December 06, 2018

The Silence of the Lambs

Timothy Birdnow

Here's a good little chuckle from the wacko-birds. Peta has suggested PC substitutes to animal phrases to avoid "speciesism".

You can't make this stuff up.

Political correctness has stifled speech to the point where nobody can use language in any meaningful way, and now we have to worry about offending our furry and feathery friends, who really don't give a flying frick.

The Progressives have completely lost their minds.

The bird-brains at PETA tweeted this out:

Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations.

— PETA: Bringing Home the Bagels Since 1980 (@peta)

They suggest saying things like:

Instead of saying ‘kill two birds with one stone’, people should instead say ‘feed two birds with one scone’. Or in place of the phrase ‘beat a dead horse’, PETA recommends saying ‘feed a fed horse.’

End excerpt.

My, how the fur will fly over this! Can anyone say "Cuckoo"?

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Here Comes the XFL!

Timothy Birdnow

The XFL, the football league planned to compete with the NFL, has announced its inaugural eight teams. Among them are my hometown, St. Louis Missouri.

Fox Business dishes:

"XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck said the league will focus on maintaining a fast-paced, safer on-field product with fewer game stoppages and penalties. Ticket prices will be "significantly lower” than other U.S. professional sports leagues, he added. The league will begin play on Feb. 8, 2020, the weekend after that year’s Super Bowl.

The eight XFL teams will be based in New York, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and Washington, D.C. Games will take place at the following venues: MetLife Stadium in New Jersey; Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas; TDECU Stadium in Houston; StubHub Center in Carson, California; The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis; CenturyLink Field in Seattle; Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay; and Audi Field in Washington. more...

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Ocasio-Cortez Says She Plans to Pay Her Interns

Jack Kemp

The Article:

Ocasio-Cortez Says She Plans to Pay Her Interns. Here's How Much Per Hour.

Beth Bauman

A few days ago Congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D) said she believes it's time for her colleagues to pay interns. She came to the realization when she visited a diner in Washington, D.C. for a late night dinner and most of the staff were Capitol Hill workers at their second job.

Now, she says she's going to "walk the walk" by paying her interns at least $15 an hour.

Ocasio-Cortez's chief-of-staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, confirmed that detail with a report from The Washington Post: (Jack's NOTE: You have go to the website to see these comments).

According Pay Our Interns, a nonprofit group, 51 percent of Senate Republicans pay their interns, as opposed to 31 percent of Senate Democrats. On the House side of things, 8 percent of Republicans pay their interns, compared to 3.5 percent of Democrats. And, to make things even more ironic, the majority of Democrats who support a $15/hour minimum wage didn't pay their interns.

Back in September, Congress passed legislation to pay their interns starting next year, The Hill reported. The house appropriated $8 million and the Senate appropriated $5 million for the salaries. .

End excerpt.

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RIP George H.W. Bush; the Man who Made the World Safe for Noblesse Oblige

Timothy Birdnow

They say if you can't say anything good about someone you should say nothing. That's why my comments on former President George Herbert Walker Bush were essentially...

I'm going to have to violate that admonition today. Yesterday was an orgy of faux -bonhomie and 3d printer love. The media, who always despised Bush, calling him a war criminal, a CIA tyrant, and a general poopey-head were suddenly overcome with tender emotions for the deceased ex-President, a man they hated in life but now celebrate as the model Republican. He's their model, alright; ineffectual in life and now dead. They so wish it were true of all Republicans.

I can understand the media, at least. They want to increase the Bushite GOP wing. These were the guys who hated the Conservatives as much as the liberals, maybe more. They knifed the Right in the back every chance they had. They see the country class as a bunch of toothless, bib-overall wearing, moonshine swilling hicks who must be led by their three to six fingered hands. If a large number of ambitious people adopt the Bush style then the Democrats have nothing to worry about. The GOP will split along Establishment/Conservative lines and the Establishment wing will betray their voters to be seen as cooperative. In short, they will sell out the base for thirty pieces of silver and good press. This is exactly the kind of Republican the media wants to promote. I understand them. more...

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December 05, 2018

The clever ruse of rising sea levels

Paul Driessen

Contrary to concerns that increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide could result in catastrophic sea level rise, no real-world evidence supports this fear. In fact, tide gauge and other measurements from multiple locations around the United States and world – dating back a century or more – show that seas have been rising at only four to six inches per century. That’s a far cry from the TEN FOOT rise predicted by climate alarmists like James Hansen and Al Gore.

As authors Jay Lehr and Tom Harris also point out, some "sea level rise” is actually the result of land subsidence – and even Obama Undersecretary for Science Steven Koonin has said the rate of global sea-level rise 70 years ago was just "as large as what we observe today.”

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Indict Mueller

Jack Kemp

From Paul Sperry's "Real Clear Investigations:"

Contrary to media speculation that Robert Mueller is closing in on President Trump, the special prosecutor's plea deal with Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen offers further evidence that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russians during the 2016 election, according to congressional investigators and former prosecutors.

Cohen pleaded guilty last week to making false statements in 2017 to the Senate intelligence committee about the Trump Organization's failed efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow. Discussions about the so-called Moscow Project continued five months longer in 2016 than Cohen had initially stated under oath.

The nine-page charging document filed with the plea deal suggests that the special counsel is using the Moscow tower talks to connect Trump to Russia. But congressional investigators with House and Senate committees leading inquiries on the Russia question told RealClearInvestigations that it looks like Mueller withheld from the court details that would exonerate the president. They made this assessment in light of the charging document, known as a statement of “criminal information” (filed in lieu of an indictment when a defendant agrees to plead guilty); a fuller accounting of Cohen's emails and text messages that Capitol Hill sources have seen; and the still-secret transcripts of closed-door testimony provided by a business associate of Cohen.

On page 7 of the statement of criminal information filed against Cohen, which is separate from but related to the plea agreement, Mueller mentions that Cohen tried to email Russian President Vladimir Putin's office on Jan. 14, 2016, and again on Jan. 16, 2016. But Mueller, who personally signed the document, omitted the fact that Cohen did not have any direct points of contact at the Kremlin, and had resorted to sending the emails to a general press mailbox. Sources who have seen these additional emails point out that this omitted information undercuts the idea of a back channel and thus the special counsel's collusion case.

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Prices drop for Clinton tour tickets in Canada

Jack Kemp

Original Article

Mark Steyn reacted to news that ticket prices for an evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton last week in Toronto plummeted to about $10 a piece, a far cry from donations that flowed into their foundation over the years. Tucker Carlson reported that the theater in Canada was 83 percent empty, and that ticket prices had been listed in the hundreds, but dropped sharply when they didn´t immediately sell well.


Sven and Ole go on a trip to Windsor, Ontario. While there they run into a guy scalping tickets to see the Clintons at an arena.

Canadian Scalper: Want a ticket to see the Clintons? It's ten dollars.

Ole: Oh, vell, you'd have to pay me a lot more than dat to go see dem Clintons, you betcha!

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Trade warfare is already being waged against the U.S.

This from Americans for Limited Government:

Printus LeBlanc

Last week the Trump administration announced it would impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum. Many in the media and were quick to lose their mind as usual. Before judging President Donald Trump’s actions, those criticizing should look at the real world instead of the utopian society they want to live in. In the real-world trade is used as a weapon and it is time the U.S. wake up to that reality.

A 2014 White Paper from U.S. Army Special Operations Command on Unconventional Warfare discusses different methods of warfare being used by various adversaries. With regards to China, it states, "China will use a host of methods, many of which lie out of the realm of conventional warfare. These methods include trade warfare, financial warfare, ecological warfare, psychological warfare, smuggling warfare, media warfare, drug warfare, network warfare, technological warfare, fabrication warfare, resources warfare, economic aid warfare, cultural warfare, and international law warfare.”


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Long Count

Reposted with Permission of Americans for Limited Government

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December 04, 2018

The Devil Comes to Illinois

Timothy Birdnow

A Satanic statue has been admitted to the rotunda in the capitol building in Springfield Illinois.

Illinois is a spiritually dark place, with a cadre of leftists in almost complete control of the state. Murder in Chicago is so endemic that nobody pays any attemtion. It should come as no surprise that the state government would have no problem honoring the Prince of Darkness in their capitol.

This follows on the heels of Arkansas, where Satanists put a sculpture on the capitol grounds in Little Rock back in August.

Funny; Arkansas gave us Bill Clinton and Illinois gave us Barack Obama. Both have embraced the Devil in more ways than one.

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Woman shoots invading escapee

Timothy Birdnow

Anyone who thinks guns don't protect us needs to think again. See here.

A woman in South Carolina blew a hole in the head of an escaped prisoner who invaded her home. According to the AP report, the orange-jumpsuited prisoner had beaten up a guard and escaped. He invaded the woman's home, and the plucky lady did what had to be done.

Thanks God for the Second Amendment. That woman would probably have wound up dying otherwise.

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Why are Jews Liberal?

Fay Voshell

Norman Podhoretz has some answers. There is a summary of his views in the WSJ, I think from 2009.

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Apostacy in Judaism Too

Jack Kemp

Folks, in the spirit of this discussion about Christianity and Judaism not being truly practiced by people who delude themselves that they are either Christians or Jews, I wish to introduce a specific matter from an American Thinker blog and an exchange I had in the comment section of that blog written by Thomas Lifson himself.
Jack Kemp

Thoms Lifson recently wrote a piece at American Thinker called "16 Democrat presidential contenders have endorsed CAIR"

At least one of those Democrats endorsing CAIR is the billionaire Democrat funder Tom Steyer, a person with one Jewish parent, according to Wikipedia. Author Lifson also included a remark concerning (nominally) Jewish Democrats. My reply in the comment section started with a one sentence quote from Lifson's blog piece which I expanded upon. A few other readers also added other comments in reply to me, a grouping I wish to copy here below..

JackKemp a day ago
"American Jews continue to support Democrats by a huge margin. They are fools."

Over a decade ago I wrote a piece at American Thinker about Jewish War Veterans protesting a cross on federal property near San Diego. I called it "Proof that there are Stupid Jews" and frankly was pleasantly surprised that Amer. Thinker editors posted it with that title. At the same time, there was a Muslim who shot his way into a synagogue in Seattle, wounding four. But the Jewish War Veterans thought their big problem was a cross on a hill. I later told a recent Russian Immigrant Jewish woman - who lived through much tougher times growing up - a quick summary of this story. The first words out of this woman's mouth were, "They want the Christian police to protect their synagogue and they insult their cross."

I see that not much has changed since the time I wrote that piece. This self defeating stupidity by American Jews cannot go on much longer. Either they will be officially no longer Jews - or they could be officially dead at the hands of mobs. In the old days, a rabbi thought the worst thing a Jew could do was to convert to Christianity. Today we see the worst thing a Jew can do is to convert to believe in secular nihilism and stand for nothing. Adam Gadhan was a member of Al Qaeda - and he was born Adam Pearlman, a Jew in Californi

◦Alice Cheshire replied to JackKemp a day ago
This is true of virtually all religious sectors of America. The Pope is basically a communist. All denominations sell out religion for approval by SJW. Get ready for Sharia law or nihilism. One or the other is all that remains.

◦canitary replied to Alice Cheshire • 20 hours ago
You right Alice , it is like Christians, many churches went to the deep end of leftism.

kv2109 replied to Alice Cheshire replied to KV 11 hours ago
WRONG, you forgot about The 2nd CIVIL WAR.....AND WE TAKE "NO" PRISONERS

ricpic replied to JackKemp 18 hours ago
About 3/4's of Jews are politically suicidal. Or suicidally stupid if you prefer. I say this as a Jew. I am no longer interested in "explanations" for this phenomenon. It is inexplicable that such a generally bright people is beyond belief stupid and self-destructive politically.

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The War on "Baby it's Cold Outside"

Timothy Birdnow

I own some wooded property in south-central Missouri - what I affectionately call the Ozark Hilton. The OH is a ramshackled shack I built on the property from odds and ends gleaned from back alleys in st. Louis. It is not cut to fit; everything was jury-rigged, like Frankenstein's monster, or like a picture made from multiple jigsaw puzzles. It works, but it's clearly not a Bob Villa project.

At any rate, when I bought this land there were armadillos all over it. Now, armadillos are native to the southwest, but due to the warming of the '90's they had come up to Missouri and stomped around the state. I say stomped because they had no sense of how to move stealthily in the underbrush of our hardwood forests, and they could be quite loud just by walking. (Sadly I see few of them these days; the temperature downturn since the "global warming" of the '90's has seen many of these funny little critters die off.) But that is neither here nor there. What I want to discuss is the mating ritual of the armadillo.

I saw two of them courting once. The male and female "flirt" back and forth with a series of gutteral croaks, and the female flees from the male, who is forced to pursue her. Now, she has every intention of mating with the male, but she's not going to be easy and she is going to make him work for it. So the two little armored creatures croaked back and forth and chased each-other around playfully until the moment was right, at which point they began clacking their shells together like some sort of percussion instrument.

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Football - the Last Days of the Old West

Timothy Birdnow

Recently a discussion erupted among the editors here at The Aviary over the future of Football. Dana Mathewson observed:

"I like this too. Do you suppose the NFL is FINALLY getting the message?"

This over a story about an NFL campaign "My Cleats, My Cause" and the donation of a player to promote U.S. Israeli relations. This led to a discussion about the future of Football and the NFL, and why they keep (maddeningly) promoting the Kaperneching of the League. below is the rest of the thread:

Tim states:

I think they are just slapping a band-aid on their hemorrhaging wound. Or at least this player is. But I think the NFL is still committed to becoming international, and getting a new, non-white, non English speaking fan base. They think it's the wave of the future, but they may well have no future.

Dana Mathewson says:

How much popularity does American football have outside the states, do you think, Tim? Canadian football is an aberration (that's all I can think of to call it), if it even still exists; and the rest of the world dotes on that wimpy, boring, socialistic non-strategic melange called soccer, futebol, or whatever, depending on what s**thole country you are watching it in -- hopefully on TV, not in a stadium where you may end up in a riot for no good reason. It may have been a great sport once, when Pele was an international star, but these days it's similar to wrestling as far as phoniness. It may be that the NFL is throwing mucho buckos down a rathole. Dare we hope?

Jack Kemp states:

There a small American football clubs in countries like Italy but I doubt if it will replace soccer over there or anywhere else in Europe or South America or Asia. It will not have the popularity of baseball (or beisbol) in South and Central America. If you break a collar bone in football, what socialized medicine country knows how or wants to bother treating it?

The NFL games played in Europe are a type of one off entertainment event, like a visit from an American pop singer.

Tim replies:

I agree, Jack. I fear the NFL owners may think (hope) otherwise.

Football is uniquely American and it just doesn't translate well to other countries. Fighting to take ground presupposes can be owned have a right to fight for what you have, and try to take what a competitor has away work as a team but everyone is an individual who matters 4.there are rules to play by but one does not live and die by them 5.officials are not supposed to govern the game but call violations of rules can come from behind to win, even late in any game 6. there is a strategy in every play, even when it seems chaotic 7. victory comes to those who are bold 8. Victory comes to those who do the best job of executing. These are al American virtues, largely at odds with the socialist mentalities of other countries. Who can imagine the British playing football, or enjoying it? It's individualism meets team effort would not make any sense to them. The same holds true for most of the world.

I think the NFL is wrong to believe they are going to turn football into a world sport. And if they do, will it still be football? The whole concussion thing will see that it is watered down, made into more of a run and throw game and less of a hit and tackle sport. Take the roughness out of football and you suck the Americanism right out of it. Football was at it's most basic a celebration of the rough and read American frontier spirit. It was the last home of the American cowboy. Cow punchers turned to offensive line players, and the trail bosses are Quarter Backs or coaches. The spirit of the old West was kept alive in football. I doubt any Latinos will enthusiastically take to the game.

When the NFL turns to touch football, with women playing in the backfield and whatnot, the game will be lost. You know that is coming soon.

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December 03, 2018

Hank Paulson and the Climate Assessment

Timothy Birdnow

I've largely ignored the idiotic Climate Assessment that said in ten years we only have eighty years before we have ten more years (or whatever); they've been saying that since 1980 and, much like the live Led Zeppelin album, the song remains the same. This latest assessment is just another warmed-over version of the last forty years of apocalyptic hysteria.

I was going to ignore the act of pseudo-scientific onanism, but then I came across this.

It's not the what that interests me but the who.

According to the Daily Caller:

"The NCA heavily relied on a paper funded by federal taxpayers and a few billionaire friends of big government: Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg and former secretary of the Treasury under President Bush, Hank Paulson.

End excerpt.

That last seems odd; why would a former Treasury Secretary affix his name to something like this?

I need only direct you all to my friend William Been's spectacular explanation of the economic collapse of 2008 "Maters of Audacity and Deceit". In this book (and I have a footnote as a source, I might add) Bill connects the dots, and who is at the center of it? Why none other than Hank Paulson, Bush's Treasury Secretary.

Paulson figured prominently in the lead-up to the crash, and he, along with Tim Geitner, head of the New York Federal Reserve, as well as Ben Bernanke, Fed Chair, took steps to crash the economy. It was Paulson who talked Bush into "suspending capitalism to save it", something guaranteed to wreck the economy. It was Paulson who came up with the bailouts - although they were done in an odd fashion, bailing out some companies and letting others collapse, even when they had buyers. And it was Paulson who insisted the mechanisms in place - bankruptcy protection - not be used. Bill Been shows in his book how this was engineered to stampede the public into "change". Paulson, a former Goldman Sachs bigwig and a nominee that had conservatives very upset when Bush appointed him, is now tied to this idiotic Climate Assessment.

See more on Paulson here.

What with the billionaire progressives Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg also involved, it is clear this document isn't worth the recycled Sears catalogue  that should be gracing backwoods outhouses.

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Stolen Harvest

Timothy Birdnow

How to steal elections for fun and profit.

From the Daily Caller:

"As the polls closed on election day last month, six California Republican House candidates, including Representatives Dana Rohrabacher, Steve Knight, and Mimi Walters, were ahead in their respective races. However, as the absentee and provisional ballots rolled in over the intervening weeks, all six lost to their Democratic opponents."


"Passed as a barely noticed change in the state’s vote by mail procedures in 2016 and signed by then-Governor Jerry Brown, California’s AB 1921 allows voters to give any third party — not just a relative or someone living in the same household, as was previously the law — to collect and turn in anyone else’s completed ballot.

Called "ballot harvesting,” critics say the practice is ripe for fraud. Consider "Lulu,” who was recorded trying to "harvest” what she thought was a Democratic voter’s ballot in Rep. Knight’s district.

It’s a "new service,” said Lulu, for "like, people who are supporting the Democratic party.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 250,000 such ballots were used in Orange County alone, resulting in a Democratic sweep there."


"Before its passage, a group opposed to the bill wrote: "AB 1921 would allow anybody to walk into an elections office and hand over truckloads of vote by mail envelopes with ballots inside, no questions asked, no verified records kept. It amounts to an open invitation to large-scale vote buying, voter coercion, "granny farming”, and automated forgery. AB 1921 solves no problem that a simple stamp can’t solve.”"

End excerpts.

I have a question; why even bother having a vote at all? If you can simply deliver as many votes as you want by truck, there is no election. This isn't just fraud, it is a direct stealing of power by the Democrats in California.

Sadly, the Republicans let them get away with this.

This is the shape of things to come.

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Trevor Noah says the 2nd Amendment isn't for black people

Jack Kemp

Get a load of this deranged liberal crap. For those of you who don't know, Trevor Noah is a black comedian on cable tv. How much you want to bet that "liberal" (more like fascist) Trevor Noah owns a gun himself or has access to armed hired guards? I'm one hundred percent sure that Adolph Hitler would agree that black people shouldn't have the legal right and permission to own guns. As would the KKK.


The Daily Show's Trevor Noah decided to expand on that this week, claiming that the Second Amendment isn't for black people. I mean, it's just a fact, right (via Fox News):

During the program's "Unplugged" segment, Noah addressed the recent shooting at a mall in Hoover, Ala. that left one dead and two wounded on Thanksgiving night. The person killed by police, 21-year-old black Army veteran Emantic Bradford Jr., who was legally carrying a gun, was mistaken for the shooter and the real shooter could still be at large.

"The question I ask myself is how does this s**t keep happening? Cops are called into a situation, they see a black person, and then immediately they shoot" Noah told his audience. "That's what they did here. They ran in, they shot the guy, and then they were like ˜We got him"

"At this point, you start to realize that really the Second Amendment is not intended for black people" Noah said. "It's an uncomfortable thing to say, but it's the truth. Like people will be like ˜the right to bear arms." Yes, the right to bear arms if you're not a black man. If you're a black man, you have no business bearing arms at all."

The Daily Show host also cited a recent incident involving a black security guard who was shot and killed after being mistaken for an armed assailant.

"If you're black and you're a man in America, gun rights are not for you" Noah reiterated. "If you're a black person in America, gun rights are not for you. It's as simple as that. In fact, the safest way to sell a black person a gun in America is to say that when you buy a gun you should buy a white person with it and they hold the gun for you.â"


Now, to say that black people cannot exercise their constitutional rights to own firearms is insane. They're citizens. They're guaranteed rights under the constitution. They can own firearms. And there are a lot of people of color who do. There are a lot of women who do as well. This isn't a white men only activity, which is the easiest and dumbest swipe liberals take regarding gun politics. To suggest certain rights are for some people and not others is the same nonsensical identity politics drivel that has spewed from the Left in the past couple of years. Blacks can't own guns; white people can't make burritos. It's nonsense. White people can sell burritos on a food truck; the story centers on a food truck in Portland that was shut down because come people thought cultural appropriation was going on. That is another idiotic term given to us by the progressive cancers that are infesting this country.

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Does Starbucks think virtue signaling can "save the planet"?

Paul Driessen

Starbucks Illinois just announced that its 340 stores are going 100% renewable. In fact, not just the Illinois coffee shops, but the future Chicago coffee bean "Roastery” will soon operate entirely with renewable wind energy from the HillTopper wind project 150 miles southwest of Chicago. Or so Starbucks claims.

Anyone who has analyzed wind energy and renewable energy claims from a life-cycle perspective is likely to be highly skeptical. After all, wind turbine towers, bases, generators and transmission lines – as well as the backup power plants or huge backup battery arrays that must accompany wind energy – require thousands of tons of concrete, steel, copper, fiberglass, rare earth metals and multiple other materials. Not one is renewable. And extracting ores, processing and smelting them into usable materials, and turning them into finished products all require fossil fuels. So does transporting wind turbines (and coffee beans).

All of this raises some very interesting questions … about practicality, honesty, virtue-signaling and ethics … that journalists and Starbucks customers might want to ask CEO Kevin Johnson. My article presents a few of those questions.


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December 02, 2018

Teach a Democrat To Fish -- maybe

Dana Mathewson -- with a hat tip to Ervin Prusik (best boss I ever had)

The President and the head of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi, are arguing extensively over allowing immigrants into our country. Nancy of course wants free access to everyone who wants to come in, while Donald wants us to secure our borders and insure only the right people come in.

Instead of going to a costly, time-consuming nationwide vote on the matter, they agree to a 3-day ice fishing contest to settle the issue. Whoever catches the most fish at the end
of the 3 days will have his or her process implemented.

The two decide that a remote frozen lake in northern Wisconsin would be the ideal place. No observers on the fishing grounds, but both would need to have their catches verified and counted each night at 5 PM so they use a neutral park ranger station.

After Day 1, Trump returns to the station with a total of 10 fish, while Pelosi comes back with nothing.

Day 2 finishes and Trump catches another 20 fish, but Pelosi once again comes back with nothing.

That night, Pelosi and her liberal cronies get together and accuse Trump of being a "low-life, cheating piece of scum.” Instead of fishing on Day 3, they are going to follow Trump and to spy on him and figure out how he is cheating.

Day 3 finishes up and Trump has had an incredible day, adding 40 more to his total.

That night, Pelosi and her democratic cohorts get together for the full report on how Donald was cheating.

Pelosi stands up to give her report and says, "You are not going to believe this. Trump is cheating because he's cutting holes in the ice.”

And this, my friends, tells you the difference between a businessman and a career government politician.

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