April 28, 2022

'Disinformation Government Board'

Sherrie Mathieson

Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
BREAKING: Biden Admin Department of Homeland Security to create a 'Disinformation

Governance Board' dedicated to 'countering misinformation'

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April 27, 2022


Timothy Birdnow

And all the Whos down in Whooville will cry Boo Hoo!

'I'm About To Say Goodbye': Hollywood Actor Rob Reiner Leads Leftist Meltdown After Musk Buys Twitter

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Biden Tightens the Energy Noose

Stephen Heins

Another example of regulatory environmental over-reach. The collusion between the White House and regulatory agencies is staggering.

White House Strengthens NEPA as Oil, Gas Industries Warn of Project Delays

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Today is Holocaut Remembrance Day

Mark Musser

There is a luxuriant oak tree standing just inside the gated entrance of Auschwitz Camp I where the sign reads, "work makes you free.” There are many stately oaks inside the camp and just outside the entrance. Oak trees also existed in the immediate proximity of a few of the gas chambers and crematoriums as well. The gas chamber doors at both Auschwitz and Treblinka were made of solid oak. At Auschwitz, double oak doors were used to seal the sacrificial fate of all the victims. That Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962) was placed in charge of the logistics of the holocaust is incredibly ironic. His last name virtually means "man of the oaks.”

No matter how industrial the holocaust has so often been characterized, the ancient symbolism of human sacrifice being practiced under the oak trees bleeds through the veneer of Nazi modernism. Eyewitness accounts depict conspicuous lightning rods that were attached to each of the four sides of the crematorium chimneys at Auschwitz. The massive flames that burst out from the chimneys accentuated the lightning rods, especially at night. The Nazi SS letters themselves were iconically stylized after lightning bolts borrowed from nature mystic Guido von List (1848-1919). List promoted a pan-German nature mysticism called Ariosophy. Ariosophy simply means "wisdom of the Aryans.” It was both anti-modern and anti-Semitic. Ariosophy mixed apocalypticism, Norse mythology, paganism, racism, evolution, eugenics, and ecology into its worldview. SS leader Heinrich Himmler was well aware the Norse god Thor was not only the god of thunder and lightning, but also the god of the oaks.

In German paganism, the sacred oak tree symbolized fertility, power, and sacrifice – and sacrifice was the means by which fertility and power were obtained. Sexual fertility and male virility were symbolized by oaks as well. Pagan sacrifices were offered in sacred oak groves in order to help guarantee the fertility of nature and her harvest cycles.

In truth, National Socialism was an ancient fertility cult brought up to date under the scientific guise of eugenics where people were to make sacrifices and/or be sacrificed for the fecundity of nature. Fertility, sacrifice, and power were all virtually worshiped by the National Socialists in one form or another, no matter how scientific or secular many of its adherents would try to couch their ideology. The great desire of National Socialism was to become fertile and powerful through sacrificial eugenic measures.

In his Social Darwinism, Hitler complained that Christianity itself was a "protest against nature,” and that "the Jew plays in nature the role of a catalyzing element. A people that is rid of its Jews returns spontaneously to the natural order.” Indeed, the weaknesses of the modern western world were presumed to have its crumbling foundations within the longstanding and anti-nature influences of Christianity, which, according to the Nazis, had made Judaism universal. The ‘green’ sacrifice of the Jews would therefore be required to help Europe return back to Nature and her eugenic racial laws of evolutionary development that the Judeo-Christian worldview interrupted. Judeo-Bolshevis m would likewise have to be destroyed since many leading Nazis believed Soviet Communism was a secularized form of Christianity where a false political internationalis m alien to Aryan values was run by Jews.

In his youth, while attending architectural school in Vienna in 1908, Hitler wrote a play about religious sacrifice under massive oaks centering on the differences between Christianity and German paganism witnessed by his roommate August Kubizek (1888-1956). Kubizek recalled the setting of the play was "in the Bavarian mountains at the time of the bringing of Christianity to those parts. The men who lived on the mountain did not want to accept the new faith. On the contrary! They had bound themselves by oath to kill the Christian missionaries. On this was based the conflict of the drama.” Hitler’s play was essentially borrowed from Guido von List’s Die Armanenschaft der Ario-Germanen published earlier in the same year as his ariosophical works had become cult classics in Vienna.

That Hitler would later rule Germany from the Bavarian Alps at his mountain chalet (Berghof) in the Obersalzberg fits in with the play that he wrote many years earlier. Many of Hitler’s plans were envisaged at the Berghof where he spent much time brooding over the mountain landscape. Could it be that paganism, mountains, oak trees, and human sacrifice are hiding behind the shadows of the firelight blazing around the camp of National Socialism during the Holocaust?

Many of the actual leading perpetrators of the Holocaust were Austrian Nazi mountain men from the Carinthian Alps.[iv] It was they who administered Operation Reinhard (1941-43) from the Lublin district of Poland where perhaps more than two million Polish Jews perished in notorious death camps like Treblinka, Sobibor, Belzec, and Majdanek. Shockingly, on the way down the green camouflaged fence corridors into the gas chambers of the death camps at Treblinka and Sobibor, the Jewish sacrificial victims walked under a sign in Hebrew that read, "This is the way to heaven.” At Treblinka, after they passed under the sign, they were greeted with the prettiest flower garden of the entire camp. These flowers were the last spectacle the Jewish people saw before entering the gas chambers to be ‘euthanized’ to death.

Even more sadistic, Treblinka Commandant Franz Stangl (1908-1971) referred to the gas chambers themselves as Jewish cities. The Nazis often characterized city areas populated by Jews as dirty ghettos, devoid of flowers, parks, and green areas, indicative of their alleged greed that strove to live above Nature by dominating it through finances. Perhaps worst of all, lurid medical experiments were routinely conducted on humans in concentration and death camps while leading Nazis like Hitler, Himmler, and Goering fancied themselves as anti-vivisectio n animal rights crusaders. Such notorious death camps also become colossal recycling centers.

After Treblinka was torn down by the SS, lupine wildflowers, which are wolf flowers, were planted on the remains of the Jewish victims where almost 750,000 people were sacrificed. Hitler called the SS his "pack of wolves” and imagined himself as the very Uncle Wolf who would purge the German herd of the weak for the sake of its future eugenic health. Ironically enough, SS General Odilo Globocnik (1904-1945), the very man who was in charge of Operation Reinhard, was originally from Wolf Mountain (Wolfsberg) in the Austrian Alps of Carinthia. After the SS virtually liquidated Polish Jewry, the death camps of Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka were completely dismantled, cleaned up, re-afforested, and converted into farms by the fall of 1943 to provide green cover for its colossal crimes.

On November 3, 1943, some 43,000 Jews were gathered, shot and killed from various camps in Poland. This concluded Operation Reinhard that had virtually exterminated Polish Jewry. The SS called this final action, "Harvest Festival." While countless historians, commentators, and books have often emphasized the industrial nature of the holocaust, SS Nazis understood the concluding action of Operation Reinhard to be a special day on the farm comparable to an annual harvest celebration. In the twisted Nazi mind, Jewish weeds had to be eradicated from the blood and soil of Germany’s lebensraum. Operation "Harvest Festival” was the single largest Nazi Jewish massacre conducted throughout the entire war.

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Dimeless Disney

Timothy Birdnow

Don't try this at home:

Disney has Lost $50 Billion in Value Since War with Florida Began

I have to add that while I find this poetic justice, I  do worry that any government can crush a private corporation, even if a particularly evil one like Disney. Yes, Disney picked the fight,  and yes Disney had a sweetheart deal and was taking advantage of it, but in the end I don't like to set this sort of precedent. If Florida can do this to Disney then other states can do it to any of us.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Build a Better Mousetrap; Blow a Load more Money

Timothy Birdnow

Yikes! Washington's fondest dream; spend with computers so they are too fast to follow!

Feds Design Digital Dollar that Handles 1.7 Million Transactions per Second

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The Musk Takeover

Timothy Birdnow

The whole Musk/Twitter issue has some interesting implications.

First, it has provided another distraction for Biden, whose failures have been removed from the conversation of the day.

Second, it now sees the Right fighting AGAINST regulation and breaking up of big tech companies. Prior to Musk's takeover we were promoting an antitrust action against Twitter and Facebook. Now that will stop as the Left makes noises about doing just that.

And if the Left does just that? They gain even more control over the dissemination of information.

In many ways this was a win for them.

At worst, from their perspective, Musk will make Twitter what it had been just a couple of years ago.

And to our side free markets will seem to have proven the route to take against Big Tech. We'll turn away from attempts to enforce fairness on social media platforms in favor of a market approach, one they will ultimately be able to control. (How many corporations are willing to do what Musk did here?)

Also, one wonders if Musk won't be taken down by endless investigations and the like.

Fighting the Left is like fighting the Devil. There is no truth in them.

My father used to say the Media and the Left would always provide a safety valve to release pressure when they have heated things up. They have and are heating things to a boil. Now along comes Elon Musk (and we must remember Musk is a big environmentalist and holds other liberal positions) to buy Twitter - source of a lot of Conservative anger - and the big fight that ensues not only provides a smokescreen for the advancement of the Leftist cause elsewhere but also relieves a lot of pressure from furious people right of center, many of whom were not politically active before this and will not be again now that we "won".

How many votes will we lose thanks to Musk's takeover of Twitter?

I notice Donald Trump is still banned, and says he won't return to Twitter. HE doesn't have confidence in the new leadership.

Hat tip; John Roberts (not the Supreme Court Justice) and Steven Chase.

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April 26, 2022

U.K. Wants SpaceX to Launch Orbital Solar Power Station

Carlos Valazquez

This may be technically doable and certainly very risky safety wise. But I doubt its justifiable economically.

The UK wants SpaceX to help it launch a $20 billion orbital solar power station

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Glittering Jewels of Hypocrisy

Christopher Lee

The anti-Christian Hollywood left has been doing stuff like this for a long time.
You can beat your wife, kill someone with your car, abuse your children, and/or intoxicate yourself into oblivion but don’t dare talk about your Christian faith.

Tim adds:

Amazing. James Gunn can endorse pedophilia and child abuse and he is still making movies.  A Christian admits their faith and they want him banned.

But then, Liberalism is a competing religion and brooks no competition.

See also https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/james-gunn-responds-to-unearthed-tweets-about-pedophilia-i-have-regretted-them-for-many-years and https://newspunch.com/photos-james-gunn-hollywood-pedophile-party/

The hypocrisy of these people is astonishing.

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Musk Suspends Twitter Updates for Staff to Avoid Sabotage

Stephen Schueler

Twitter fears sabotage by left-wing staff after Musk takeover: Employees are BLOCKED from making updates after calling deal 'dangerous for democracy' - and hysterical liberal celebs threaten to QUIT the site

At least it appears some bots are gone and some instant ban words no longer drawing instant ban. Words like hydroxychloroqu ine and ivermectin.

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April 25, 2022

All Things Being Equal

"The year was 2081, and everybody was finally equal. They weren't only equal before God and the law. They were equal every which way. Nobody was smarter than anybody else. Nobody was better looking than anybody else. Nobody was stronger or quicker than anybody else. All this equality was due to the 211th 212th, and 213th Amendments to the Constitution, and to the unceasing vigilance of agents of the United States Handicapper General."

--Kurt Vonnegut, "Harrison Bergeron," 1961, Welcome to the Monkey House (Dell Laurel edition, 60th printing, 1988)

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Turnabout is Fair Play

Warner Todd Huston

Well, gee, liberals, if you don't like Elon Musk buying Twitter and making it a place for actual free speech, you could always just start coding and make your own social media site... right?

Tim adds:

Considering how many institutions they subverted over the years it's amazing they complain now. Turnabout is fair play.

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The Dying Body Politic

David Nabhan says:

The body can mistake toxic lead for calcium so those born between 1950-80 contain 1,000 times as much lead as an ancient Egyptian, much of it from leaded gas that remedied engine knocks. The point? Government used to fix problems but aside from inventing ludicrous pronouns, cow fart angst, and pregnant man emojis and tackling "racist!" math, during the collapse of society over the last two years they’ve built back nothing—and certainly not better. They go in November.

Tim adds:

A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse doe to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

Attributed to Alexander Fraser Tytler

Government is of no value because too many in our society figured this out. And too many corrupt, self-seeking people now occupy positions of authority as a result.

They are playing for the special interests now with no concern of actually solving real problems.

Aristotle believed democracy descended into a tyranny of special interests. Plato warned it inevitably led to oligarchy (rule by a few for their own benefit) which ended in chaos. We are in the oligarchical stage now.

We implemented democracy in the 20th century. It was always about making it easy to vote, and about making all institutions democratic. Now America is dominated by uber-wealthy oligarchs and a bunch of radicals culled from the lower classes, those who live off the taxes paid by the Middle Class. We are at Tytler's point where power blocks vote themselves largess from the treasury and at the same time where the rich vote themselves tax dollars from the Middle Class.

This won't end well.

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World Trade Starting to Collapse

Frank Lasee

More food inflation on its way. Keeping the palm oil in Indonesia is to protect their citizens first.

Markets Insider

"Indonesia's ban on exports is likely to further fuel global food inflation," according to GRO Intelligence, a global agriculture data analysis firm.

Tim adds:

This is probably the first of many that are coming. We build overelaborate supply chains and too much international trade, and now that these lines are broken countries are starting to shut down on exporting. Why not? They have to look after their own, as you point out Frank. When it all falls apart economies become local. It's exactly what happened with the fall of Rome, or any other great economic power.

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April 24, 2022

Global Warmiacs, back off -- you don't know what you're asking for

Dana Mathewson

Now that the COVID nonsense is mostly winding down, despite the best efforts of the fear-mongering left, it's likely time to start ramping up the fear of the greatest threat to mankind, again.

No, it's not hyper-inflation or potential worldwide food shortages. Nope. According to those like the haughty John Kerry (h/t: Rush Limbaugh), it's climate change, or global warming as we knew it until relatively recently.

Sure the term climate change has been used, although quite sparingly, since about 1854, but it only began creeping into the modern lexicon in 1988. And now it has eclipsed and virtually replaced global warming.

Now for those who wish to argue semantics, that climate change and global warming are not synonymous, technically this is correct. But practically you'd be wrong. Just take a drive around and you'll likely see the same signs as do I, peppering homeowners' lawns. They say "Climate Action Now!" They don't, or no longer, say anything about stopping global warming.

I've said it time and time again, but it bears repeating. Climate change is real, and yes, I'm a believer (h/t: The Monkeys). How could one not be? Since the Earth developed a climate, that's all it's ever done is change – from cold to warm and then back to cold, etc.

But then emerged the arrogance of modern man, who took hold and demanded it stop changing.

Just think about that a moment. Just how arrogant and self-important does one have to be to think that we can change the climate or stop it from changing – stop it from warming – if that's currently what it's doing.

The natural state of Earth is one much colder than the present. In fact one could say that our planet's natural, or common, state is covered mostly in ice and snow.

For those unfamiliar, this common state is called a glacial period, or just glacial. Not necessarily an Earth covered entirely in ice, but certainly much colder and ice covered than today.

In fact, over the past 450,000 years, which admittedly isn't much in geologic time, the Earth has experienced 10 fairly dramatic changes in climate, or dare I say, "climate change." "Glacials lasted anywhere from 70,000 to 90,000 years whereas interglacials, [periods of 'global warming'] last approximately 10,000 years."

So cold is more the norm than heat! Somebody tell that to the Algore, John Kerry, Scoldilocks, et. al. And go here https://www.wnd.com/2022/04/cant-stop-climate-change-embrace/ to read the rest of the article -- it's a good one (or I wouldn't have posted it)

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Wyoming Supreme Court Dumps drug conviction

Christopher Lee

Wyoming has a much larger political problem than Mary Cheney.


The cop had probable cause for the stop.
The judges disregarded that and decided police can’t speed to catch up.
This is akin to Chicago’s no foot pursuit idiocy.

Road speeds in Wyoming are different than other places.

The state only has about a third of million people.

Cops have to speed all the time and it’s legal for them to do so.

Drug dog sniffs are perfectly acceptable without ANY probable cause under long standing Supreme Court caselaw as long as the subject is not detained much to bring the dog.

The further implications of this ruling will lead to people challenging any stop if the cop cannot describe P.C. before he even accelerates to confirm or observe.

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Musk Tells Gates to Stuff It

Timothy Birdnow

Gotta love it; Elon Musk tells the Dr. Evil of Microsoft off :


  • Leaked screenshots of texts between Elon Musk and Bill Gates are real, according to Musk.

  • The texts show Musk turning down a philanthropic opportunity from Gates over the latter shorting Tesla.

  • "I cannot take your philanthropy on climate change seriously," Musk told Gates, per the texts.

Elon Musk on Friday said texts that show he turned down a philanthropic opportunity with Bill Gates over the latter's short position on Tesla are legitimate.

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Anniversary of a Forgotten Genocide

Mark Musser

When I was in Armenia last month teaching Daniel in Yerevan, I finally was able to become more acquainted with a famous Armenian known simply as "Komitas." His real name was Soghomon Soghomonian, or better understood in English as Solomon Solomonian (1869-1935). He was orphaned at the early age of 11, and was essentially raised by the Etchmiadzin Church Seminary (the veritable Vatican of the Armenian Apostolic Church) near Yerevan where his genius in music was noticed early on. His name, Komitas, was taken from a famouns 7th century Armenian hymn writer of the same name. A few folks from the Bethlehem Church took me down to a musuem in honor of all of his tremendous work in musicolgy in which he blended Armenian Church music together with Armenian folk music taken from the hinterlands of western Armenia in the years preceding the catastrophic Genocide of 1915 in which the Ottoman Turks butchered some 1.5 million Armenians during the First World War.

While living in Constantiniople , or Istanbul, at the time just before the Genocide, he was arrested by the Ottoman Turks. He and the Armenian intelligentsia were the primary targets when genocidal hostilities first broke out before rapidly the targets increasinly became the Armenian people in general. Although Komitas was eventually saved from the Genocide because of his important contacts made during the height of his musicology career in St. Petersburg, Berlin, and the Etchmiadzin Church near Yerevan, he was subjected to great persecution and witnessed the wholesale slaughter of his own people in western Armenia where he saw and heard sights and sounds he was never able to recover from. He feel into extreme depression and suffered from physical ailiments until his death in Paris in 1935.

Today is Armenian Genocide Day, a somber and sober day for every Armenian.

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Drowning Disney


From Ace via Breitbart Disney stock has lost 31.5 % of its value over the last year garnering it the title as the worse performing stock. I wonder if Disney is one of the Too Big To Fail. Has there been a wink wink, nod nod been given to the wicked witch?

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April 23, 2022

A new take on the Titanic

Dana Mathewson

Ever since the great ocean liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage, it has held our attention: books, movies, etc. Now here's a scientific analysis that I found very interesting!

Her story puts many Greek tragedies to shame.

The Titanic was a beauty destined for greatness, but the fates were against her. On a cold April night in 1912, she fell from grace, sinking to her watery grave in the icy northern Atlantic.

But as is the case with any story, there’s more to this tale.

Although an iceberg famously led to the Titanic’s downfall, a background character — the weather — set the stage for a series of unfortunate events that ultimately culminated into a most historic disaster.

"The reason why we're all fascinated by the Titanic today, to a certain extent, is because her story is a classic tragedy," said Tim Maltin, Titanic author and historian.

According to Maltin, the tragedy that befell the Titanic may have been caused by unusual atmospheric conditions.

"The weather, the night the Titanic sank, was absolutely extraordinary," he said. "It was one of the calmest and clearest nights in history on the North Atlantic."

That fateful night was on April 14, 1912. The Titanic was en route from Southampton, England to New York City, passing through the waters about 460 miles south of Newfoundland, Canada.

According to Maltin, in this particular part of the Atlantic Ocean, the freezing waters of the Labrador Current flowed into the warm waters of the Gulf Stream.

"This created what we call a thermal inversion, where you have much warmer air, which had been heated by the Gulf Stream, above very cold air among the icebergs," he said.

Normally, warm air sits near the Earth's surface as the sun heats the ground, gradually becoming cooler at higher altitudes. So when the opposite occurs, you have a layer of cold air which gets trapped below warmer air higher up. This is known as a thermal inversion.

The thermal inversion on the night the Titanic sank essentially turned the layer of cold air near the sea into a lens, which bent light downward. This caused Titanic's officers and lookouts to be able to see an extraordinarily long distance that night.

"Although the high pressure kept the air unusually clear, the abnormally long distance to the horizon meant that light was scattered by the molecules in the path of vision, creating a haze caused by the scattering of light," Maltin said.

According to Maltin, this haze effect at the horizon is an indicator that a cold water mirage, known as a "superior mirage", is present. Unlike desert mirages, which are formed by warm air, superior mirages are formed by cold air.

While desert mirages pull the sky down below the horizon — and create the illusion of pools of water on the ground — superior mirages appear to raise the horizon into the sky.


I hope I've piqued your interest to read the entire article, which is found here: https://www.foxweather.com/lifestyle/titanic-weather-thermal-inversion-mirage-optical-illusion

I can't get the idea our of my head that "God is not mocked," and many people said at the time that "God Himself could not sink this ship." Well, something certainly sank it!

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