May 21, 2018

Planet Cools Half a Degree in Two Years _ Media Ignores

David Dickinson

Hey, speaking of destroying the planet, did you folks know that since November 8, 2016, the temperature of the planet has gone down half of a degree Celsius? Yes, President Trump has managed to turn around global warming, in spite of all the hot air being expended on multiple continents by Felonia von Pantsuit's year and a half-long Excuses Tour, and all of the hot air being expended each and every day on television opinion - excuse me, I meant news - hours.

is a list of stories about global cooling that have been ignored by the mainstream media.

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Real Russian collusion the Dems and MSM ignore

Paul Driessen

While Robert Mueller, Democrats and the "mainstream media” focus on President Trump’s, his family’s and his associates’ supposed collusion with Russia, they studiously ignore examples of actual collusion with Russia: not just the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and Clinton Family Foundation – but well documented cases involving cronies of Russian President Vladimir Putin financing and colluding with multiple US environmentalist organizations.

Those groups have a long history of attacking America’s energy production, pipeline, agricultural and other vital economic and security sectors. The financial and other support they have received in recent years from Russia makes it much easier for them to engage in these anti-USA activities. And yet, up to now, all too many on the liberal end of the US political spectrum have paid no attention to these disturbing developments, or the reasons behind them. delving into THAT Russian collusion would be an eye-opening service to America and the world.


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Crazy Governor

Dana Mathewson

You may think your state has a bad governor, but unless you live in Minnesota, he’s not the worst.

It's well-known that this guy is brain-damaged. Thank the Lord he's leaving office soon. It can't be soon enough!

From the Powerline article:


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Pastor confronts middle school assignment to declare Allah as only true god

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Pastor confronts West Va. middle school over student assignment to declare Allah as only true god

A Christian pastor confronted a West Virginia middle school this week after his daughter came home with an assignment that asked her seventh-grade class to "write their submission to Allah as their one true god in Arabic calligraphy.”

Specifically, students were asked to "practice calligraphy by copying the Arabic form of the Shahada by hand,” according to published reports. The Shahada refers to the "Islamic profession of faith that declares belief in one true God and Muhammad being a messenger of God.”

Read the rest at The Blaze.


Not only does this illustrate how the forces of darkness (aka liberals) worm their way into positions of authority everywhere, it also provides a terrible danger, because we either allow the children to be propagandized by these people or we take a stand, a stand that will later be used against Christians and Jews by atheists. See, they set it up so they win no matter what; either they force our kids to profess faith in Islam or they promote atheism and secular humanism.

It's utterly despicable.

Oh, by the way, here is a story about a New York City school holding a moment of silence for dead Hamas terrorists.  "Education" these days is pure indoctrination.

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Rejoice O Jerusalem

Dana Mathewson

From Ben Shapiro's Daily Wire. This will give you something to cheer about! This is a wonderful article.

And remember all the politicians who promised to move our embassy to Jerusalem -- and did not.


'It was the dream of Mordechai Anielewicz, the secular leader of the Jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto: "The dream of my life has risen to become fact. … Jewish armed resistance and revenge are facts. I have been a witness to the magnificent, heroic fighting of Jewish men in battle.”'

Anielewicz was the commander of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising at only age 24. He died in the Uprising but that resistance lasted longer that France's resistance to the advance of the German Army.

In December 1943, kibbutz Yad Mordechai in Israel was renamed after him and had a monument erected in his memory.[16]

There is a statue of him at the kibbutz renamed in his honor which is located just north of Gaza. The kibbutz was attacked by the Egyptian Army in the 1948 Israeli War of Independence.

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How to protect your router from Russian hackers

Dana Mathewson

This is from Kim Komando, who I trust.
A few weeks ago, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) issued an alert about state-supported Russian hackers carrying out attacks against a large number of home routers in the U.S. These hackers are organized, motivated, and well-funded.

They’re not a bunch of misanthropic nerds sitting in basements. They’re getting paid to steal your digital credentials. These Russian hackers are reportedly using known weaknesses to infiltrate residential routers and utilize them to get a foothold on a network.

This is a big deal, so pay attention. When your router is compromised, a hacker can inflict damage, not just on the router itself, but on every connected device running on your network.

Let that sink in for a moment. Any device that is using your home internet is vulnerable.

Follow the links and it will lead you to a tester. You can trust Kim not to "set you up." I checked mine and I'm clean.

See our website at:

See FROM THE HEART's website at:

A note from Tim:

I think it's true. My brother Brian had to shell out $300 bucks because his router went Kaput. He didn't mention hacking, but it sounds very much like what happened to him.

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May 19, 2018

ISIS Chief Who Ordered Burning Death of Pilot Captured

Timothy Birdnow

Looks like the ISIS monster who ordered the Jordanian pilot be burned to death in 20015 has been captured!

Let's hope he gets a painful execution, but given the way we have proceeded with this supposed war he'll probably be out on parole in two years.

Hat tip: Rerum-Novarum.

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Island Cropping; Win Some, Lose Some in the Sea Level Rise Game

Timothy Birdnow

If sea levels are rising so dramatically, why are we not seeing disappearing atolls in the Pacific?

That is the big question and I've dealt with it going way back. If I may quote myself from my 2010 Canada Free Press article:

"Of course, there is one catch; your islands actually have to be getting smaller. Sea level rise is immaterial if the, uh, sea level isn’t rising. If you have the same amount of real estate as in bygone years your claim is pathetically slim.

Many of those small islands are actually growing! more...

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The War of the Pretend Oppressed

Dana Mathewson

Ammo Grrrll hits it way, way out of the park!

Wham-O! See if you agree!

Gotta say she's my kind of Grrrll!

Here are a few choice paragraphs:

"In the long forgotten Victorian Era, one had to refer to a chair or piano "leg” as a "limb.” The word "leg” was so triggering to Victorian ladies that they would have to lie down on a fainting couch. Today’s "strong,” "independent” feminists have brought us full circle to where hearing "ladies’ lingerie” is an occasion for virtual fainting. And then A Grievously and Perpetually Offended Woman has to run right off and tattle to Big Daddy Executive Director. That’s one tough cookie of a feminist! In the event of trouble, I want nobody on my team who is rendered limp and "shaken” by the words "ladies’ lingerie.” Or by any mere words."


"I would add: you are a humorless, wretched, petty, vindictive twit, looking for an occasion for self-aggrandizement and a "leg up” in whatever airless space you occupy. You are nothing more than an adult-like version of the same prissy little grade school tattletales who told Teacher of petty infractions that occurred while she was out of the room. Your ilk were the reason I spent a lot of time clapping erasers and sitting in the hall. You were always girls – why was that? Boys could be many annoying things, but they were rarely tattletales."

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This is from a REAL lawyer - What Mueller can and cannot do

Dana Mathewson

Regarding what Mueller can and can't expect to ask the president. It's a few days old, because I'm way behind the curve.

Damn, she's good!

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May 18, 2018

Amnesty Coming, and Ryan Promotes with faint Damnation

Timothy Birdnow

The amnetizers in the GOP are just five votes away from breaking open the country with an amnesty. No less than 20 Republicans have already signed on to this despicable sneak attack, despite the fact that much of the country is opposed to the plan.

From the Washington Times:

"The petition drive, known officially as a "discharge petition,” gives House lawmakers a way to force bills onto the floor over the objections of the majority party’s leaders. more...

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“Evil” GE foods and “eco-friendly” organics

Paul Driessen and Vijay Jayaraj

As you know, environmentalist groups and organic food activists (largely financed by organic food companies) claim that genetically engineered (GE) crops harm the environment and endanger human health. (They prefer the term "genetically modified organisms” or GMOs, to disparage the use of the most modern molecular genetic engineering techniques.)

However, Americans alone have consumed more than four trillion servings of foods with at least one GE ingredient – without a single documented example of harm to a person or the environment. In fact, researchers have found that "organic” fruits and vegetables are often contaminated by "natural” pesticides, bacteria and other toxins. Moreover, GE crops allow farmers to produce more food, from less land, using less water and fewer pesticides, than would be the case with conventional or organic crops – and GE crops like Golden Rice prevent malnutrition, blindness and death in Third World children.


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MS Douglass School Cop to Receive Lucrative Pension in Spite of Cowardly Behavior

Dana Mathewson

This from Eddie:

Deputy Who Failed to Engage Parkland Shooter Gets $104,000 Annual Pension for Life

Here is a brief excerpt from the article in Reason:

"Scott Peterson, the Broward County sheriff's deputy whofailed to engage the Parkland high school shooter, is eligible to receive an annual pension in excess of six figures.

The Sun Sentinel obtained records from the Florida Department of Management Services showing that Peterson, who retired in the weeks after the February 14 shooting, is due to collect $8,700 per month. That works out to slightly more than $104,000 a year. Peterson, who is 55 years old, will be able to receive that pension for the rest of his life, and Broward County taxpayers will cover 50 percent of his health insurance premiums.

Peterson earned more than $101,000 during his final year of service, the Sun Sentinel reports. That includes about $75,600 in base salary, with the rest coming from overtime pay and other forms of compensation. As Reason has ‎previously reported, Peterson had been the school resource officer at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since 2009, and he had been an employee of the Broward County Sheriff's Office since 1985."

Read the rest at Reason.

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May 17, 2018

Tim Ball Wins in Libel Case

Timothy Birdnow

After seven long years Dr. Timothy Ball has finally won his case in the libel lawsuit filed by Andrew Weaver.

According to Climate Depot:

"Great news (though how low is our bar, that it’s "great” that after seven long expensive years Tim Ball can speak freely?). As reported on WUWT: Tim Ball’s free-speech victory over Andrew Weaver – all charges dismissed! Anthony Watts: I got word tonight from David Ball, son of Dr. Tim Ball via Facebook messenger: This morning the judge dismissed all charges in the lawsuit brought against Tim by BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver. It is a great victory for free speech. Andrew Weaver launched the suit in 2011. In 2014 Ezra Levant’s wrote: "Silencing Critics instead of debating them” Weaver sued climatologist Dr. Tim Ball for, amongst other things, saying Weaver was "lacking a basic understanding of climate science,” according to a glowing New York Times article, cheering on his SLAPP suit. Seriously? Suing someone, in a court of law, for saying you don’t understand global warming? This from a scholar, an academic, a teacher? And now a politician – an opposition politician, no less. Weaver is now a Green Party MLA in British Columbia, someone who hurls insults as part of his job description. That’s not what true academics do."

End excerpt.

Weaver should be made to pay all expenses on this; this was a consciously thought-out strategy to intimidate people who damage the high religion of Global Warming. There have been innumerable lawsuits filed against such people as Ball, Mark Steyne, and a host of others for opposing the drive to environmental imperium by the Gang Green. Weaver has finally withdrawn, but he and his co-conspirators are far from done.

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Trump Seeking to Gut Climate Change Funding - About Time

Timothy Birdnow

President Trump is trying to cut funding for Climate Change research.

According to The Australian:

"The White House’s 2019 spending plan seeks to reduce or eliminate climate science programs across an array of federal agencies, from gutting efforts to track greenhouse gas emissions and research to eliminating funding for NASA satellites that study the impacts of climate change.

Though President Donald Trump’s budget unveiled earlier this week is highly unlikely to be adopted by Congress, it is a direct indicator of just how little weight his administration is giving to warnings from climate scientists about longer droughts, stronger storms and rising seas.

Mr Trump has called climate change a "hoax” and appointed forceful advocates for increased oil, gas and coal production to lead key federal agencies overseeing environmental enforcement, energy production and public lands."

End excerpt.

Well, well, well; Mr. Trump intends to stop the flow of money used to promote this internationalist scheme. This thing has gone on for decades with no real world evidence precisely because it has been the beneficiary of massive amounts of taxpayer dollars. The money has rolled in, allowing the proponents of AGW theory to manufacture endless reams of fake data and dubious studies based on computer models. In the end the world did not cooperate with the theory, but the theory remained a powerful driving force in the modern world because of the money.

Trump wants to end the money.

If Trump is successful the generations-long War of the Worlds scare will wither away. It's high time.

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Mizzou Going Belly-Up

Timothy Birdnow

The University of Missouri Columbia continues it's long, terrible slide into oblivion.

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: more...

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Russians Wanted Trump over Hillary? Yeah; Right!

Timothy Birdnow

The ridiculous meme that Russia wanted Trump to win the election and so supported him is preposterous on the face of it; with a President Trump the U.S. would ramp up oil and gas production and thus damage a fundamental Russian foreign policy, namely, control of all energy going into Europe. That was and is the cornerstone of Russian geopolitics; it's why they invaded Georgia in 2008, to stop the construction of the Baku‐Tbilisi‐Çeyhan (BTC) oil pipeline and the Dzuarikau–Tskhinvali natural gas pipeline. The U.S. had been supporting the construction of these to circumvent the Russian/Iranian monopoly on energy to Europe. They used this monopoly on occasion, too, squeezing Ukrainian natural gas in wintertime, for instance. Trump, who is clearly a "drill baby drill" type of guy was promoting not just American energy independence but European as well. more...

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May 16, 2018

Dems Lie about O-Care

Wil Wirtanen

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Worse than Detroit

Wil Wirtanen

There things liberals are ignorant of:

1. History
2. Human nature
3. Economics

Seattle heading to Detroit./

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Can'tadians Wait for Canada Care

Wil Wirtanen

Ah yes, the benefits of single payer health care.

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