December 23, 2017

Tensions Rising with Russia

Timothy Birdnow

It looks like the trump Administration is going to supply advanced weaponry to Ukraine as a counterweight to Russian aggression.

According to Itar-Tass:

"The U.S. Administration has taken a decision to supply advanced defensive systems to Ukraine as part of Washington’s efforts to build up the long-term defense capability of the Ukrainian government, the Department of State spokesperson Heather Nauert said on Friday.

"The United States has decided to provide Ukraine enhanced defensive capabilities as part of our effort to help Ukraine build its long-term defense capacity, to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and to deter further aggression," Nauert said.

"U.S. assistance is entirely defensive in nature, and as we have always said, Ukraine is a sovereign country and has a right to defend itself," she claimed. "The United States remains committed to the Minsk agreements as the way forward in eastern Ukraine.""


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Obama Sponsored Terrorism

Wil Wirtenen forwards this:

Obama was a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

From the article:

"It should not surprise or shock anyone that President Barack Hussein Obama has been revealed to have derailed the investigation and prosecution of Iran’s terrorist sock puppet, Hezb’allah, and its drug-running operation in order to complete the fatally flawed Iran nuclear deal. Obama gave aid and comfort to terrorist groups and their state sponsors from the day he was sworn in, to the point of actual criminality."

Read it all at American Thinker

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December 22, 2017

Sessions Starts Lock Her Up Proceedure

Timothy Birdnow

Well, it's about time; Jeff "Where's Waldo?" Sessions has opened an invesigation into Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One deal.

Conservative Hq. dishes:

"Winter, Williams and Dilanian report that a senior law enforcement official who was briefed on the initial FBI investigation told NBC News there were allegations of corruption surrounding the process under which the U.S. government approved the sale. But no charges were filed.

In recent weeks, FBI agents who investigated the case have been asked by Justice Department prosecutors to describe the results of their probe. The agents also have been asked if there was any improper effort to squash a prosecution, the law enforcement sources told Winter, Williams and Dilanian.

Winter, Williams and Dilanian report a senior Justice Department official said the questions were part of an effort by the Sessions team to get up to speed on the controversial case, in the face of allegations from Congressional Republicans that it was mishandled.

In a letter to Rep. Bob Goodlatte, (VA-6), chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, reported by Winter, Williams and Dilanian, Assistant Attorney General for Legislative Affairs Stephen Boyd said Justice Department lawyers would make recommendations to Sessions about whether an investigation should be opened or expanded, or whether a special counsel should be appointed to probe a number of issues of concern to Republicans.

Among the issues of concern is that Uranium One's Canadian chairman, Ian Telfer, used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the foundation, the Times reported, despite a promise to publicly identify all donors. The foundation later said it made a mistake.

Others associated with Uranium One also donated to the Clinton Foundation, according to The New York Times"

End excerpt.

Donald Trump incited much enthusiasm during his campaign with the mantra "lock ehr up!" and that over the Uranium One deal as much as any. The Clintons have been involved in shady deals which skirt the edge of legality for decades, whether it be the Cattle futures scam, Whitewater, selling the Lincoln Bedroom, the James Riady deals, etc. They've gotten away with it because of their political connections and the complexity of the dirty deals which made investigating and indicting very difficult. But when one goes the wrong way down a one way street sooner or later one has an accident.

Maybe now justice will be served. The public wants to see justice.

Lock her up!

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Papa Johns Fires CEO for NFL Stand

Timothy Birdnow

Corporate America knows which side it's bread is buttered on, and that buttering is done primarily by governemnt and major media, so corporations inevitably promote a liberal agenda. They know that the media can wreck their business with bad publicity, and the government can squeeze them, so they fall into line with whatever wind is blowing at the time.

That is why the National Football League has not stopped the National Atnhem protests; they see this as ultimately being on "the right side of history" as the powers that be like what is happening and will eat the NFL last. Remember, sports media and the rest of the liberal Establishment were hard on the trail of the NFL as "racists" because of the concussion business, claiming blacks were hardest hit.

So when Papa Johns founder John Schnatter laid into the NFL conservatives were thrilled; at last, somebody had the cahjones to stand up to the radical tide. Well, in honor of the Last Jedi, I must say The Empire Striked Back.

Papa Johns has fired their CEO and founder.

"* The founder of Papa John's, John Schnatter, on Thursday announced plans to step down as CEO.
* Last month, Schnatter sparked controversy by slamming NFL leadership for its handling of players' protests during the national anthem.
* The founder has previously spoken out against Obamacare and donated $1,000 to Donald Trump's presidential campaign.

The controversial founder and CEO of Papa John's, John Schnatter, is stepping down, the company announced Thursday.

The company said its current president, Steve Ritchie, would replace him.

Schnatter sparked controversy in November when he slammed NFL leadership over players' kneeling during the national anthem to protest racial injustice and police brutality.

"Leadership starts at the top, and this is an example of poor leadership," Schnatter said in a call with investors.

The CEO's statements quickly inspired backlash on the left and support on the right. The Daily Stormer, a white-supremacist website, even posted an article asking whether Papa John's was the "official pizza of the alt-right" — the chain responded that it did not want "hate groups" buying its pizza.

Schnatter owns roughly 25% of Papa John's and will stay on as chairman after stepping down as CEO in January."

End excerpt.

The Left has created an atmosphere of Progressive pressure in our culture and in our economy, one that incessantly pushes radical concepts. If you buck the Left they will destroy you. It doesn't matter if what you say or do is logical or even right.

Papa Johns is going into the toilet as far as I'm concerned.

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Most Global Warming Predated CO2 Rise in 20th Century

Helen Dyer sends this our way.

[kubj=] 25 Papers: Natural Forcing Explains Why The Globe’s Oceans Have Been Recently Warming AND Cooling

"In assessing the global-scale trends in near-surface (0-20 m) ocean temperatures between 1900 and 2010, Gouretski et al. (2012) determined that the world’s oceans warmed by about 1.1°C between 1900 and 1945 (~0.24°C per decade), but then only warmed by an additional net 0.3°C between 1945 and 2010 (~0.046°C per decade), including a cooling trend between 1945 and 1975.

The early 20th century warming was therefore about 4 to 5 times greater both in magnitude and rapidity as the post-1945 warming."

Read the rest! more...

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12 Days of Trump video

Jack Kemp

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NY and MN (now): Do not ban religious symbols in schools

Jack Kemp

In recent news from Minnesota...

University of Minnesota: Guide calling Christmas trees, dreidels inappropriate was ‘ill-advised’

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Thursday, December 21, 2017
The University of Minnesota has disavowed a set of guidelines issued by one of its academic departments labeling holiday symbols such as Christmas trees, doves and dreidels as "religious iconography” inappropriate for a school setting.
The school’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Sciences recently issued a set of guidelines that encouraged employees to "recognize holidays in ways that are respectful of the diversity of our community,” Campus Reform first reported.

The department included a list of "religious iconography” that shouldn’t be included in holiday parties, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, bows/wrapped gifts, bells, doves, dreidels, and green and red color schemes.


And here's what I wrote about this topic in New York fourteen years ago... more...

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December 21, 2017

Canada's Sub Quality Socialized Medicine

Timothy Birdnow

Think Canada's healthcare system is great? Think again.

Jeff Jacoby gives us a rundown on the long wait times imposed by Canadian socialized medicine. From the article:

"And so Canadians wait. In the Commonwealth Fund survey, only 43 percent of Canadians said they were able to get a same- or next-day appointment to see a doctor or nurse the last time they were sick. That put Canada dead last among the 11 nations studied.

Communication with doctors is harder in Canada too. When you contact your primary care physician’s office with a medical concern, patients were asked, do you generally get an answer the same day? Only 59 percent of Canadians said yes — again placing last among the countries surveyed.

And when they need to consult or be treated by a specialist, the picture is even bleaker. Most Canadian patients, 56 percent, have to wait longer than four weeks for an appointment to open up. The international average is 36 percent. The average is even lower in the United States: Only 24 percent of U.S. patients must wait so long to see a specialist.

Meanwhile, the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute has released "Waiting Your Turn,” its annual study of Canadian health care wait times, based on a survey of physicians in 12 medical specialties. The institute found significant variations among provinces and medical fields, but the overall picture was grim. The median waiting time for medically necessary diagnostic or surgical procedures is now 21.2 weeks. That is the longest wait ever recorded in the survey’s 24-year history — 128 percent longer than in 1993, when the wait for specialist care was just 9.3 weeks. Canadians even wait for weeks to get an MRI or CAT scan — something Americans can usually access within days." more...

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Cookeing up an Asner

Dana Mathewson

Great article about how a gun control freak gets it wrong.

Charles C. W. Cooke is an editor of National Review and usually has an article in the NRA magazine, so you know he's got the facts straight about firearms. He has them straight here. He's shooting down an article by Ed Asner (as if he EVER got anything right) and some other idiot. . .

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December 20, 2017

Slavery Returns to tLibya Thanks to the Obama Administration and European Tolerance of Invasion

Timothy Birdnow

Slavery has returned to the Shores of Tripoli thanks to the Obama/Hillary Clinton/Susan Ric policy of forcing Muammar IKhadaffi out.

According to CNN:

"Each year, tens of thousands of people pour across Libya's borders. They're refugees fleeing conflict or economic migrants in search of better opportunities in Europe.
Most have sold everything they own to finance the journey through Libya to the coast and the gateway to the Mediterranean.
But a recent clampdown by the Libyan coastguard means fewer boats are making it out to sea, leaving the smugglers with a backlog of would-be passengers on their hands.
So the smugglers become masters, the migrants and refugees become slaves."


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Ow Wow! It's Oumoumou!

Timothy Birdnow

I've been remiss by not discussing Oumoumou, the strange visitor from outside of our solar sywstem that has made something of a splash. I shall now remedy that situation.

First, here is a pretty good overview of the story.

First off, Oumoumou aka 1I/2017 U1 is clearly a body that has come from outside of our solar system. Unlike anything we have seen in the past, this is a true interstallar visitor:

"is some 350 million km (2.3 astronomical units) from Earth, has dimmed to only 27th magnitude, and is receding at another 5½ million km (15 Earth-Moon distances) each day."

End excerpt.

It is an elogated body with a five to ten to one ratio, as opposed to a potato shaped object like a normal asteroid. It is red in color, a common thing when objects are exposed to cosmic rays for a long period of time. It did not produce a tail as a comet would have, which means it either is a solid body or an icy body with a carbon coating to keep it from outgassing. It is unlike anything we have ever seen.

The object is tumbling, too, which is not normal for a comet or asteroid.

One of the more bizarre things that have occured with this is that astronomers pointed the Robert Ku Klux Klansmen Byrd radio telescope aat the thing to see if it was broadcasting! Yes, there were some who believed it might be an artificial alien craft!

Now, this would have to be able to move near lightspeed or it wouldn't work and it isn't. Also, if it were capable of interstellar flight in a normal time span it seems likely the aliens wouldn't use radio but some superior technology; gravity waves or, more likely, a quantum entangled system. So finding no radio waves should hardly surprise us.

At any rate, it likely is just a chunk of rock tossed into interstellar space long ago. Fascinating but of limited information given it's speed and limited visit here.

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New American Civil War; Babylon is Fallen

Timothy Birdnow

E.M. Cadwaladr has an excellent piece at American Thinker this morning about the prospects of a full blown civil war in the United States. Check it out here.

He makes several points I have been making for some time.

From the article:

"A second American Civil War would be much more similar to the Spanish Civil War, with the leftists dominating the cities and conservatives controlling the countryside."

End excerpt.

Anyhone looking at an electoral map knows this to be true; these maps show a sea of red with blue splattered in the middle. And, as Cadwaladr points out, this is a recipe for a bloody, vicious, next door neighbor kill neighbor type of conflict. more...

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The new reality of the Middle East

Dana Mathewson

... which the New York Times (and the "Palestinians") haven't caught onto, obviously.

From the article:

...the Gulf’s Sunni countries no longer care much about Israel. They fear Iran, and are willing to make common cause with Israel against the mullahs. This is one reason why the State Department’s assumption that relations between Israel and the Palestinians is the key to peace in the region is woefully out of date.

End excerpt.

Jimmy Carter's Nobel Peace Prize must be getting pretty rusty.

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December 19, 2017

Jerusalem Factoid

Jack Kemp

In the Six Day War in 1967, Israel did not use any military aircraft or artillery to bomb the walled Old City of Jerusalem. They didn't want any harm to the apartments or homes and didn't want to risk any damage to religious sites of the three major faiths. The fighting was house to house with ground based paratroopers leading the way in order to preserve the ancient city.

Actually, the Arab civilian residents of the Old City of Jerusalem had mostly fled just before the battle began in 1967. Moshe Dayan allowed them to return later. The resistance the Israeli Army met was from the Jordanian Army and any holdouts. But I believe there was a certain amount of house to house fighting.

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The Decline and Fall of American Nationhood

Selwyn Duke

It’s a sad fact of man’s nature that we tend to operate based on emotion more than reason. This comes to mind when considering how illegal migration, a.k.a. invasion, has now again surged back to almost Obama-era levels. Some are theorizing why this is so, looking at the micro, but an important factor is minimized: not enough people care.

Oh, they care about some things: sports, entertainment, money, sex, bread and circuses. But the familial passion that should characterize a nation is largely absent.


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Political Wisdom or Spitting on a Wildfire?

Dana Mathewson

Kurt Schlichter rides again.


I don't know, Dana; I really don't agree with Schlichter here that much. It's the same thing we've been hearing from the RINO class all along; you have to take what we give and like it or you'll lose it all. Yeah, yeah, yeah. This was the very argument that would have given us Jeb! rather than Donald Trump, who was also a "weirdo" as Kurt would put it. Nothing will change if we continue to put the same kind of people in Washington.

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Pants on Fire

Dana Mathewson

Guilt By Accusatiion is the New Norm

Don’t believe all women or all men.

Excellent article! This goes along with the kind of things we've been saying.
Don’t believe all women or all men.

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Franken May Continue to Wander the Arctic

Dana Mathewson

Uh-oh! Some Dem Senators now want Franken to stay.

No, no! All sales final!


Was the Frankenxile a rouse to steal the Alabama Senate seat all along?

Remember what happened to Dr. Viktor Frankenstein; he was destroyed by the monster he created.

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December 18, 2017

You Better Watch out, You'd Better Not Cry; Snowflake Christmas at SLU

Timothy Birdnow

If we need any more proof that Universities are becoming nothing but hideously expensive baby sitters, this should disabuse any doubters.

From the U. New, the newspaper of St. Louis University:

"On Saturday, Dec. 2, Saint Louis University hosted its inaugural "Christmas on the Quad,” a Christmas themed event that took place from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., opening with Mass at St. Francis Xavier College Church and a homily that focused on advent, forgiveness and giving. After the mass, the festivities moved over to the quad, where a variety of activities were present.

With a multitude of stations— such as an inflatable bounce house, fires for s’mores, a bubble machine and face painting— there was plenty for both the young and old of SLU’s community.:

nd excerpt.

SLU is a major university, a venerable institution of learning. The little snowflakes need bounce houses and face painting?

I guess some children were invited, as Santa Claus was there, adn so was Mrs. Claus. Or maybe not.

The article says:

"It’s the hope that tonight is the beginning of a new holiday tradition here at SLU,” Tony Minor, the assistant vice president of alumni & donor engagement said while beginning the tree lighting ceremony.

"A tradition that brings our entire SLU family together, our alumni, our students, our faculty and our staff.”

End excderpt.

Maybe the passed out candy canes and sugarplums.

I see a lot of Democratic votes next November...

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Putting the Homeless in the Dog House

Timothy Birdnow

Here is an example of stupidty on parade - and the impetus of doing something for the sake of feeling good rather than accomplisning anything positive.

Gramd Metropolitan Servoces are building tiny houses for the homeless in the St. Louis area.

From the article: more...

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