May 04, 2019

Unborn Babies feel Pain

Timothy Birdnow

In a major development that strikes a huge blow to claims by pro-abortionists that a fetus feels no pain, researchers have discovered that the sense of touch is developed by the prenatal brain.

According to Medical Express:

The development of a sense of touch has been studied by scientists for many years, but how it develops is still unclear. Prior research has shown that once it has developed, it exists as a sort of map imprinted on the cerebral cortex. Some have suggested that a basic map is created in the brain before birth and data points for it are added as newborns develop—sensory input from various body parts is simply added to the map. But now, that view might have to change, as the team in Spain reports evidence that suggests the map is already in place by the time a baby is born.

In their efforts, the researchers used mice to better understand how the sense of touch might develop because mice have what are known as cortical barrels—regions within the cortical layer that are visibly darker when stained. Prior research has shown that the map outlining the sense of touch in mice can actually be seen under a microscope by studying the cortical barrels. Prior research has also shown that brain function such as recognizing and responding to sensory information arises due to electrical signals that stimulate growth of neurons. Thus, to learn more about the development of the sense of touch in mice (at least concerning its whiskers) the researchers studied brain slices at various stages of development to monitor cortical barrel development, and also studied brain waves that have previously been identified as those associated with sensory processing.

In looking at their results, the researchers found that the sensory map created to process the sense of touch was built while the mice were still embryos. And it developed due to signals sent to the cerebral cortex by the thalamus, which also plays a major role in relaying synaptic information throughout the life of the mouse. The researchers suggest that it is likely the same process occurs in humans because "the organization of the cortex is conserved evolutionarily between species."

Get that? If embryos develop the sense of touch before being born it means that pre-born babies can indeed feel pain - and that makes abortion an act of torture, cruel and unusual punishment.

Pro-life people have argued that fetuses feel pain; they point out ultrasound show fetuses trying to get away from the abortionists forceps, for example. Pro-aborts dismiss this as purely involuntary spasms. But this research should demolish the claims by the abortion lobby that abortion is painless. If mice develop a sense of touch in the womb, it seems likely that humans do so too. And if they can feel touch, they almost certainly can feel pain.

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