August 29, 2021


Timothy Birdnow

If you want to see the underhanded, manipulative nature of the Covid alarmists and their masking mandates, one need look no further than St. Louis County, Mo.

On Friday the St. Louis County Council approved a measure to bring mask mandates back.

This is interesting for a number of reasons.

First, two black Council members who had previously opposed the gag order flipped and voted for it. It was clear they had their arms twisted by His Imperial Magesty Dr. Sam Page, St. Louis County Executive. But two Republicans on the Council who had been adamant about rejecting the mandate voted present, thus handing the victory to Page and the Gaggers.

Now why did they do that?

Well, because this order supposedly is, uh, VOLUNTARY!

That's right; they are saying this doesn't have the force of law compelling people to wear the masks.

So why did they bother?

It's clear what they are doing. First off, they are saying masking is the law but it is not compulsory, which means it IS compulsory except they are saying it's not to trick the public. Businesses will no doubt be ruined if they do not enforce a mandate.

Second, they are trying to skirt a judicial order blocking the STL County Council from imposing such a mandate.

And the State of Missouri restricts this as well.

In other words, it's a mandate but they aren't calling it one.

This is smarmy.

And the Council held their meeting on a Friday afternoon, to keep the public opposition down. At past meetings (held in the evening) large numbers of opponents, many quite vocal, showed up and protested. This meeting was nearly empty, with Council members about equal to the number of attendees.

So basically the rammed it through quickly and in secret.

And St. Louis City will abide by whatever St. Louis County decides. Mayor Tishuara "Sticky Fingers" Jones has said as much.

Until the People stand up and the politicians representing us grow a spine America will continue this long, horrible slide into banana republicanism. We all need to refuse to wear these mini-burkhas and tell any business exactly why we aren't coming in.

I am mindful of the sixties protest song by Crosby, Stills, and Nash and Young:

So your brother's bound and gagged and they've chained him to a chair Won't you please come to Chicago  St. Louis just to sing In a land that's known as freedom how can such a thing be fair...

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August 28, 2021


This from Andrei Piriutko:

The English word "fascinate” is derived from the Latin term fascinus. A fascinus supposedly had the power to put into trance, and the Latin verb "fascinare” means both "to use the power of the fascinus” and "to practice magic” in a more general sense.

In ancient - pre-Christian - Rome, Fascinus actually meant a flying phallus that invoked the protection of the Roman god Fascinus.

Bronze ‘flying phallus’ amulet, Rome, 1st BCE. It would be hung outside a house or shop doorway to ward off evil spirits.

Phallic charms often winged – invoking the Roman god Fascinus -, were ubiquitous in Roman culture, from jewelry to bells and wind chimes to lamps.The fascinus was thought particularly to ward off evil from children, mainly boys, and from conquering generals. There was a custom of hanging a phallic charm on a baby's neck, and examples have been found of phallus-bearing rings too small to be worn except by children.

As Christianity took hold over Rome, they wiped out any parts of the Roman religion deemed too sexual, hence not much is known about the god Fascinus. Christians also wiped out most references to a related minor god, the wonderfully named Mutunus Tutunus, most likely because of a marriage tradition in which Roman brides supposedly "straddled the phallus of Mutunus to prepare themselves for intercourse.”

Phalluses were considered good luck charms. They were worn as charms on necklaces or hung in doorways as wind chimes as a way to ward off evil spirits.

Masculinity! 💪

Tim adds:

I wonder if this isn't the root of the word fascis, or "bundle", which came from the Etruscans and was used as a symbol of magistrate and power. They probably saw it as a symbol of the god.

It was, of course, the name chosen by the Fascist party of Mussolini. So you might say Mussolini was flipping everyone off with that!

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Harvard Recognized Atheism as a Religion

Steven Chase

Harvard University's new Chaplain, GREG EPSTEIN is a Jewish Atheist.

The surprise isn't that Epstein is not a Christian, an element of Harvard's heritage that the university hasn't stressed for decades. It's that he doesn't believe in God at all.

You think I am kidding? I am not. (AGAIN, look it up!)

Tim adds:

This illustrates that secularism/atheism is a religion. Harvard is recognizing that fact here.

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Overdoses and Covid Vaccines

From John Lees

Pretty amazing, when a woman has the vaccine she panics and overdoses on Tylenol (paracetamol), and dies due to Tylenol poisoning.
That's all explained here.

But, if vaccine deaths can be attributed to Tylenol overdose - then, what about Covid deaths?

Did any Covid patients also take large doses of Tylenol?

Well yes they did. But we're not going to be hearing very much about that, are we?

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Biden Junta Claims They Found, Killed Mastermind of Marine Killing

Richard Cronin

So now Biden’s Cracker Jack military Intel takes a little over a day to locate the "planner” of the Kabul airport bombings and then we take him out with a drone.

Rrriiiiightt ……

Tim adds:

I don't believe it for a minute. This guy was probably some poor schlub with nothing to do with anything and they killed him to make it look like they were on top of things. He was a sacrificial lamb.

BTW We have got to stop using drones and high tech and go back to using people for these kinds of things. The enemy sees us as cowards, attacking from the skies rather than taking this man to man. It is a fundamental flaw in technological warfare, particularly when involving a warrior culture. They figure "they can't fight us themselves, they have to use their gadgets." We needed to defeat them on the field of battle, not some nerd at HQ flying a toy helicopter over them.

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"We Warned You!"

Warner Todd Huston

Folks, Biden is trying to set us up for a terror attack here at home. He and his incompetent generals keep saying that terror attacks are "expected." The media thinks they are talking about in Afghanistan. But I think there is more to it. They are trying to set up excuses for a terror attack that might happen here at home and they are trying to create cover for it by saying, "hey, we warned you."

Tim adds:

Happy birthday Maurice! Have a great day and terrific upcoming year!

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Marine Demands Accountability

John Madric

Marine demands senior leaders accept 'accountability' for Afghanistan, gets removed from position

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August 27, 2021

The Fall of Kabul

by Timothy Birdnow August 27, 2021:

Days of chaos, days of rage
fearsome beast loosed from it's cage
The game poorly played
or was it too well? Depends on your view
and on whom you will tell

And on those whom you slay.

Storm in the heights
soon extinguish the lights
Fighters are coming this way
drums in the night while the soldiers take flight
very soon the Americans pay

Desperate souls seek to flee
from the great catastrophe'
handing over their daughters and sons
as the fire rains down on the desperate lost town
to the shouting and shrieking of guns

The mad rooster he pecks at the worms in his pen
while the rabid young fox feast on flesh from the hens
And the stars fall from heaven to the crescent red moon
as the dragon's sharp teeth sing a terrible tune

The billowing smoke and the ashes of hope
and the desperate they cry to the sky
As the planes take their flight in the dark Afghan night
to the moans and the tears as they cry

With the fall nearly nigh
Rooster left them to die
crowing "everyone out on their own"
and he charges them money as they scamper like bunnies in a desperate attempt to get home.

All the souls who were left will be bodily cleft
and their daughters be pimped out as slaves
while the doddering fool
pretends to be cool
and ignores all our heroes in graves

And the winged souls take flight in the dark Himalayan night
and the people cling fast to plane wings
the American ran from the brute Taliban
"Allah Ahkbar!" in triumph they sing

As the smoke slowly clears to a river of tears
and the meager gray light of the dawn
weeps on those left behind
whose fate will not be kind
and the rooster will not admit any wrong.

And the Dragon will rise from his grave.

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August 26, 2021

Soldiers Killed in Kabul

Timothy Birdnow

Four American soldiers were killed when a suicide bomber attacked the Kabul airport.

So much for Joe Biden protecting our troops as they leave.

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No, Florida Covid Deaths are not "Higher than Ever Before"

From James Hatem

Yahoo News is currently running a news story which says that Florida is the only state where covid deaths are higher then ever before. A lot of other outlets like AOL have picked up the story and have circulated it. I will not provide a link to the story so as to not give them a click. WHAT A LOAD OF BS! WHERE ARE THE FACT CHECKERS? In August of 2020 the seven day moving average for daily deaths in Florida was 227. In January of 2021 it peaked at 198. The current number is 28. GRRRRR.....
May be an image of text

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India Doing Better than U.S.

From James Hatem

Some interesting comparisons between the USA and India (home of the delta variant). The US has 51.5% of its population fully vaccinated while India has just 9,6% of its population fully vaccinated. The current covid death rate in the US is TEN TIMES HIGHER than it is in India and moving in opposite directions. Hmmmmm....
May be an image of text that says 'LINEAR Daily new confirmed COVID-19 deaths per million people Shown rolling -day average. Limited esting challenges attribution the cause of death means that deaths may ot an counto the e true number deaths LOG number confirmed 2.5 United States 1.5 0.5 Apr28,2021 2021 Jun4,2021 n24,2021 India Jul14,2021 2021 Aug3,2021'

John Lees adds:

Some studies conclude that the key factor that explains these national differentials is obesity.
I also notice a strong correlation between death rates and access to modern well equipped intensive care units. with ... ventilators.
This might explain why the massive wave of deaths expected for poor developing nations never seemed to arrive. Europe and the U.S. and South America were by far the worse hit.

Tim adds:

They use Hydrochloroquine in India. Also Invermectin.

And they are probably less  about how they count cases. We have been quite eager to pump up our numbers, courtesy of the CDC.

Finally, there is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) which has always been a huge problem with mRNA vaccines and leads to greater susceptibility to the disease.

And let's not forget obesity and high blood pressure.

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Unasked Questions about the Vaccine

Timothy Birdnow

Food for thought. Here are a lot of questions not being asked about the Covid Vaccine.

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Masks Don't Work

Steven Chase

MASKS DO NOT WORK! (Best evidence so far)

Sweden has never imposed Lock-downs or mask mandates, and remains the only control group. We will learn much in time. Of course, many factors are NOT addressed in this W.H.O. Chart in conjunction with Johns-Hopkins (8/20/ 21)

Conclusion: Masks do not work based on CURRENT statistics - no matter what the Science community is telling us.

May be an image of text that says '1000 900 850 DAILY NEW CASES PER 1M ISRAEL vS. SWEDEN ISRAEL Israel DOUBLES MASK FINES+ INCREASES ENFORCEMENT June 26 Israel MASK MANDATE April Israel MASK MANDATE REINSTATED June 24 50 srael MASK MANDATE LIFTED June 8-Jul SWEDEN 3-Aug 20-Aug'
Population is roughly the same - Sweden has 1 million more. Density of population is similar, with rural and urban clusters in line. Questionable: definitions of 'cases', methodology. But both modern, industrialized nations. Climates vary significantly, but Sweden SHOULD be harder hit, and it's not. Does not consider 'deaths'. Israel has less deaths per 1M. Mask Mandates are put into place AS infection rates go up. (?) More as I think of them.

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Imprisoned for Watching My Pillow Guy

Timothy Birdnow

One of the Jan. 6 protesters is going back to prison - for watching Mike Lindell.

How is this qualitatively any different from what the Soviets used to do? America has become a gulag.

Doug Jensen of Des Moines, Iowa, violated a condition of his home-monitoring release which prohibited him from from using the internet so he could watch online content promoting unfounded fraud allegationsabout the 2020 election, Iowa Starting Line reported, citing federal court documents. Jensen was released from jail in Washington, D.C., July 13, into his wife’s custody only to be discovered watching content on the video streaming site Rumble Aug. 13,according to a court filing.

Jensen is accused by prosecutors of leading a mob after Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman on Jan. 6 while carrying a knife in his pocket.

Jensen admitted to the court officer that he’d spent two days watching Lindell’s symposium, at which Lindell promisedto deliver evidence that the 2020 election had been rigged against former President Donald Trump by actors from China and elsewhere in the world.

Mike Lindell noted tonight that when speaking about Dominion Voting Systems, he now has to use the word "allegedly” while throwing up air quotes, per his lawyer’s request.

— Zachary Petrizzo (@ZTPetrizzo) August 19, 2021

Lindell hasbeen one of the foremost proponents of false claims that the 2020 election was rife with fraud and that Trump was the rightful winner. He is being sued by voting machine manufacturer Dominion for defaming the company and its leadership. (RELATED: Fact-Checking MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s ‘Absolute Proof’ Election Fraud Special)

Jensen was a self-described follower of QAnon, and wore a "Q” shirt to the Capitol on Jan. 6. In arguing for his release from jail in the nation’s capital, Jensen’s lawyer said his client had been deceived by the "conspiracy theories” and now "that he bought into a pack of lies.”

The government says this violation of the conditions of his release proves that was a lie: "Jensen’s swift violation confirms what the Government and this Court suspected all along: that Jensen’s alleged disavowal of QAnon was just an act; that his alleged epiphany inside the D.C. Jail was merely self-advocacy; and that, at the end of the day, Jensen will not abandon the misguided theories and beliefs that led him to menacingly chase U.S. Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman up the Senate staircase on January 6, 2021,” read the government’s motion to revoke his release.

So he had to say he did not believe there was any vote fraud to get out - then couldn't watch anything that did not toe the party line.

And he realized he loved Big Brother!

What has happened to America?

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Mail in Ballots Found in Felon''s Car

Warner Todd Huston

Police Find Hundreds of California Mail-In Recall Ballots Hidden in a Felon's Car

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Margin of Error

This from John Lees

"The reconstruction of historical SSTs for studying climate change is particularly challenging because SST measurements are uncertain and contain systematic biases of order 0.1C to 1C—these systematic biases are in the range of the historical global warming signal of approximately 1C"
Yep - you read that correctly - A WHOLE DEGREE OF BIAS!!!
And that's what people onboard with the climate gravy train are saying:

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Where are the Muslims?

Selwyn Duke

As Joe Biden "takes a knee to the Taliban” and it has been suggested that we absorb millions of Afghan migrants, a simple question is largely unasked:

Why aren’t Muslim countries "stepping forward to take care of their co-religionists”?

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August 25, 2021

Afghan Economy to Collapse

Timothy Birdnow

Why is that our problem now? The Taliban wanted to rule, and certainly a lot of the people of Afghanistan don't mind them ruling, so it's their problem. If their economy is in ruins it will keep them occupied and away from us.

Afghanistan is 'weeks to months' from economic collapse, experts say

Afghanistan’s economy is headed toward collapse without swift action from the international community, experts have warned.

The country’s cash-based economy was struggling before the Taliban’s recent ascension, andthe Islamic movement’s sudden takeover has leftthe country’s finances in limbo — with assets frozen, banks closed and crucial foreign aid stalled.

There’s little faith that the hard-line Taliban will be able to turn things around. The Afghanistan Banks Association announced Monday on Facebook that the Taliban had appointed Haji Mohammad Idris as the acting governor of the central bank.

Gul Maqsood Sabit, a former deputy finance minister, said he had never heard of Idris.

"Not at all,” said Sabit, who lives in California and works as a lecturer at a community college. "This person is someone who served on the Taliban Economic Commission. He was a teacher in a [religious school] in Pakistan, and that’s where he came from, so that’s all thatwe know about this person, and now he’s managing the central bank. He probably has no experience at all.”

The new Taliban-led government has presented no evidence of Idris’ experience in finance or banking. The announcement came two days after the Taliban’s finance ministry declared that all government employees would be "paid as before.”

Afghanistan watchers and financial experts said it is the latest sign that without further intervention from the international community, the country’s economy could suffer even more than it has in recent weeks.

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Dunkirk Speech

Timothy Birdnow

Our friend Fay Voshell sends this our way. It is Winston Churchill's speech after the evacuation of British troops from Dunkirk.

One difference; they evacuated and what we just did in Afghanistan was run away.

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Arguing with Idiots; Another Covid Vaccine Edition

Timothy Birdnow

In a discussion on Facebook  about the covid masking/vaccine in Britain, one commenter left the following remark:

Robert Bruce Sullivan

The science is the same. The education and the sense of community is different. Vax rate much higher. Also, they don't have as many "freedom" obsessed religious fanatics. They sent them over here and were overjoyed when they left the Empire.

Kenneth Walsh replies:

The vaccines don't seem to be working very well in the UK so I don't know why you mentioned them.

Mr. Sullivan responds:

The vaccines have GREATLY reduced complications and morbidity. This focus on masks is the result of uneducated medieval thinking. Nobody objected to polio shots.

Mr. Walsh retorts:

Anyway this is not about vaccines. It is about masks on kids. It is my understanding that very few European countries are requiring masks for kids at school even though many of them are experiencing Delta surges.

Robert the Bruce doubles down:

I read the article. I don't care about the masking issue as much as I do about the horrendous American vax rate. And don't call me a Covid Nazi. The current cavalier use of that word shows the vast general ignorance of the evil National Socialist Party. The Germans don't throw that word around because they certainly understand its gravity more...

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