February 26, 2023

Blue Skies in Florida

Gregory Wrightstone

Finishing up a presentation for tomorrow near Sarasota and I am including some Florida-specific info. Not quite what we are being told, eh? Hurricanes in decline and no increase in summer maximum temperatMay be an image of text that says 'Florida Landfalling Hurricane Frequency by Decade 1850s to 2020s Major Hurricanes Hurricanes 14 13 12 11 Labtn 10 3 1851-60 1861-70 1871-80 1881-90 1891-00 1901-10 1911-20 1921-30 1931-40 1941-50 1951-60 1961-70 1971-80 1971-80 1981-90 1991-00 1991.00 2001-10 2001-10 2010-20 2020-22 @ChrisMartzWX Data Source: NOAA Historical Hurricane Tracks'ures!May be an image of text that says '94 93 Florida Avg Maximum Summer Temperature (1998, (1998,93) 93) (F) Temperature 92 Maximum 91 Average 10 89 (1896, 89) 88 1900 1920 1940 1960 1980 2000 2020'

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S. Africa Pushing EV's While the Electric Grid crashes

This comes our way from Jacob Jackson:

No words... We're having severe rolling blackouts out in South Africa. The economy is taking severe strain and the grid is apparently on the verge of collapse. The level of corruption in the national power generator Eskom is staggering. The president has even declared an energy state of emergency. And then... E-Prix. That's what they call themselves. The Hyenas of the world - Climate change terrorists - are at it with their so-called "energy justice". It is sickening.

E-Prix technology development to advance electric vehicles

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February 25, 2023

The Tumbling Man

Timothy Birdnow

Joe and Jill went up the Hill to fetch a pail of money. Joe fell down and broke his crown and Jill thought it really funny...

What an Embarrassment! Joe Biden Falls Up The Stairs Of Air Force One... AGAIN! (VIDEO)

With apologies to the Rolling Stones.

Joe sings:

People think I'm crazy
all the women know I'm lazy
and baby, baby I broke my crown
all my kids are low down crooks
and they help me cook my books
but they never told me that I'm such a clown
Baby I've gone crazy
There's a stinker in the skunk house
all the newsmen and the tweetin
Make me run away, retreatin'
You know I think just like a child

Baby I want to stay
please don't roll me
I'm just the tumblin' doof.

Oh, my my my! I'm the only one on Aderol
but my bruises must heal every night

America get it straight
please don't roll me
right out of office next time
Please don't roll me
please don't roll me
please don't roll me.
Please don' roll me (I keep tumbling down baby).

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Three Quarters of Russians Back War

Timothy Birdnow

For those of you who think the Ukrainian war does not have popular Russian support and that we'll simply wear them down and get rid of Putin, think again.

Yes, a new poll finds 75% of Russians back the war.

So how long are we going to be there? How long before we have to take direct military action?

How long before this thing spirals out of control?
So how long are we going to be there? How long before we have to take direct military action?

How long before this thing spirals out of control?

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Biden and the WHO

This from Christopher Lee

Circumventing the constitutional process for ratification of treaties and binding us to follow unelected WHO bureaucrats?

Biden Admin Negotiates Deal to Give WHO Authority Over US Pandemic Policies

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Willis Eschenbach observes:


The NFL has had as many as 7 black head coaches (2018), and as you'd expect, the number goes up and down.

There are 32 NFL teams, so 7 black head coaches in 2018 was 22% of all NFL coaches … compared to 13% black people in the population.

So there's no shortage of black coaches, and the following article is just another pathetic attempt to keep racism alive by lying about America.

Skip Bayless: White NFL Owners Avoid Hiring Black Coaches So They Don't Have To Interact With Them And Their Wives At Dinner

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The UN Demonstrates Their Irrelevance - Again

James Doogue

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a resolution demanding Russia completely withdraws from Ukraine. Only 7 countries voted against the resolution.

So what? That resolution will change nothing. It has no legal standing, and can't be backed up with say a UN backed coalition to isolate Russia or kick Russia out of Ukraine.

The UN Security Council, is supposedly charged with maintaining international peace and security, but it is paralysed by Russia’s veto power.

The UN is in desperate need of reform. Russia is in blatant breach of the UN's laws on territorial integrity. Their membership of the UN Security Council should be able to be suspended because of this. But there is no mechanism for suspending a veto country from the UN Security Council.

This major flaw in the UN organisation allows any of the Veto power countries to ignore the UN when it suits them.

No country should have veto power in the UN. But the UN also needs to revamp its idea of democracy. It's not right that a member country with a population of around 11,000, such as Nauru or Tuvalu, has the same vote as countries with more than 1.4 billion populations such as India and China.

Not that population should be the only metric in weighing a country's voting power at the UN. Other metrics such as GDP, could also be considered in creating a more representative vote at the UN.

What's certain is that if the UN ever had any relevancy, they lost it some time ago. Without a fundamental change in the UN's structure and voting system we may as well disband it and officially recognise the WEF as the global controller.

UN calls for immediate Russian withdrawal from Ukraine

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The Coming World War

Mike Smith

Something Tucker mentioned last night that I have been watching and something my old contacts in China are telling me about is the growing partnership between China and Russia. China has wanted the Siberian oil fields for years and Russia needs China's economy. It is an economic partnership that is turning into a military partnership.

I hate to even write what I am thinking, but it sure seems we are running headlong into a global conflict, which to fight will have terrible consequences, but not to fight will have even worse consequences.

The Democrats undermining Bush during the GWOT (not that I think the neocon dream of nation building is even workable), followed by the "leading from behind" policies of Obama, the Democrats' constant attacks and subversion of the Trump administration, all led us to Biden.

And this Biden regime is a catastrophe from top to bottom and from the middle out. Biden's entire focus is away from domestic policy, where he has at least been right 25% of the time (probably a mistake) and on foreign policy, something he has been 100% wrong about for over half a century.

We will be at war before the 2024 elections, if there are elections - and this is something I never thought I would say, but 2020 was an eye-opener for me.

For me, it was the election that wasn't. We voted, but forces beyond the ballot box determined the outcome.

If we go to war, look for the Democrats to advocate suspension of rights, especially the Second Amendment, total control over the press, and a crackdown on dissent. 2024 could well be recognized by history as the end of the Constitution.

We've never been this close before, nor have we ever had leadership so thoroughly unqualified and unprepared to deal with the storm that they are inviting.

Again, I may just be a nut. I know I sound like Alex Jones - but folks, something just ain't right. Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.

Europe is always doddering toward disaster but for goodness sake, what is the deal with America's Hat? Fidel Jr. has put on the iron glove.

As I noted yesterday, it is better to have something and not need it than it is to need something and not have it.

Preparing for tough times makes times easy if the tough ones never happen. I encourage you and your families to get right with God on the one hand and with Saint John M. Browning on the other, because one will save your soul and the other one will save your ass.

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Arguing with Idiots, Ukraine and Oil Edition

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on the Ukrainian invasion, a dim witted fellow named Jeff Charles pontificated:

You have no idea what Putin would have done. Quite possibly invaded while chump sat back and ate popcorn like in the insurrection but it us all speculation.
Chump had problems like all presidents highest unemployment in us history highest deficits.

Naturally this couldn't go unanswered.

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February 24, 2023

Debasing the Currency

Guy F Beebe

Hard to be wrong in predicting disaster, when you are the one driving us off the cliff. The issue is, if you debase your currency, as the Central Banks have? At some point, people recognize that what you are offering is worthless.

Rome fell, not because of the barbarians at the gates, but because the Emperors thought it would be smart to debase their currency. When the actual precious metal content of their coinage fell to 3%? People wouldn't accept the government's coin, inflation rose to 1000%, and nothing could get done.

Sound familiar? Well, the Central Banks have now driven the value of their own currencies to below 5% of its value back when it was tied to gold reserves...


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Keeping Up Appearances

This from Dr. Roy W. Spencer:

"Astronomers astounded by new James Webb Space Telescope images showing the very "earliest" galaxies at the edge of the expanding universe are fully-developed. From a biblical standpoint (in Genesis), it seems reasonable God created everything fully-functioning, in other words, with the appearance of age. For instance, if God created Adam and Eve as adults, how old would we say they looked? We interpret everything we observe in terms of the physics and processes observed operating today... for instance using the speed of light and immense cosmic distances to infer a great age for the universe. Yet, even cosmologists know the beginning of the universe cannot be explained with current physics... new, unobserved and impossible to prove physics must be invoked. So how does that make "science" any less religious than saying God created everything fully-functioning?"

Astronomers shocked to 'discover the impossible' from James Webb Space Telescope images: 'I nearly spit out my coffee'

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Alien Nation

John Lees

Well, they are really running with this one in the mainstream.
Here is the Associated Press take.
I suppose that the next step is that people like me are going to be crucified for promoting Alien Denialism....

'There is stuff': Enduring mysteries trail US report on UFOsapnews.com

Tim adds:

How long before the government makes aliens a protected class and treats anyone who "denies" their existence as a racist/sexist/bigot/homophobe and takes away any Federal funding (like Obamacare)?

This whole alien business fairly stinks of a psy-op from our government.

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The Woke Virus

Timothy Birdnow

Musk is right. It's something that will rot all of civilization if given the chance to metastasize. Like a cancer.

Musk: "The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters."

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In the Gardner of Good and Evil

Timothy Birdnow

Back in 2018 I wrote about the railroading of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens. Now make no mistake; Greitens was and is a sleazeball, and a former Democrat (which is why they so hated him). But the point is the Circuit Attorney (in St. Louis the Prosecuting Attorney or DA is called Circuit Attorney) who targeted Greitens was Kim Gardner.

Gardner was put in office with the generous help of George Soros, as part of his Prosecuting Attorneys Project. She is the BLM prosecutor.

During the Greitens affair she committed repeat4ed acts of prosecutorial misconduct, many of which I chronicled in my American Thinker article. She actively recruited the woman who made the accusations, meeting with her in a motel in Illinois. She refused to use the police to do the investigations, hiring a former FBI agent who was caught lying to the court repeatedly. She simply did not show up for court dates to explain some of her misconduct. She refused to provide evidence to the defense. When push came to shove she did not have the photographs she claimed to possess.

Greitens resigned from office, and she dropped the charges, showing clearly this was political.

The GOP generally didn't go after her. She is a black woman and was elected handily. The Missouri GOP hated Greitens, not just because he was going to ban lobbying by former state Congressmen but also because he was an interloping Democrat. Greitens got no support. Granted, he angered everyone in the party...

At any rate that is far from the end of the story.

Gardner became a rein of terror in St. Louis, She made a list of police she deemed racist and refused to press charges when any of these officers were involved. In fact, she refuses to press charges against black people as a matter of principle.

The result is St. Louis has become much like Mogadishu, with people even shooting up the police station downtown. There has been a massive rise in crime, particularly in the downtown area (which is the heart of any renaissance in the city). Shootings up, muggings up. It's not safe to walk around down there at night certainly, and often during the day.

This decline mostly stems from a refusal of the Circuit Attorney's office to prosecute criminals.

Now we come to the nub of this. A young man who had been arrested for robbery and who was in repeated violation of his house arrest was driving like a maniac and smashed a poor 16 year old girl. She had been in town for a volleyball tournament. She has at least lost both her legs and could still die.

The assailant had no fewer than 50, five oh, counts of jumping his arrest. Kim Gardner simply yawned at that. She never once bothered to take action to revoke his bond.

Needless to say the assailant was black and the victim white.

Gardner's office is trying to say they sent requests to the judge to revoke the bond of the assailant but that the judge didn't do it.

Interesting. First, it's not just a matter of sending a text message (which is what Gardner is claiming), but if it is she could easily produce the texts. She has not done so.

No judge would refuse such a request for jumping house arrest.

In short, the BLM poster girl is lying through her teeth. But that's par for the course with Kim Gardner.

Oh, and when this first happened the Circuit Attorney's office said they didn't file charges against the perpetrator because he had died. Turns out it was a big fat lie; Gardner just wanted to get him off the hook. She lied to the media about what happened.

Gardner is refusing to step down, even though St. Louis Mayor Tishuara Jones (herself a black woman) has called for her to leave.

Missouri State Attorney General  Andrew Bailey
has begun the legal process of forcibly removing her from office.

She's going to have to be taken out and this will cause trouble, lots of it. Although the Democrats who run St. Louis seem to realize she needs to go the NAACP and other such groups are coming to Gardner's defense. The NAACP issued a statement saying calls for her removal are "unwarranted".

The St. Louis American, a black newspaper here, has also come to her defense and many "church leaders" in the black community have joined in.

Why? Black people are suffering horribly thanks to Gardner's refusal to do her job.

This is a reverse Bonfire of the Vanities type scenario. Instead of a rich white guy being overcharged and abused by a legal system that wants to prove it is not racist it is a black man being excused by a racist institution for destroying a young girl through vehicular mayhem.

The girl lost both her legs and will be wheel-chair bound for the rest of her life. But Gardner doesn't care.

Equality under the law means just that. If black folks are angry they get a raw deal, shouldn't they be angry if ANYONE gets a raw deal?  Kim Gardner is the queen of raw deals.

Any other person would be long gone with her track record. Her conviction rate in 2019 was a pathetic 54%, for instance.

Who suffers most from that?  The black community. Most of the crimes being committed in St. Louis are black on black.

In 202 she presided over a 36.1% increase  in homicides, a whopping 87 murders per 100,000 residents.

is an example of what St. Louis Police are up against. A woman was arrested after shooting at cops and she was released without charge. You can get away with murder, literally, in Kim Gardner's city.

(BTW St. Louis has a horribly corrupt government. Recently three Alderman went to prison for corruption, including the President of the Board of Alderman. And the city's mayor? Her father - a one-time city insider who held multiple city offices - went to prison for tax fraud and corruption. Now, we don't hold the sins of the father against the child, but one must wonder at a city that elects the daughter of a guy sent to prison for corruption. And there have always been rumors about Ms. Jones as well.

No doubt if/when Gardner is removed she'll run for higher office. Her record is a disaster, making her a rising star in the Democratic Party.

So what will this do to St. Louis? No small amount of revenue comes into the city from conventions and other events. The injured (and maybe murdered) girl was here for a volleyball convention, for instance. What is going to happen is event planners are going to reject St. Louis as a viable option because of the dangers to the safety of those who will attend.

I would say St. Louis has become a laughing stock, but it's not funny.

This city has been under the complete control of Democrats since 1948, I would add. A Republican can't be elected dog catcher here.

Welcome to America's Progressive paradise!

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Our National Nightmare

Michael Smith

I was reading about a horror flick yesterday, mostly intrigued about its originality.

It is called Skinamarink and basically it is a representation of a child's nightmare - two children wake up in the middle of the night to find their father is missing, and all the windows and doors in their home have vanished. On top of that familiar things start to disappear.

It’s not a slasher/blood and guts/saw blades/dude in a hockey mask with a chainsaw kind of thing, the fear is generated in a far more subtle manner. Rather than shock, the movie relies on anxiety, apprehension, confusion and a wisp of familiarity crushed by unfamiliar changes.

But for all the randomness, there is a plot – it is that it has no plot. It has nothing for the viewer to latch onto. It is just free-flowing and random fear, structured just like a random nightmare. It is a movie not intended to entertain, only to generate fear.

People who have screened it say it is way too disturbing for kids - and even some adults - because it portrays kids in mortal danger and there is such a sense of chaos, it induces such a deep fear that people who saw it reported having nightmares for weeks after seeing it. People even reported being so uncomfortable during the movie, they had to leave the theater just to get a break and regain a sense of reality.

Movie plots are essentially a long narrative, a story or an account of events or experiences.As I considered why the lack of a narrative in this move is such a disruptor, it dawned on me that is a prime illustration of why narratives are important.Narra tives can be either true or false, but they are always important.Why?B ecause they make dealing with the unknown (or the unknowable) more comfortable. They at least provide the illusion of control.

Our current national situation is like Skinamarink in that there is no narrative, more accurately, there are sub-narratives, but there is no metanarrative that ties everything together.

Nothing the Democrats do makes sense because it is not logical to think the proposed actions could ever yield the promised conclusions. In most minds, that means the people proposing such things are incompetent - or there are goals and objectives hidden from the people.

As the word implies, metanarratives are narratives about narratives, giving a grand structural story to something more complex, like a plan for governance of a nation.

It would seem that analogizing what we are experiencing today to an unstructured horror film is apt, because just as the goal of the absence of a narrative in the movie is to generate fear, the absence of a national metanarrative in America is intended to yield the same results. America does share much with the image of a once familiar environment made unfamiliar by eliminating the windows and doors.

Philosophies based on progressive relativism, deconstructioni sm – the destruction of the language to strip traditional meaning from words, and the inherent contradictions of postmodernism, are all mechanisms used to destroy the metanarrative that has held America, and to a larger extent, all of Western civilization, together for centuries.

Like a rudderless ship driven by unseen currents toward the shoals, the erasure of America’s metanarrative of being the good superpower, a nation based on liberty and justice for all, and a place where the individual can make of himself whatever he is capable has been under assault for decades, but accelerated with the election of a man with a tissue paper thin resume, but a lifetime of Marxist training. To top that off, he was elected primarily due to his race and the overwhelming need of people on the left to shed their white guilt. It was the political equivalent of reacting to being called a racist by saying "Well, I have a black friend.”

President Trump gave the nation an opportunity to turn it around, but the power brokers decided they liked the chaos and hatred.

From that, the unwanted, unneeded, unelected Biden Supremacy was born.

If now feels like a nightmare to you, you aren’t wrong.

In August of 1974, Richard Nixon ended his administration by resigning. Gerald Ford followed Nixon's farewell address by saying:

"My fellow Americans, our long national nightmare is over.”

What he didn’t know is that our long national nightmare was just beginning.

The only good thing about nightmares is that we eventually wake up.

America is yawning, and I smell the coffee brewing.

Tim adds: more...

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Unusually Strong La Nina

Richard Cronin

From autumn 2020 until current date, we have been in a vigorous La Niña conditions.

Quoting from NASA :

"the La Niña in 1988 was stronger than the La Niñas in 1995 and 1998, and the 1997-1998 and 2015-2016 El Niños are unusually strong”

I recall that it was blazing hot here in Del-A-Where in the stated El Niño years.

Substantial snowfall hits Buffalo under La Niña conditions. From one day snowfall reports of Buffalo:

"the record amount of snow to fall in one day at Buffalo is 33.9 inches (86.1 centimetres) on December 10, 1995.”

22.3” December 23, 2022

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February 23, 2023


Carlos Velazquez

I hesitate to post this because of some vulgarities but it's a long and interesting reading about what the Left thinks about disaffected "Right wingers" of all stripes. This leftist writer associates DeSantis with the "fringiest of the fringe" for giving an anti-WEF speech .

" "What’s going to happen when there’s nowhere left affordable to go?” the mom asked. "There’s gonna be a war,” the son said casually."

Apologize for the foul language.

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February 22, 2023

China's Response to Zelensky's threat

Nikki Grace

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky proclaimed like the madman he is: "If China allies itself with Russia, there will be a world war”—a proclamation of madness swiftly responded to by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin, who factually observed and warned: "It is the United States, not China, that has been pouring weapons into the battlefield...The international community is fully aware who is calling for dialogue and striving for peace, and who is fanning the flames and stoking confrontation.. .We urge the US side to seriously reflect on the role it has played, do something to actually help de-escalate the situation and promote peace talks, and stop deflecting the blame and spreading disinformation” .

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What's in a Word?

Timothy Birdnow

Quick thought. the word according to Miriam Webster dominion means
" power, authority, jurisdiction, control, command, sway, dominion mean the right to govern or rule or determine. power implies possession o"
Isn't it interesting that one of the big problems during the election of 2020 was with voting machines supplied by a company named dominion? Why, it's as if they were telling us they were selling rigged machines.

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Food as a Weapon

Timothy Birdnow

I've been talking about this for decades now. The New World Order types want to control food. They know that if they do they control people.

This from Elizabeth Ferguson:

From my friend, JT.
Tucker Carlson: Unexplained Fires, Crashes, and Shortages Point to an Elite Plan for World Control
Many people shrug off talk about a push for an elite global world order. Most individuals who insist, even with starkly revealing evidence, that such nefarious ambitions exist are denounced as crazy conspiracy theorists. But are they? Is there truly a secret agenda by a few ruling class elites to create a "New World Order” with totalitarian control over all life and wealth?
There are experts who insist that this is the sole objective of the United Nations. They want a single global government. But there’s always been a big obstacle in their way. That obstacle is people. There are simply too many of them scattered across the globe. One might rightfully assume that a key step in securing a global world order would be to reduce the number of people.
Carving off a few thousand humans wouldn’t scratch the surface. The strategy would have to be to reduce the population in huge chunks, say, a few million at a time. When you consider that many experts believe the deadliest global pandemic was deliberately triggered, this is an intriguing theory.
Then, you force people to take an experimental drug, which creates more health risks, all the while continuing to eliminate people in mass. Sure, it will take someone stepping forward; putting their own life in danger, to announce what has been difficult to prove thus far. But there are other signs of a collective drive to orchestrate a global takeover of society.
One quick way to reduce the global population would be to starve people to death. But how could that ever be accomplished without causing a global uprising? One way would be to insist that there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s all a big accident created by ongoing global circumstances. Sort of like a deadly virus that "supposedly” evolved naturally from a bat.
Again, most people would immediately denounce the idea as a crazy conspiracy. But is it? During a recent segment on his nightly primetime show, Tucker Carlson laid out a series of disturbing facts that point to such a crazy notion being real. The highly popular host asked, "Why we’re paranoid about the American food supply?”
Carlson’s questions could easily be expanded to include the entire world. He made an astonishing connection between food shortages and the unexplained chicken shortage. Is it all simply a coincidence? Carlson thinks not. He began by discussing a speech by Joe Biden last March.
During a press conference in Brussels, Biden talked about the sanctions he was imposing against Russia for invading Ukraine. Biden insisted that these sanctions were "morally necessary,” but they might also cause food shortages. Biden said the shortages would spread around the world, including in the United States. He said, "It’s going to be real.”
What did Biden mean when he said, "It’s going to be real?” There didn’t appear to be any sense of panic in Biden’s voice. The leader of the free world was essentially predicting a world where starvation would soon become the norm, even in the United States. Biden spoke with cavalier casualness. It got even worse.
Biden said he spoke with a group of so-called European allies about "how we could increase and disseminate more rapidly food shortages.” These comments weren’t made up by some wild-eyed conspiracy nut. They’re on tape. We understand that Joe Biden has a fascinating penchant for saying some pretty stupid things. But these comments were orchestrated.
He was reading from a scripted message. What Joe Biden said wasn’t a mistake. The President of the United States announced to the world that he and other world leaders had pledged to increase food shortages. We’d assume these types of disturbing announcements would be big news. However, not a single news organization covered the bizarre comments.
But as soon as a small minority sounded the alarm, Biden’s comments were denounced as "false news.” There wasn’t anything "newsworthy” about them. They were recorded remarks by the leader of the free world. No one created a theory by twisting something someone said. Biden said that world leaders, including himself, would work to increase food shortages.
Shouldn’t someone take notice? But no one did notice, or if they did, they’re not talking about it. As if right on script, a series of bizarre food disasters started to happen. Suddenly, strange things started to happen at food processing facilities across the United States. A suspicious fire destroyed one of the largest organic food processors in the U.S.
Then, two separate private planes crashed into two separate food plants. One hit the General Mills plant in Georgia, and another crashed into a food plant in Idaho. A month before Biden’s eerie proclamation, a boiler fire destroyed a potato processing plant in Oregon. Can all of these strange events be connected, or are they just coincidences?
According to the Biden administration, there isn’t any real data to make a determination. Again, this kind of appears to be a convenient coincidence. Biden’s administrators value everything else in this age of woke diversity. Why not keep records of a potentially devastating reduction in the available food supply?

But then there was "the straw that broke the chicken’s back.” An unexplained fire burned a commercial egg farm in Connecticut to the ground. More than 100,000 egg-laying chickens were burned to cinders. It was sad, but equally provocative. Again, virtually every major news network was silent. Wouldn’t an incident that helped drive up egg prices over 100 percent be big news?
Sure it was, but these left-wing, kowtowing liberal networks weren’t about to "let the chicken out of the bag.” The few who did briefly cover the massive fire blamed egg prices and egg shortages on a case of avian flu. But was it? Agricultural experts say it wasn’t. The fire wiped out one of the largest egg-producing businesses in the United States.
By itself, this is not much more than a sad story. But taken collectively with Joe Biden’s somber proclamation and all the other bizarre events that have devastated the American food supply, there’s an obvious series of dots to connect. Carlson made his best effort to connect them. He went on to show some clips of farmers projecting continued food shortages into 2023.
But how could all of these strange coincidences be related? Are there really globalists, and what do they want? The world is struggling with the worst inflation in decades. People are being driven into financial collapse. Energy prices are at all-time highs. Again, a pandemic eliminated millions of people by itself. Vaccines seem to be continuing that eerie cycle.
Now, there are increasingly alarming shortages of multiple human necessities. Food, energy, and water are three things critical to human existence. Without any of these, especially collectively, society will face great hardship. People are going to die. But wouldn’t it be so much easier to control a global society if it were suddenly smaller? It sure would.

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