January 28, 2021

Aviary Bighsots Debate Third Party

Timothy Birdnow

We have a discussion here among us about third parties in America. Spawned by David Redfern's post, we discuss the ramifications of a shift to a conservative third party.

Bill says:

Third party guarantees permanent Democrat control. Republican membership is already smaller than Democrat membership, and third party comes almost entirely from Republicans. So we have a nation that is 35% Democrat, 15% Republican, 15% Third Party, and 100% loser.

Tim replies:

Bill, I think that is a simplistic analysis of the situation. First, there are a lot of disaffected people who don't vote Republican. I know a lot of people who are in that category. These are people who probably would show up for a third party if they thought their votes would matter. Second, there are a lot of the old union Democrats who are disgusted with the Democrat party and would vote for a third party if it did not have the R behind the name; they were raised to think Republicans are the root of all evil. The GOP has pretty much destroyed it's own brand with the way it has behaved over the last few decades. A lot of black folks would not vote Republican but might vote for a third party. To simply say there are X number of Republicans and you must subtract Y from that number is wrong. There are a lot of people who normally don't vote at all who might come out. It's not a zero sum game.

Second, who cares at this point? We are going to hell whether under RINO Republicanism or the Democrats; it's just a matter of how fast we get there. There is no desire to push back against anything by the Establishment GOP. At best we gain a couple of years before the Democrats get their crazy new idea. So a third party would at minimum offer a chance to vote your conscience rather than having to hold your nose and vote for some guy who is going to move the ball left, but not as far left as the Democrat. You might lose (in fact we probably would) but at least we can lose with a clear conscience, go down swinging. Now we are losing without ever actually getting into the fray.

Another assumption I disagree with here Bill is that the Democrats will remain a united party. They are terribly fractured, and the only thing holding them together is the two party system. Fracture the GOP and how long before a lot of the radicals in the Democrats split from their party? When they see it can be done they will probably follow suit. we could wind up with as many as six parties (what the Founding Fathers envisioned, I might add) and I suspect more of them would be former Democrats than Republicans.

The fact is Bill, Albert Einstein said "insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" and by that definition we are batshit crazy, because we keep sticking with the GOP and expecting it to suddenly act in our interest. Why should it? They can afford to take us for granted precisely because we have nowhere else to go. That has to change or we will see no change, and we will continue on our Sovietization of America.

I think what happened to Donald Trump, with the GOP refusing to lift a finger to help him, shows the party cannot be reformed.

Bill also added to this post the following:

All of that assumes that there is any real purpose in voting at all. I think the 2020 election proved pretty conclusively that there is not. The establishment demonstrated that it can openly, blatantly control the election and create a one party state. We are all California now, where voting is purely symbolic.

Dana Mathewson adds:

I agree with you, Bill. There was a time, not so long ago, that you could vote and have confidence that your vote was recorded properly. Those times are gone now. I predict that, at least in four years, there will be far fewer votes cast than there were in 2020.

Tim adds:

And Dana, as voting drops off they Democrats will use it as an excuse to implement even more of their dirty tricks in the interest of "making everyone's vote count". It's a machine designed to give them eternal power.

Voting is now basically a suggestion.

You know, here in Missouri, which is controlled by Republicans, we passed a constitutional amendment to not authorize in any way the Real I.D. act. When the Feds said they would ban travel from Missouri if the state didn't "comply" the state legislature overruled the referendum and implemented the act. What was the point of having the referendum in the first place, if the legislature was going to crumble? I dare the Feds to stop an entire state from getting on airplanes based on a coercive law like that! Missouri should have made a major legal challenge, but they preferred the easy path. Now I have to get a real I.D. to fly to Nashville next fall for my nephew's wedding.

We need men of principle, but have none

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