June 19, 2019

Latest Silly Claim; Global warming to end Fish and Chips

Timothy Birdnow

This is downright silly; a Yahoo News UK article ]darkly warns that Global Warming is going to be the end of fish and chips, along with Brexit.

From the article:

Researchers fear fish and chips could soon be wiped off menus around the world - thanks to global warming.

It’s because larger marine species, including cod and haddock, face extinction due to rising water temperatures and a drop in oxygen levels in our seas.

We’ve already been warned a no-deal brexit could lead to a chippy crisis but apparently an indepth research project has revealed the shortage could become permanent.

I guess these brilliant experts don't realize that fish can, uh, swim, and if waters are too warm they will simply go where it is cooler. Oh, and there is little warming in the seas, according to Argo probes. Oh, and we haven't had any statistically significant planetary warming since 1995, anyway.

They go on to quote a "physioechologist" which is likely code for an activist who claims Antarctic sea life is shrinking because of declining oxygen levels. First, Antarctic sea life has little to do with fish and chips.which are species found in the north. Second, global warming is NOT causing a decline in ocean oxygen; that is just plain dopey. Increased oxygen ultimately produces more plankton, which increases the oxygen supply in the ocean. Yes, sometimes a bloom depletes oxygen in an overly dense locale, but that is not an ocean-wide thing.

These people have completely gone off the rails.

Notice how they link these things together; Global Warming is tied to Brexit. The Left created this thing for political ends, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool or liar or ignorant.

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