September 15, 2018

Blacks Refused Service by Hispanics; Welcome to the Majority!

Timothy Birdnow

It's fun when liberal constituency groups clash, and here is one example, an exampe. A shift manager in a Florida Taco Bell refused to serve a black couple because, she told them, she didn't speak English.

According to the Breitbart article:

"According to the Miami Herald:

In the video, which was posted Thursday night, [Alexandria] Montgomery asked the annoyed [clerk] woman, "Do you have a manager here?”

"She is in her house sleeping,” the employee replied in Spanish in a dismissive tone. There was no one else to take the order, the employee claimed …

"This is Hialeah, I’m sorry,” she said in Spanish.

The conversation ended when Montgomery asked, "What’s your name?”

"Luisa,” the clerk answered.

"I’ll be here tomorrow Luisa,” Montgomery replied.

"Okay,” she answered.

End excerpt.

It is inevitable; Blacks and Hispanics are going to go at each-other, just as feminists ande trans people are now falling out. These grops are in competition for the same "market" - in this case to be top minority.

This is exactly what is wrong with identity politics and with the whole notion of "public accododationsp". Either a business owner has to serve everyone, a system enforced by law, or they can choose. If they choose not to serve a certain segment of the population that segment then can refuse to give them money. Most businessmen are not in it for their own prejudices.

So you can have your cake or eat it, but not both. The thing about this issue here is that the Hispanics want it both ways. And the African-Americans involved here are learning a lesson in affirmative action. Whites have endured this in a subtle way for decades, with discrimination in terms of government jobs or jobs at major corporations, with discrimination in university enrollment, with discrimination in work contracts, in government aid programs, etc.

I needn't mention that in the U.S. we speak English,, and this story clearly illustrates the fact that many of these immigrants have no intention of becoming Americans, but merely wish to suckle at the teat of Uncle Sam.

At any rate, I want to welcome these fine black people to Caucasia! You have now learned what it is like to be a non-minority!

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Heritage Foundation symposium on BloomEnergy fuel cell scandal

Paul Driessen

This promises to be an informative and thought-provoking program, featuring myself and several people who have been following this crony political-environmentalist-corporatist fuel cell scheme for years. All of us hope you can attend, watch the program on live video feed, read about it afterward – or at least read this recent article about it:

The Fuel Cell Corporate Scandal in Delaware:

Citizens forced to subsidize BloomEnergy Boondoggle

and pay more for "clean energy” that is not very clean


Dr. David R. Legates

Professor, University of Delaware and

Former Delaware State Climatologist

Commentary by

Lindsay Leveen

Chemical Engineer

John A. Nichols

Citizen Activist

State Senator David G. Lawson

15th State Senate District, Delaware

Paul K. Driessen

Author, Columnist and Energy Policy Advisor

The truth about the fuel cell "promise” of inexpensive, clean energy that is actually very expensive and not very clean. Who is reaping benefits if it’s not the citizens of Delaware whose taxes and electricity payments are subsidizing corporate moguls? Is it, in reality, clean energy if the fuel cells produce hazardous materials that are shipped to other states?

Hosted by Becky Norton Dunlop, Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow

former Secretary of Natural Resources for Virginia.

Friday, September 21, 2018 – noon

The Heritage Foundation's Lehrman Auditorium

RSVP online | or call (202) 675-1752

Terms and conditions of attendance

All events may be viewed live at

News media inquiries, call (202) 675-1761

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A Belated 9/11 Heroine story at Ground Zero

Jack Kemp

I was told about Kathy Mazza by woman I met. After I got her name, her heroism was then easy to confirm online.

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September 14, 2018

New Mexico observatory's sudden closure sparks wild speculation

Dana Mathewson

Now, we all know -- don't we? -- that anything out of the ordinary in New Mexico "sparks wild speculation," ever since the supposed crash of a, well, flying saucer, or whatever it was, umpteen years ago, in an area that still is off-limits to civilians. But today, given our increased trust (yeah, sure!) of the government, things like the story below tend to make us, well, wonder just a bit more.

The temporary closure of a New Mexico observatory last week sparked wide-ranging theories, especially after reports that federal authorities were involved.

The Sunspot Solar Observatory, located near the Sacramento Mountains, closed over an unspecified security issue, the facility said in a statement posted to Facebook on Sunday.

"Sunspot apologizes for the continued closure of the facilities,” the statement said. "The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) is addressing a security issue at the National Solar Observatory facility at Sacramento Peak, New Mexico and has decided to temporarily vacate the facility as a precautionary measure.

"AURA, which manages Sacramento Peak with funding from NSF (National Science Foundation), is working with the proper authorities on this issue. We have no further comment at this time.”

Otero County Sheriff Benny House told the Alamogordo Daily News last week the sheriff’s office was asked to stand by and mentioned that the FBI was involved.

"The FBI is refusing to tell us what’s going on,” House told the newspaper. "We’ve got people up there (at Sunspot) that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why. The FBI were up there. What their purpose was nobody will say.”

House said there were a lot of unanswered questions over Sunspot’s closure.

"But for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there,” House told the newspaper. "There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.”



Blackhawk helicopters add to the fun. Do you suppose we'll ever find out?

I know! There really are aliens from outer space in that part of the country, and our "authorities" are getting ready to send John Kerry on a secret diplomatic mission to talk to them.

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Hidden Quaker woman code breaker of Sir F. Bacon & Hitler

Jack Kemp forwards this:
The Woman Who Smashed Codes: The Untold Story of Cryptography Pioneer Elizebeth Friedman

How an unsung heroine established a new field of science and helped defeat the Nazis with pencil, paper, and perseverance

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Roseanne the Talmudist/Jesuit

Jack Kemp

I don't know whether Roseanne Barr's latest bid on national tv to explain away her racist insult to Valerie Jarrett as being a "mere reference" to the Planet of the Apes movie and not actually calling a prominent black woman an "ape" is her attempt to sound like a Jewish Torah scholar arguing about the Talmud or her attempt to sound like a Jesuit scholar. See

My conclusion is that when Roseanne described herself as "white trash" years ago, she was accurate. I suspect it is closer to someone urinating on another person and trying to convince that belittled person- and all of America - that "it was just raining" is what Roseanne is now doing.

Some of you may recall another egomaniac and hard drug user, radio shock jock Don Imus, when he insulted the all black members of the Rutgers University women's (mostly black) basketball team in 2007 as:


On the April 4 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, host Don Imus referred to the Rutgers University women's basketball team, which is comprised of eight African-American and two white players, as "nappy-headed hos"


The Rutgers women were then set to play in the 2007 national championship game of Division I NCAA Women's Basketball. Don Imus, I suspect, even in his youthful years, couldn't get chosen for a pickup game of basketball on a big city public playground. And Imus got kicked off the air as well. But at least Imus, who I never was a fan of, didn't try to worm his way out of what he said by claiming some Jesuit style argument.

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This (marijuana) Bud's for you

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Budweiser heir is selling pot instead of beer

By Carleton English
September 13, 2018

The scion of the Anheuser-Busch family wants to sell you a different kind of bud.
Adolphus Busch V — great-great-grandson of the legendary beer pioneer — is launching ABV Cannabis, a Colorado-based startup that sells marijuana vaping pens instead of booze.

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Cuomo defeats Cynthia Nixon

Jack Kemp

9:25 p.m.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has defeated Democratic primary challenger Cynthia Nixon to win his party's nomination for a third term.
Cuomo had far greater financial resources going into the matchup, and polls suggested he held a commanding lead before Thursday's primary.
Nixon, an activist and former "Sex and the City" star, had hoped to become the latest liberal challenger to unseat a powerful insider.

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Transgender Man Sexually Assaults Female Inmates

Dana Mathewson

This is in Britain, but probably happens here too -- San Francisco, for example. Chicago. Minneapolis.

The Left's paradise, eh? No, folks, this is not from The Onion.

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Remember the Muslim Minneapolis cop who shot the Australian woman?

Dana Mathewson

In case you are thinking of moving to Minneapolis, DON'T!

Articles I've read HAVE suggested that a lot of moolah is going to be involved, and that it will, shall we say, flow outward from the city. Diversity will take you only so far, apparently. The City Attorney, who dragged his feet on the matter, should on the other hand be driving a second-hand Yugo, if one can be found. If not, an old Mustang II or AMC Gremlin would fill the bill.

But I imagine Betsy Hodges will still be re-elected mayor as the Diversity Darling of Hennepin County's Limousine Liberals. What's one pretty blonde's life compared to The Agenda? I suppose Noor (did you know his name means "light?") is a citizen by now and can't be deported, though I'd still love to see that happen -- along with everybody else in Keith Ellison's district. If Somalia won't take 'em back, send 'em to Bangladesh. If Noor can't be deported, put him in a cell with Hillary.

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Comment of the Day

NetZero Message Center

In response to Larry Elder's article at critical of Nike for hiring Colin Kaepernick:

Monica Lewinski was the first one to take a knee in front of the American flag. She didn't get a Nike contract for it! Nike hates American women!!


TIM'S 2c:

Bet she took TWO knees! And nobody so much as paid for her dry cleaning...

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Still trying to identify 9/11 victims now

Jack Kemp

Researchers Struggle to Identify over 1,000 9/11 Victims 17 Years Later

Forensic scientists have yet to identify nearly 40 percent of the remains collected at the site of the September 11, 2001, attacks on the World Trade Center in New York

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Al Franken says give wrong Nuclear Codes to Trump

Jack Kemp

Famed former steady drug user Al Franken (see "Al Franken smoked weed, snorted coke, and dropped acid. That doesn't make him bad or cool. Just old" now is judging other people's sanity. Yeah, Al. Just go take another picture on an airplane with a sleeping woman.

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Disgraced Ex-Dem Senator Suggests Giving POTUS The Wrong Nuclear Codes

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The other shoe we knew was waiting to drop

Dana Mathewson

The Catholic Church has recently been pummeled with repeated accusations of sexual abuse by various members of the clergy over the years. These accusations have once again come to the fore, and the Left is once again having a field day.

Those of us who have taken a more thoughtful view of the matter, and who are, though not Roman Catholic, not inclined to "beat up" on our Catholic brethren, have likely been expecting "the other shoe to drop," rightly figuring that the overall problem has nothing to do with the smell of incense.

Excerpting this meaningfully for The Aviary is a job that I'm not up to, this evening. I think I will leave it for one of our more "theologically adept" members to handle. In other words, I'm punting this one, at least until tomorrow. This is a delicate matter, as it must be done with no finger-pointing -- or at least, if fingers are to be pointed, care must be pointed to ensure they are aimed in the proper direction. Frankly, Tammy Bruce would be a perfect person to do the job.

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DOJ Considers Breaking Up Big Tech

Dana Mathewson

It appears that AG Jeff Sessions isn't asleep at the switch after all. Here's a very invigorating article in Power Line -- which I have not posted on The Aviary (yet, anyhow), by John Hinderaker:

I wrote last night about the leaked Google video that confirms, once and for all, that Google is an arm of the Democratic Party. Now, word emerges that the Department of Justice has invited 24 state attorneys general to meet for the purpose of discussing possible antitrust actions against the dominant technology platforms:

On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that nearly half of the state attorneys general would be invited to a September 25 meeting with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions to discuss whether social media companies are violating anti-trust laws. The DOJ announced the meeting last week, following the congressional testimony of Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Following last week's statement, the Justice Department received an increased level of interest from state attorneys general in attending the September 25 meeting on tech companies, competition, and free exchange of ideas," a DOJ spokesman told PJ Media on Thursday afternoon. Due to this increased interest, Sessions has invited more attorneys general.

Today, the Justice Department formally sent invitations to a bipartisan group of twenty-four state attorneys general that expressed an interest in attending the meeting hosted by Attorney General Jeff Sessions,â" the spokesman added.

This could be a major headache for Facebook, Twitter, Google et al., but they have brought it upon themselves by arrogantly using their platforms to advance their own liberal political agendas.
The entire article is here: and follows logically a Brent Bozell article on Fox News which I just DID post on The Aviary, here:

We live in interesting times, folks!

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September 13, 2018

More evidence of Google's war on conservatives

Dana Mathewson

This article is by L. Brent Bozell III, who is a recognized expert on media.

Google, owned by the same parent company as YouTube, is arguably the most influential social media company in the world, with a power to affect the public dialogue across the globe in ways unimaginable just a handful of years ago.

The question is now being asked: Is Google flexing its muscles to do just that?

Conservatives have pointed to mounting evidence that Google is waging war on them. They’ll cite everything from YouTube banishing conservatives for espousing their beliefs, to Google partnering with left-wing organizations to disparage conservative thought itself. All along, Google has issued bizarre, barely understandable statements denying these charges.

Now Google executives have been caught again – twice in the past two weeks. Actually, they have indicted themselves with explosive leaks of their own material. And it goes to the very top of the corporate food chain.

Breitbart has released an explosive video of an hour-long post-election Google meeting featuring staff and top executives discussing their despair over the election of President Trump in 2016. There’s a reason the video has a "Confidential – Internal Use Only” label on top. It’s about the last thing that company wanted the public to see.

The video features Google co-founder Sergey Brin opening the meeting by declaring: "I think it’s a very stressful time. It conflicts with many of our values … voting is not a rational act.” In one fell swoop he both endorsed Hillary Clinton and disparaged the Trump voters who Clinton referred to as "deplorables.”

The video features Google Vice President for Global Affairs Kent Walker dismissing the election results as "a hiccup” interrupting the march of the left.


A hiccup, eh? Let us greatly hope it's more than that!

The article is here:

Meanwhile, are you still using Google as your search engine of choice? I'm not and haven't been for some time.

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John Kerry slammed for 'shameful' shadow diplomacy after admitting to meetings with Iran

Dana Mathewson

Why is this guy still walking the street without, at minimum, an ankle bracelet? If you or I did this. . .

Somebody should tell him, loudly and clearly, that he is NOT Secretary of State anymore and that he is NOT going to ever be again. He can kid himself that he may become President (though of what, remains to be seen).

Former Secretary of State John Kerry is being slammed for conducting shadow diplomacy with Iran after admitting to multiple meetings with Iranian officials behind the backs of Trump administration officials -- including over the scrapped nuclear deal.

An administration official on Thursday told Fox News Kerry’s meetings are "shameful," pointing out what Iranian-backed militias are doing to kill and injure people in Syria, Iraq and Yemen.

Other Republicans suggested it may not even be legal.

"John Kerry is out giving advice to Iran about how to maneuver around what Donald Trump is doing; it's insidious,” Ari Fleischer, the former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, said Wednesday on Fox News' "Special Report." "I don't know if it's legal or illegal, I don't care about that side of it. It's wrong.”

Ari, it's illegal. Believe me! Wrong, AND illegal. And this kind of thing was illegal when he indulged in it during the Viet Nam War. The fact that our government at the time didn't have the stomach to prosecute him (and Jane Fonda) is what gives him the chutzpah to think he can get away with it now.

Kerry, the former Massachusetts senator who worked as the nation’s top diplomat in the Obama administration, made the comments about his interactions with Iran as he promotes his new book, "Every Day Is Extra.”

During an appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show on Wednesday, Kerry acknowledged meeting with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif "three or four times” since leaving office, admitting to discussing the scrapped nuclear deal and other issues.

"What I have done is tried to elicit from him what Iran might be willing to do in order to change the dynamic in the Middle East for the better,” Kerry said.

Later Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox News’ "The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino,” Kerry did not deny the suggestion he’s telling the Iranians to wait out Trump until there is a Democratic president again.

"I think everybody in the world is talking about waiting out President Trump,” said Kerry, who ran unsuccessfully for president in 2004 and who has not ruled out a 2020 bid.

"Everybody . . . is talking about waiting out President Trump?" Yeah, John. You, Ter-RAY-zah, Cory Booker and every loathsome insect in your cocktail party circuit. This guy should be headed for an extended stay at Hotel Leavenworth -- if you ask me!

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Michael Moore Beclowns Himself Once Again

Dana Mathewson

The editors of The Aviary are fond of saying -- indeed, remind each other at least once a week -- that Liberalism Is A Disease. If any more proof were needed, here's The Clown Prince of Flint, Michigan, telling us that, well... I'll let him tell the story. From a Fox News article:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said it's "absolutely possible" that President Trump will be the last president of the United States.

Moore made the comments on Thursday during an MSNBC special on his new film "Fahrenheit 11/9," which looks at the 2016 election and what's at stake in November's midterms.

At one point in the film's trailer, Moore refers to Trump as "the last president of the United States."

Host Chris Hayes asked Moore if he really believes that.

"I think it’s possible, absolutely,” Moore replied.

He said Trump -- like other billionaires and business leaders -- has no respect for the rule of law and dislikes democracy to an "incredible" degree.

"Putting somebody like that in charge of a democracy is a very dangerous thing, and especially, it’s more dangerous with him because he has a complete lack of ideology," Moore said.

"His only ideology is Donald J. Trump. That's what he believes in. Me, myself and I. That's a dangerous person to have in charge of a country."


There's a video, which -- since my breakfast is still digesting nicely and I have no wish to interrupt the process -- I admit I did NOT watch. The entire article (short) is here:

This is really one of the most severe cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome that I have encountered. Perhaps Moore should call Rep. Maxine Waters for a date?

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September 12, 2018

Will Texas prevent us from recognizing the heroes of the Alamo?

Dana Mathewson

Here's a fine article, from Fox News, written by Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. One greatly hopes the answer is a resounding NO, but these days one can't be certain.

Generations of Texans have rightly drawn inspiration and strength from the heroes of the Alamo – the brave men who fought to the death to defend the battle-scarred mission in San Antonio in 1836 in the fight for Texas’ independence from Mexico. These freedom fighters are a symbol of valor for all Americans.

It is bizarre, then, that an advisory group recommended to the Texas Board of Education that it remove the words "all the heroic defenders” from the state’s social studies curriculum describing the men who gave their lives at the Alamo.

The Board of Education was holding a hearing in Austin on the proposal Tuesday. Fortunately, according to the San Antonio Express-News, "the board appeared poised to keep the words in the curriculum” when it is scheduled to discuss the issue Wednesday. A final decision is expected in November.

The advisory group, called "Social Studies TEKS Streamlining Work Group,” even recommended dropping the requirement that students in Texas should be able to explain the importance of a letter from Col. William B. Travis, commander of the rebels at the Alamo. The letter was addressed to "the People of Texas and All Americans in the World” and is known as the "victory or death letter.”

This letter has been considered a vital founding document of Texas history ever since it inspired thousands of men to take up arms in revolution to free Texas from the oppressive regime of General Santa Anna.

Please continue here for the rest:

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September 11, 2018

Is the President a Bad Role Model for Children?

Dana Mathewson

The great Dennis Prager writes this article for Townhall. The question is one that is often heard, and Prager answers it decisively.

As someone who has devoted his life to writing and speaking about moral issues and the importance of character, I am regularly criticized for supporting President Trump. Democrats and Republican opponents of the president consider conservatives who support the president to be, at best, inconsistent with conservative values such as tempered speech, commitment to truth, support for European allies and free trade. And those of us who are religious conservatives and support the president are deemed hypocrites for supporting a man who has presumably committed adultery on more than a few occasions and said gross things about women in a private conversation.

Perhaps the most common objection to supporting the president is this: "He is a terrible role model for children."

So, let me address this objection.

As a father and grandfather, I would like every adult man (and woman -- but I'll confine my comments to men) to be a model for younger men. I consider it to be a moral obligation of every man to aspire to be a model for younger men. Perhaps the most meaningful compliment I receive is when a man calls my radio show or writes an email and tells me that he sees me as a "father figure." I always respond how meaningful that statement is to me and always add that this is precisely what every man should aspire to be.


So then, if I emphatically support the idea that adult men should seek to be models for younger men, how could I support a president who apparently isn't?

The answer should be so obvious I am disappointed that all conservatives do not readily understand it. The role of the president of the United States is first and foremost to be a good president. If he (or she) is a personal role model, that is a lovely bonus -- but it is only a bonus. When I was young, I never regarded the president of the United States as a personal role model. That task fell on my father, my grandfather, my older brother, my uncles, my parents' friends, my teachers, my rabbis and other older males.


 If your house were on fire, would you be more concerned with the character of the firefighters sent to extinguish the fire or their firefighting ability?

The generation that grew up under one of the most decent presidential moral models -- Dwight Eisenhower -- turned out to be the most narcissistic, morally confused and unpatriotic generation in modern American history. So much for presidents as models for children.

This great article is found at

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