May 27, 2022

No, Trump is NOT the Anti-Christ

Timothy Birdnow

On Facebook a man named Jonathan Dane tries to equate Donald Trump with the Anti-Christ.

He says:

But if the Antichrist was of no concern, why did Jesus, John, and Paul devote entire chapters about him in numerous places throughout the New Testament? Why did Christ warn of the elect being deceived? Why does Scripture command us to come out of Babylon?

It sounds very lofty to say that one only cares about Christ. But the fact is, many self-confessing

Christians are being swept up in Trump's orbit. It is to these that I am reaching out, as well as non-believers.

Let me tell you something. This is not social media "sport" for me. At the risk of sounding like a martyr, this has cost me dearly. I did not seek out this calling. It came to me.

Christians shouldn't focus on the Antichrist. I agree. Neither should all Christians focus on the translating of the Bible into the language of a far remote tribal village either. But some do because that is their call. This is mine. It's not for you. But it's for me.

Regarding you equating Trump to Soros or Putin, I suspect if you knew this area of study as do I, you would not be saying such things, for they are easily disqualified. There is one man and one alone that qualifies - his name is Donald John Trump.

I reply:

Well Jonathan Dane we can look at scripture and see these points which do not jibe with Trump as Anti-Christ.

1. Daniel 7:25; 11:36; Rev 13:5 say he will blasphere God and slander His name. Donald Trump has yet to do such a thing. But plenty of his opponents do.

2. Daniel 7:25; Rev 13:7 He will oppress the Saints and Church. Interestingly enough, it was Trump who argued against closure of churches during the pandemic. In fact, the churches are one of Trumps power bases.

3. Daniel 7:25 The AntiChrist will try to change the calender. Trump has never advocated such a thing.

4. Dan 7:25 "he thinks to change times and laws" But Mr. Trump has sought to RESTORE the laws of the U.S. Who tried to enforce our border laws? Who refrained from using Federal forces during the BLM riots as this was a state matter?

5. He has not promoted a Jewish temple, as the Anti-Christ will do. Yet, anyway.

6. In Great Again Donald Trump writes ""I think people are shocked when they find out that I am Christian, that I am a religious person,” That is at odds with the Anti-Christ, who is describes as glorifying himself above all and rejecting the God of his fathers. Daniel 11:37

7. Here is a biggie; Dan 11:37 says he will have "no regard for the desire of women” meaning he will be homosexual or completely asexual. Donald Trump may be a carnal man, but clearly has a regard for the desire of women.

8. In 2 Thessalonians 2:4 we learn Anti-Christ claims to be God. As far as I'm aware Trump never made that claim.

9. In Daniel 11:39-44 the Anti-Christ is described as honoring a "god of forces" i.e. the military. Yet Mr. Trump wound down our wars and promoted peace rather than warfare. He was bitterly opposed by the military for this.

10. Atni-Christ will deny Jesus came in the flesh, or was the embodiment of God. 2 John 7 Mr. Trump has never done that.

11. Rev 17:16-18 says AntiChrist will hate his initial overlords. America IS the overlord, not the other way around.

12. He has not suffered a fatal head injury. Granted, that may be symbolic; it could mean a fatal POLITICAL wound, but that is not what the Biblical text says. I might add that the same could be said of Grover Cleveland, who lost the Presidency and then regained it.

13. There is no connection between 666 and Donald J. Trump.

There are no doubt more scriptural passages that dispute Trump as Anti-Christ but these are a few.

The Anti-Christ will almost certainly be an educated, erudite individual, probably homosexual, who loves playing general and probably holds Progressive views. He will likely worship himself as the head of state (using Rousseau's argument for the Collective Will and the State being the supreme expression thereof). He will probably come from the old Roman Empire (meaning Europe.) as that is what the Bible says.

Trump does not fit this description.

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Double Talk

Julio Adrian Del Valle

"Every life matters. If we can only save one child. We must get rid of guns to save our children and to preserve the sanctity of life.”

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!

None of this was being said two or three weeks ago when we were talking about the overturning of Roe vs Wade!! People on Facebook were foaming at the mouth at the very thought of losing their right to kill as many babies as possible! I don’t know how they don’t make themselves sick

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Embrace Trans Agenda or Starve!

Sherrie Mathieson

I'm counting the days, that this scourge a.k.a "our administration' . is booted out before all is lost.

Biden's USDA: Schools Must Embrace Transgender Agenda or be Deprived of Food

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Japanese Astronaut to Go to Moon with NASA

Timothy Birdnow

Why can't the Japanese do this on their own and we do it on our own? The more international partners we take on the bigger a boodoggle - and more expensive - these undertakings become.

Just another example of how the Ruling Class seeks to diminish America and promote internationalism at our expense.

Japan Will Send Astronauts to the Moon with NaSA, President Biden Says

A Japanese astronaut will visit NASA's planned Gateway space station, and perhaps the moon's surface, as part of a larger interagency agreement.

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How to be a Happy Boy

Timothy Birdnow

By this reasoning gay men should be the happiest people on the planet.

How to Goodbye Depression; Constrict Anus 100 Times Every Day. Malarky or an Effective Way?

I think constricting anus 100 times and denting navel 100 times in succession everyday is effective to good-bye depression and take back youth. You can do so at a boring meeting or in a subway.

Hat tip; John Conlin

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The Continuing Nuclear Threat

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on Facebook a man named John Trauger argues nuclear weapons are sooo last century and no real threat.

John Trauger says:

Nukes don't bother me. they are a 20th century problem more than 21st, Russia nothwithstandin

g. Our problem is the weaponization of Moore's Law and the internet.

The problem with a serious nuclear exchange is these days it's hard to actually have one. The US has a large arsenal of nukes but who else does?

China's building up and they're the best candidate. But they're also starting to fray at the seams.

The Soviet Union, AKA Russia and the usual go-to for MAD simply doesn't have the heuvos rancheros to hold up their end of Armageddon.

The Soviets were the 20th Century's nuclear bugaboo but these days, it's easy to see they simply don't have much mojo left. They have blundered around in the Ukraine with an obviously substandard and underfunded conventional military which Russia *should* have expected to actually use. What state would their strategic missiles and warheads be in, when Russia does *not* need to actually use them to achive their goal of deterrence? How much of Russia's stockpile are merely rifles on the walls at Ft. Zinderneuf?

I've heard estimates as high as 6000 missiles for Russia. It's anybody's guess how many will actually launch properly or hit what they're aimed at. And from there how many warheads will go off properly and how many of those have fissionables that were re-enriched recently enough to actually go nuclear as opposed to being "dirty bombs".

If Russia is smart and can spare the funds they will have as small number of missiles and warheads maintained as they can get away with just to preserve the technology and the skills to use it. I can't see that being more than the double-digits of warheads and missiles. The rest will be rolls of the dice with a large amount of duds.

In my hopefully thoughtful opinion, Russia has lost the ability to destroy the US. But they *can* hurt us. We don't lightly court nuclear war with them because we cannot be sure our missile defense will save us.

But at the same time there's no real threat of a world engulfed by flames either. There's no "Damnation Alley" scenario anymore.

None of the other nuclear powers in the world have enough missiles to seriously threaten the US. The problem with nukes these days is a theater nuclear war. Iran vs. Israel comes to mind, or India vs. Pakistan. There's also the threat of nuclear terrorism where a nuke is hidden in a tramp steamer or even a shipping container.

Those are the 21st entury nuclear threats.

Tim responds:


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Thoughts on the Texas School Shooting

Timothy Biirdnow

The Osprey here at The Aviary discuss the Texas school shooting:

Dana Mathewson observes:

From everything I've read, the kid's gun purchases were legitimate. And from everything I've read about the kid, he should NOT have been able to buy firearms because he had -- or should have had -- a police record. The cops had been called to his home multiple times in the last year or so. But the bleeding-heart liberals who run the country don't want anybody to have to face the stigma of a "mental health" report, so nothing was done. The kid belonged in a psych ward, but wasn't put there. And apparently the cops' visits to the home didn't show up on NICS, which is what gets checked ("background checks") when you go to buy a gun -- or at least, a handgun. I don't know if there are any checks for buying a "long gun," especially in Texas where the attitude is "any adult without a record should be able to get a gun with minimal fuss." In Texas you're presumed to be a sane adult unless proven otherwise.

Hey, why not? Anybody can get a car, and cars kill multiple times more people each year than guns do.

Mike adds:

Speculation is that he/she/it used granmas credit card for purchases but investigation should tell us how. What bugs me is the security agent who held the door open to the school for the shooter. From Forbes timeline"The Texas director of public safety, Steve McCraw, said during a press conference a school security district officer "encountered” 18-year-old Salvador Ramos after hearing reports of the crashed vehicle, and did not exchange gunfire, though the state later confirmedto NBC the officer was armed". He read a report and didnt hear the gun shoots as the shooter was shooting at the people outside a funeral home? Then its just been found out that LEO stood down for an hour before the Border patrol showed up and acted.That LEO is under no legal obligation to protect life or property in life threatening situations to me doesnt justify them in this situation. That anyone survived is a miracle. The Parkland school shooting in Fl. should have showed anyone paying attention that every second matters. This is a total failure of the state to protect children and its the dems hatred of children that should be held to account. Spend billions on CRT and gender reassignment and nothing on school security and people allow this to continue? And as usual when the dems have their backs to the walls a school shooting pulls their tits out of the ringer.

Tim responds:

Good points Dana.

The Left makes a fuss about not stigmatizing people then complains when they do bad stuff. And of course they then blame the guns and demand law abiding citizens surrender theirs.

I would add this was a school and so no doubt a "gun free zone". This rotten kid knew that.

Mike, the kid may have used granny's credit card, but I would be surprised as it's tough to make big purchases with a card belonging to someone else - particularly an old woman when you are a young boy.

I remember years ago my father-in-law wanted to give us a gift so he paid for a little weekend getaway. Gave me his credit card and the hotel refused to accept it. I didn't have i.d. to prove I was he.

I would think this kid would have similar problems.

Yeah; the response was troubling. First, they say the guard is "under no obligation"; well, what the eh e double hockey sticks is the point of paying this guy? That is PRECISELY what he is there for!

Security is an easy job, a pleasant job, precisely because there is the possibility of great risk. I have family members who used to moonlight as security. The whole point is they were the ones who were in the front lines if trouble erupted.

Also, the response time for the authorities was horrible. An hour to scramble police to a school shooting?! And then it was border guards who show up?

Heads need to roll over that.

I have little doubt in the coming months we'll learn of all sorts of liberal policies in place there that led to this. But the media will not report it. It's why Rush Limbaugh used to call them the "drive by media"; they whiz by, shoot the place up, then move on. People are left with the wrong impressions and the victims left hurting.

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May 26, 2022

RIP Ray Liotta

Timothy Birdnow

RIP Ray Liotta.

He apparently died in his sleep while down in the Dominican Republic shooting a movie.

A lot of commentors at Citizens Free Press think he died from the Covid vaccine. I don't know. But he passed away without warning.

The Goodfellas star appeared to have no known health issues that would cause his demise. He was 67.

Goodbye Ray; we'll miss you!

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True Anti-Racism

Timothy Birdnow

We have no working definition of racist. It is left purposely vague so it can be used as a weapon.

The fact is there is used to be a distinction between prejudiced and racist. The former holds incorrect or misinformed views of people of other races while the racist hates others. There used to be that distinction, but the Left eliminated it so they could beat Conservatives with anything even remotely about race. Now we have ridiculous claims of "dog whistle racism" and the notion that racism lurks in every white heart.

I would point out that that never was the standard of the Civil Rights era; we were not to erase all vestiges of prejudice or racism, but rather allow people to make their own determination. As Martin Luther King said "judge on the content of their character". But we no longer judge on character but on skin color, albeit in reverse racism; black is inherently good and white evil. We have just flipped racism on it's head, not eliminated it or contained it.

You don't combat racism with reverse racism. You combat it with color blindedness. The way we are approaching this is rather like saying we want to fight pedophilia by molesting little girls rather than little boys. It's the same thing!

The key to triumphing over racism is to enculturate everyone, teach them properly, and let them succeed or fail on their own merits. It is not to boost one side on the shoulders of another.

How to Really Be an Antiracist

Racism will always be with us to a degree. People break into groups; it's what they do. The Left's answer is to force us all together, and eliminate races entirely. But that won't work; the lighter skinned will get together against the darker skinned. You see that now in the black community with "yellows" looking down on the black African Americans and vice versa. "Birds of a feather flock together" as the saying goes. And there will still be classism and the rest. We naturally break into groups. It is not natural to think of yourself as part of the vast sea of Mankind.

The key is a friendly rivalry, and making it so everyone can win at the game. But we aren't doing that. We are promoting hatred, and promoting an unlevel playing field to make up for past discrimination and to assault a fictitious "white privilege". In the end it is more about revenge and holding some back.

If you look at the military they are green. Not black or white or asian but green. There is a reason for that; they have more in common with each-other than with civilians.They have each-others backs. There lies the model.

But of course a mixed race army unit won't be very friendly with a mixed race Marine outfit. That's o.k. They channel this into friendly rivalry.

We could do the same in society if we wished, but race is too useful a weapon to the Left to allow such friendliness. They need us at each-others throats.

The Left doesn't give a damned about racism, I might add. They care only about driving societal change and implementing world socialism and international government. Racial harmony doesn't enter into it.

Black people are their patsies, as far as they are concerned. They only pretend to care about their welfare. If they really cared about them they would promote policies that would improve their lots in life. But they double down on what has destroyed the black community in the first place, and that by design; they need an aggreived black community to keep the sores rubbed raw.

Racism is easy to end. What isn't easy to end is the purposely false narrative promoted by the Left.

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The Tyranny of Numbers

Timothy Birdnow

CNBC is whistling past the graveyard, telling Americans to believe them and not their lying eyes.

First, they claim the CBO says inflation has topped and will reduce to 2%.

Right. This from the same people who told us this was a temporary thing caused by disrupted supply chains and an "overheated" economy. They were wrong then and are wrong now.

Second, they claim there is NO CHANCE of a recession, much less a depression.

No recession ahead: Evercore ISI predicts S&P 500 will jump 22% from current levels

Um, ri-ight.

All indicators suggest a nasty recession and possible depression, possibly as bad or worse than the Great Depression. But believe us rather than your lying eyes!

Some commenters are blaming this on the labor shortage and...drumroll please...calling for more immigration to take jobs "Americans just won't do" to shore up the economy!

This has nothing to do with an overheated economy or labor shortage. It has everything to do with a massive expansion of the money supply. The Federal Reserve has exploded  the money supply in the last year , and Congress has blown through massive amounts of money. Inflation is a monetary problem. This is in no way related to an "overheating" of the economy.

And the labor shortage? Now why do we have a labor shortage when before the pandemic we had no problem? It's because so many people are still not working thanks to government handouts.

Bringing in aliens is not a solution. It means more taxpayer money to subsidize them, more services used, and a decline in wages. You don't want to suppress wages during an inflationary period.

In point of fact labor shortages present an opportunity to automate jobs and eliminate jobs "Americans just won't do". Bring people in to fill those jobs and you add more takers to society.

Which suits the political class just fine; more voters they can buy to keep them in office. And don't kid yourself that they won't vote - or that their children won't be good shock troops for the establishment in both parties.

America is the third most populace country on Earth; we don't need more people. They use services; police, fire, hospitals, etc. They suck up funds - AFDC, Medicaid, etc. All of that has to be paid for with more monopoly money.

No, what we need is to restore fiscal sanity. Stop the spending, cut the money supply (slowly), and stop funding the unproductive.

I would add the Great Depression was caused primarily by the Federal Reserve which inflated the currency throughout the '20's then suddenly contracted it. Of course, Congress didn't help by imposing new tariffs and the like, but the crash was caused by the sudden contraction of the money supply after a decade of loose fiscal policy. We are in an almost identical situation. We MUST rein in spending and the money in circulation. We cannot continue to allow so much to float around out there. But if we contract too quickly the economy will collapse. We are facing either stagflation or depression.

The pandemic and disruption of the supply chains only exacerbated a problem that already existed.

CNBC is trying to keep the Democrats in the game by finding excuses for them - and promising prosperity is just around the corner.

In 1929 Herbert Hoover, the Wonder Boy (as Calvin Coolidge mockingly called him) said on a radio broadcast "good times are right around the corner" and we had to endure 16 more bad years, which we only escaped from via a world war and the subsequent reconstruction that made America rich. This is more of the same.

No, this economy is in serious trouble. You cannot spend tens of trillions of dollars and expect to sail to prosperity.

The entire U.S. economy is $18 trillion dollars. That's everything. We have spent  $3390.92 Billion in the first quarter of 2021 alone. In 2021 the Federal Government collected d $4.05 trillion in total revenue but still spent 2.77 TRILLION  over that budget. (30% of total GDP.)

See this table:

2021 $2,772 $1,484 12.1%
2020 $3,132 $4,226 15.0%
2019 $984 $1,203 4.6%
2018 $779 $1,271 3.8%

Notice how high the GDP to debt ratio has risen in the last two years.

The reality is that all of that money is lost to the economy. It has gone from productive capital to non-productive lucre. You cannot take that much out of the economy and expect to not have it tank.

We are facing a disaster, no question. CNBC can twist and squirm and lie all they please but in the end numbers are tyrants, and no amount of wishing won't make them go away.

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Uvalde in Social Media Monitoring Program

Steven Schuler

REVEALED: Uvalde school district was part of AI program that rooted out potential mass killers and monitored social media for threats and potential shooters

seems that the AI program failed rather spectacularly here.

Uvalde district was monitoring students' social media for threats

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Where Did He Get the Money?

Carlos Valazquez

This from Facebook:

Nelson Ward

The report on the Texas school shooting and Salvador Ramos states he bought two rifles and a pistol...
Now follow me closely here because I've been in the firearms industry for decades and there's a big point in WHAT they claim that he bought.
A Daniel Defense DDMV-7 at $2499 and a Daniel Defense MK12 at $2539. Also, claimed to have been bought was an FN 5/7 pistol in 5.7x28 @ $1299.
1. That's $6300 in firearms bought by a kid in a week and over $200 in ammunition. The optics shown on these rifles are over $1000 a piece pushing this to over $9000.
2. Texas prohibits anyone under 21 from buying a handgun.
3. FN 5.7x28 ammunition is pretty much extinct from the market right now and has been for 2 years.
4. These weapons are high end, professional grade rifles. A common AR-15 goes for $600-700.
So, let's get this straight; a high school kid who lives with granny because his parents are deported, drops 9 grand in a week and by law, can't buy pistol.
Not buying it.

Tim adds:

Any comments Dana? Dana is our resident gun guy.

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May 25, 2022

Blackouts Coming

Gregory Wrightstone

Get ready for a long, hot summer and periodic blackouts. Who could have predicted any of this??? I did.

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And the Dumb Shall Speak

"The archbishop of San Francisco is calling for speaker Nancy Pelosi to
be denied receiving Communion because of her pro-choice stance ... this
is not your job, dude. That is not up to you to make that decision."

Tim adds:

What does this dimwit think the job of a Bishop entails? It very much is his job. The Church has a right, nay, a duty to kick out anyone who refuses to accept Church teaching.

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The Unreliables

Frank Lasee

There is such a thing as too much unreliable weather depend wind and solar. When clouds cover or wind slows or stops there has to be replacement power immediately.

We are paying for full time power and part time power. That’s a big reason our electric rates keep climbing. They should have been going down not up.

Truth in Energy and Climate

Direct result of closing too many coal plants too soon. Without new energy built to replace it. All very costly for no impact on climate and weather. BTW communist China burns more than have the 8.5 billion tons of coal used each year.

Tim adds:

There is such cognitive dissonance in their position. They say we need "renewable energy" to protect us from an inevitable climate change. Well, if it is inevitable why do it? More importantly, if climate change is going to cause more and more severe weather events, won't that mean we will produce LESS power with renewables? Isn't unpredictable weather a problem for the technology they are pushing to deal with this very same problem? Shouldn't they be promoting nuclear or hydroelectric or some other stable non- fossil fuel using generator system? Why promote something that is weather dependent when you claim weather problems are a result of using fossil fuels?

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Rodan Found

Timothy Birdnow

It's Rodan! I want to steal that name "Dragon of Death" and apply it to Hillary!

The Dragon of Death

The fossilised remains of a huge flying reptile dubbed the 'Dragon of Death' – which lived alongside the dinosaurs 86 millions of years ago – have been unearthed in Argentina.

Measuring about 30ft (9m) long, it is the largest pterosaur discovered in South America and one of the biggest flying vertebrates to have ever lived.

Researchers said the 'beast' would likely have been a frightening sight as it hunted its prey from prehistoric skies.

Oh, it would have "likely" been frightening? Yeah uh huh I think maybe that's true. It's not exactly the kind of thing you want to see when you're at a picnic or out on the lake something.

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Ya Think!

Timothy Birdnow

"Mild?" "Mild!" What is this guy smoking? This is going to be a terrible recession, likely a full blown depression. Stagflation is coming. We have pumped up the money supply to a ridiculous level and our script is fairly worthless. Meanwhile nations are starting to de-couple from the dollar. That signals disaster; it's what has been holding up the value of the dollar. Sky high fuel prices mean EVERYTHING is going to cost a lot more. And that exaserbates the broken supply chains. There is another housing bubble which i starting to burst as well. This is going to be BAD and it goes directly back to horrendous governmental policy both at the Federal Reserve and the Biden Administration and Congress being unwilling to rein in spending.

Alan Blinder, former Federal Reserve vice chair, thinks that it's likely the U.S. will fall into a mild recession next year.

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Who Will Weep for Thee America?

Timothy Birdnow

The last grains drop, now there is nothing to stop
the train shrieks out of control
rains no longer plop
on our withered sick crop
we dithered, come winter no coal
wither our soul?

In our pride we have lied
and let folly inside our small brain
we have taken a bride
foul and evil reside
and our hearts are unsightly and stained

The land heaves and quakes as the empire breaks
hard ground undergoes liquification
still our leaders forsake
and say "let them eat cake"
to the sound of the dying of nations

It was all so obscene
be it radical Green
social justice or transgendered teens
all the woke people choke while they smoke all of their dope
and the useless rise up like the cream

Forsaking our God now He raises the rod
as the enemy laughs at our plight
remaking mankind
into nothing but rind
the dark angels prepare us to trod

Mad puppet of sock
hear him crow like a cock!
see him run to and fro while they mock
he's a man made of steel whose asleep at the wheel
as the nation just reels and slides into hock

Who is left to shed a tear
for America once so dear?
In God we did trust
now our country turns to dust
As our children smile and they cheer

In our pride and our greed
our long slide we did breed
our sad fate grown from hell's poison seed
We have taken a bite from the serpents delight
and gown fat on the devilish feed

Why is it a surprise
we've believed our own lies
and ignored all the cries of babes unborn
we have severed the ties
as our past withers and dies
and our God we have cursed out and scorned

"what rough beast is it rises in the east?" if so the jest was in the west
our culture deceased as our bellies increased
our children their fathers detest

Woe, woe, woe to the great western show
our intellectuals have fashioned our noose
out of morals too loose and our spiritual truce
have given victory unto our foe

So goodbye America, once land of the free
soon to be a byword and something to flee
For a more tolerant age
we now fall to their rage
and our liberty now is a cage.

Who will weep for thee?

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Mass Shooting Fake News

Roy W. Spencer

While we've been led to believe that the U.S. is the mass-murder capital of the world, that's likely an urban legend:

"Of the 86 countries where we have identified mass public shootings, the US ranks 56th per capita in its rate of attacks and 61st in mass public shooting murder rate. Norway, Finland, Switzerland and Russia all have at least 45 percent higher rates of murder from mass public shootings than the United States."

Tim adds:

We lead the world in REPORTING of mass shootings.

I owe my existence to a mass shooting. My grandmother was in a movie house during the '20's when a guy pulled a gun and shot up the place, hitting grandma in the hand. My grandfather (who my grandmother didn't like much up to that point) came to visit her and she took a second look at him as a result.

This sort of thing has always happened, but was usually local news.

It still is in most countries, but here the media, hell-bent on gun control, reports every such incident as national news to gin up this fake notion that we are somehow barbaric.

Also, it is not primarily white males who do the mass shootings. While the overall numbers are predominantly white males - who form a majority of the population - the dirty little secret is that blacks and particularly asians form the highest percentage of mass shooters in relations to their proportion of the population. See also And there are more Middle Eastern shooters than MAGA killers.

America is full of immigrants, and one of the problems that excessive immigration will bring is crime and, drumroll please! Mass shootings. Joe Biden and the Democrats tout immigration as a panacea but this is one of the darker sides of it.

Also, when considering mass shootings, one must take into account population. The U.S. is the third most populated country on Earth. If you adjust for population the U.S. is even lower than the raw data suggests. Places like Norway, or Switzerland, have a fraction of the population as do we, and as a result the numbers of mass shootings should be much lower. That these countries are STILL higher than the U.S. illustrates that we are not in any way Killerstan. Adjust the numbers for these countries up relative to population size and you get some amazing stats.

No, the myth of American mass shootings is exactly that. It requires no draconian gun grab or special law enforcement agency to stifle the Second or First Amendments.

Dana Mathewson adds: John Hinderaker, on Power Line, provides these comments:

The fundamental point to be made about mass school shootings is that they are extraordinarily rare. If we use the FBI’s definition of a "mass shooting” incident, i.e., one where four or more people are killed, this is the pattern of mass school shootings in the 21st century:

2022: 1

2021: 1

2020: 0

2019: 0

2018: 2

2017: 1

2016: 0

2015: 1

2014: 1

2013: 1

2012: 2

2011: 0

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So mass school shootings are rare, a total of 14 incidents in more than 22 years. In a nation of 320 million, many more people die from bee stings, lighting strikes, and so on; yet, for understandable reasons, school shootings command national attention. But their very rarity makes it hard to know what to do about them, especially since most school shooters expect to die, which makes them more or less impossible to deter. How do you prevent something that happens, in crude terms, once every 480 million man-years?

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Biden Guarding Border Wall Materials So Nobody Can Finish the Fence

Sherrie Mathieson

Biden is spending 3 million PER DAY to have agents guard over the unused(paid for) pieces of border wall--so no one will have access to it.--Joni Ernst

What pathetic waste of our money and chance for greater border security!

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