is now worth over a hundred and seventy million (his net worth when he ran for President was around a million.) Nice work when you can get it.

And there is lots of it to be had. The U.S. government alone has pumped in something like $79 BILLION dollars, and that does not take into account money spent by the U.N., or the Europeans, or the Australians or whatnot. Then there are private foundations, such as George Soros' Tides Foundation, which pump in even more. Then there are universities. And let us not forget the millions poured in by oil companies as well. It is beyond big business; it is astronomical.

And where there is big money there is organized crime.

In fact, if I were a mafia Don I would be quite proud to have hatched up such a lucrative scheme. It's better than any protection racket or petty gambling con.

Business execs must go to Al Gore hat in hand "be my friend, Don Goreleone!" If you don't you may find a figurative horse's head in your bed.

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