June 16, 2019

U.S. Hacks Russian Electric Grid

Timothy Birdnow

The U.S. is playing a very dangerous game with the Russians.

It seems we have been hacking the Russian power grid.

From the article:

The action inside the Russian electric grid appears to have been conducted under little-noticed new legal authorities, slipped into the military authorization bill passed by Congress last summer. | 15 June 2019 | The United States is stepping up [illegal] digital incursions into Russia's electric power grid in a warning to President Vladimir V. Putin and a demonstration of how the Trump administration is using new authorities to deploy cybertools more aggressively, current and former government officials said. In interviews over the past three months, the officials described the previously unreported deployment of American computer code inside Russia's grid and other targets as a classified companion to more publicly discussed action directed at Moscow's [alleged] disinformation and hacking units around the 2018 midterm elections...Since at least 2012, current and former officials say, the United States has put reconnaissance probes into the control systems of the Russian electric grid.

The Russians are at least as competent as we in doing this sort of hacking, and our grid would be easier as we have an open system more readily accessed. Oh, and security is lousy here. And America is dependent on electricity in ways the Russians can exploit that we never could with them. How far will this go? I wouldn't want to find out.

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Move On won't move on

Timothy Birdnow

The nerve of the Left never ceases to amaze me.

Take this as a prime example.

Move On was started as a website dedicated to stopping the impeachment of Bill Clinton. In fact, the name Move On was predicated on their call to move on from the scandal.

So now what do the folks at Move On want to do? Impeach Donald Trump.

From the Breitbart article:

The website welcomes potential participants, "Join us on Saturday, June 15, for #ImpeachTrump: Act to Defend Democracy, a national day of local action to demand an inquiry into the impeachment of Donald Trump!”

Participants and hosts are provided with sample chants and signs on the website including some printable designs. The site even provides a "People’s Impeachment Guide.” Videos provide training in dealing with event situations, bird dogging elected officials, and how to run an effective livestream.

MoveOn describedt the intention behind the event: "Donald Trump’s abuses of our communities and country demand action from Congress, which has the responsibility and authority to hold Trump accountable. The next crucial step is an inquiry into whether to draft articles of impeachment.”

Potential participants are instructed that there will be follow-up plans after the one day event is over. Organizers describe reasons for impeachment moves on a FAQ page that discusses why they support impeachment despite odds it will stall in the U.S. Senate, whether Vice President Mike Pence is a greater threat as next in line to replace the president, and why they continue to herald claims against the president in relation to Russia and the 2016 election.

The Mueller Report did not find any evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the President, and yet Move On refuses to move on. The hypocrisy is astonishing. Clinton WAS guilty, and was convicted in a court of law. (He pled guilty to witness tampering and perjury and was heavily fined and had to surrender his law license - a punishment doled out by a former student of his.)  Trump is guilty of nothing, yet the rabid Left want to impeach him for non-crimes. You have to have crimes to impeach, knuckleheads.

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Stings Nab nearly 1,700 Child Predators

Timothy Birdnow

The Feds have arrested nearly 1,700 pervs in a sting on kiddy porn and the sexual abuse of minors.

In an operation called Broken Heart the DOJ put a dent in child molestation. Kudos on Attorney General William Barr for taking this step!

Question; why did it take so long for anyone to act?

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Not so simple Climate

Dana Mathewson

Here's a ten-minute video that gives the lie to Algore and other children who insist that Climate Change is (1) Settled Science and (2) simple enough that a child can explain it well enough with cartoon-style videos and drawings to be able to lecture President Trump.

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De Democrat Duhbait

Dana Mathewson

I don't know whether any of you plan to watch the upcoming infomercials... excuse me, "debates" by the Kandidates in the Democrat Klown Kar on June 26 and 27. But on the off chance that you already have your sock drawers organized and back issues of the WSJ organized, here's who you'll see "debating" whom:

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June 15, 2019

Catholic Bishop forced out for explaining Catholic Doctrine

Timothy Birdnow

There are no women priests in the Catholic Church.

Why, you ask? Because Christ did not choose any women as apostles, and the Catholic Church has always taken that to mean He di not want women in the top echelons of the Church. Jesus had disciples who wee women; Mary Magdalen comes to mind. But He did not make them apostles, so the Catholic church does not make women priests.

This fact must be kept in mind when reading this article. An auxiliary Bishop in Chile was forced to resign after he made this very point, saying that there were no women at the Last Supper and the Church has to respect thata.

From the article:

Carlos Eugenio Irarrazaval was appointed by the pope in an effort to rebuild the church’s credibility following a pervasive sex abuse scandal that exposed hundreds of allegations now being investigated by Chilean criminal prosecutors.

The archdiocese of Santiago did not specify the reasons for Irarrazaval’s departure in its statement, but said the pope had accepted the bishop’s resignation "in favour of unity and for the good of the church”.

The bishop’s short tenure began with a television interview in May, in which he said there were no women seated at the table at the Last Supper and that "we have to respect that”.


The comments sparked a backlash among women’s groups and critics of the church in Chile at a time when confidence in church leadership in the once staunchly Catholic nation has plummeted.

So, a bishop is removed for proclaiming Catholic teaching. The Catholic Church needs to stanbd her ground. This Bishop's resignation was unquestionably demanded by his superioors in the Church, which is outrageous given he was simply telling the faithful what the Church itself teaches. This is a disgrace.

The Catholic Church is suffering from schizophrenia. On the one hand they try to cling to the Biblical precepts and apostolic teachings, but on the other they want to be loved as the hip, cool parent, and seek to please the modernists. You can't have it both ways. Either the Church remains on a solid footing or it morphs into a progressive social club.

What it cannot do is walk the line. It's like walking down the center of a road; you are going to get hit.

In the Book of Revelations, Jesus addresses the Church at Laodecia. He says "you are neither hot nor cold. I wish you were hot or cold, but as you are neither i will spew you from my mouth." Catholicism has become like the Church of Laodecia.

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Pope Calls for Carbon Tax

Timothy Birdnow

Pope Francis - whose job is primarily saving souls from Hell - is calling for a carbon tax to stop global warming, an urban legend.

According to Reuters:

Pope Francis said on Friday that carbon pricing is "essential" to stem global warming - his clearest statement yet in support of penalising polluters - and appealed to climate change deniers to listen to science.

In an address to energy executives at the end of a two-day meeting, he also called for "open, transparent, science-based and standardised" reporting of climate risk and a "radical energy transition" away from carbon to save the planet.

Carbon pricing, via taxes or emissions trading schemes, is used by many governments to make energy consumers pay for the costs of using the fossil fuels that contribute to global warming, and to spur investment in low-carbon technology.

First, the Pope has no background in science and his judgment is merely personal opinion. Second, his job is saving souls, not saving the planet from industrial civilization. He is overstepping his authority here.

If Francis spent any time doing what he should be doing - openly teaching Catholic doctrine, calling for repentance from Sin, etc - instead of sticking his nose into a political issue, he would be on solid ground. But this is not his place.

I remember when Francis was asked about homosexuality he replied "who am I too judge". Catholic doctrine calls homosexuality a mortal sin, meaning homosexuals go to Hell. That clearly IS something he is supposed to judge. He's unwilling to judge that, but more than happy to judge in this instance. Francis hates capitalism. He's a fool, because more people have suffered poverty and died under socialism than other any other form of economic system. But Francis wants us to reduce our industrial base and doesn't understand that this will make so many people very poor. He often spouts off about a "preferential option for the poor" yet he will make many, many more of them. People die in economic downturns, especially in the Third World. Francis, by his plea to impose carbon taxes, is promoting poverty and death.

He's going to have to answer for that.

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Obama Spied on, Hacked FISA Judge, John Roberts

Timothy Birdnow

Here is a site claiming the Obama Intelligence people hacked a FISA judge's computer.

The article is written by Jim Khouri, a reliable writer.

From the article:

There is now evidence being circulated by lawmakers in both Houses of Congress that strengthens allegations that former President Barack Obama’s two top intelligence officials, John Brennan and James Clapper, spearheaded the hacking of a computer used by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court’s Judge Reggie Walton, and went as far as hacking U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

As more and more documents are released or leaked that are exposing the alleged Justice Roberts computer hacking by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) has rocked the corridors of power, but appears to be of little interest to the nation’s news people .

The fact that no court has held hearings regarding the obviously fraudulent FISA warrant applications to spy on lower-level Trump campaign worker Carter Page — and by extension other members of President Trump’s team — continues to be ignored by most news organizations who’ve decided changing American is more important than informing Americans.

And there’s more: James Comey’s henchmen at the FBI are proven to have covered it up. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has shown itself to be a hotbed of political treachery and narcissistic behavior.

One of the audio tapes made public by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow revealed that Brennan and Clapper particularly targeted and wiretapped Donald Trump a "zillion times.” Montgomery also contends that the government can plant files such as child pornography or state secrets on a target’s computer, setting up the owner of that device for blackmail or a bogus prosecution.

That hacking system, known as THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans. The tapes also reveal that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court (FISA), Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, 156 other judges, members of Congress, and Donald J. Trump were targeted by the Hammer.

I find it interesting that John Roberts - the man who single-handedly rewrote and saved Obamacare - was one of the targets of The Hammer. Shoot, the name itself suggests Obama was going to bring the hammer down on his enemies. Is it any wonder Roberts has become the new Anthony Kennedy on the Court?

Read the entire article; it's an eye-opener.

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June 14, 2019

Dirt, Real and Imagined

Our old friend Tim McNabb makes the following point:

Hillary Clinton's campaign paid a law firm, who paid a foreign agent, who gathered information from foreign nationals to make a demonstrably false "dossier" of allegations that was in turn offered to John McCain who then shopped it to the FBI who then used it to get a FISA warrant, with which they began a covert investigation on Hillary's political opponent - which resulted in nothing.

Adam Schiff was pranked by a couple jackanapes from a foreign power, and was willing to accept "proof" that Trump was doing bad things. I do not recall the transcript of Schiff's call to the FBI.

Trump is, at least, able to cut out the middleman. And is refreshingly honest.

(In regards to his claim he would listen to a foreign agent about a political opponentWhat if the "dirt" is evidence of an actual crime? The chief
executive has a duty as the top law enforcement officer to at least hear out credible evidence. Not seeing the treason here...

A standard that only applies to one team is not a standard, but a weapon.

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So long, Sarah, we'll miss you!

Timothy Birdnow

The osprey here at The Aviary had a discussion about the departure of Sarah Huckabee Sanders from the Administration that readers may find interesting. Here is the thread:

Fay Voshell

She will be sorely missed.

I am hoping her departure signals the end of the briefings altogether in favor of another, more honest venue.

Dana Mathewson replies:

I'm not sure, however, just how a "more honest" venue can be created, considering that today's press is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party -- unless, like Rush Limbaugh, you believe it's the other way around (and I'm not going to sit here and say that's maybe not the case).

We might just drop the idea of having an officer from the White House giving direct information to the "press" altogether, since the press affects not to believe most of it anyhow. Or the information could be provided in a one-way format -- paper, secure internet, TV screen or whatever, with no questions taken from the press and therefore no chances for people like Jim Acosta to perform his daily act.

I got a kick out of this video and frankly wonder if at least one of the guys (and maybe gals) in the press actually are "hot" for Sarah, like that one dweeb in the video. Strong women do attract that kind of reaction.

Fay replies:

Yup. This is kind of what I had in mind: "Or the information could be provided in a one-way format -- paper, secure internet, TV screen or whatever, with no questions taken from the press and therefore no chances for people like Jim Acosta to perform his daily act."

Stop letting the leftist press command the heights.

Dana replies:

And when they complain about not being able to ask questions, just say "No questions needed. I'm stating the facts clearly." I was going to say "I'm being perfectly clear" but that harks back too much to Nixon.

If the news is "read" over a TV screen it can also be shown in text.

Tim throws in his 2c:

CNN sued to get Jim Accosta reinstated based on the notion that Freedom of the Press means a right to access. I have little doubt they'd try that if Trump ended the daily briefings.

The way I'd handle it if they did would be to get some janitor to do the briefings. He'd come out with his mop and start doing the floors while they asked him questions, to which he would reply "huh?" That would infuriate them, but would technically meet the requirements. Any way you slice it, I would never give them anything they wanted.

David Dickinson interjects:

There's a rumor that Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump's press secretary, may be her replacement.

Dana adds:

Probably a good choice. She has experience. But being press secretary for the Big Guy is a lot hotter seat. I hope she, or whoever gets the job, isn't afraid to say "Sit down and shut up" whenever it's necessary.

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Beef: it won't be for dinner

Timothy Birdnow

Many years ago I wrote about the war on beef by the Left. As I pointed out at the time, the Left hated beef for a number of reasons, primarily because they wanted an international standard for diets and because they hated that beef produces less food than a similar amount of effort could produce vegetation. But the real reason is if you can control what people eat you can control the people. Diet is destiny. See Where's the Beef at American Thinker.

Tom DeWeese has written an essay surprisingly similar. Read it here.

From the article:

These are charges brought by anti-beef vegans who want all beef consumption stopped. In cahoots, are global Sustainablists who seek to stop the private ownership and use of land, all hiding under the blanket excuse of environmental protection.

To bring the cattle industry into line with this world view the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has accepted the imposition of the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, which is heavily influenced, if not controlled, by the World Wildlife Fund, one of the top three most powerful environmental organizations in the world and a leader in the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP), which basically sets the rules for global environmental policy. This is the same World Wildlife Fund that issued a report saying, "Meat consumption is devastating some of the world’s most valuable and vulnerable regions, due to the vast amount of land needed to produce animal feed.” The report went on to say that, to save the Earth, it was vital that we change human consumption habits away from meat. As pointed out earlier, the fact is most land used for grazing isn’t capable of growing crops for food. Further, to have the WWF involved in any part of the beef industry is simply suicidal.

It’s interesting to note that the "Principles for Sustainable Beef Farming,” issued for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef by the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Working Group (SAI), follow the exact guidelines originally presented in the United Nations’ Agenda 21/ Sustainable Development blueprint. Agenda 21 divided these into three categories including, Social Equity, Economic Prosperity and Ecological Integrity. Using almost identical terms, the SAI plan for Sustainable Beef uses the following headings for each section of its plan: Economic Sustainability, Social Sustainability, and Environmental Sustainability.

Under Social Sustainability are such items as Human Rights, Worker Environment, Business Integrity, and Worker Competence (that means that workers are required to have the proper, acceptable sustainable attitudes and beliefs). Under the heading Environmental Sustainability are Climate Change, Waste, and Biodiversity, for the reasons already discussed.

Regulations using these principles impose a political agenda that ignores the fact that smaller, independent cattle growers have proven to be the best stewards of their own land and that for decades have produced the highest grade of beef product in the world. Instead, to continue to produce they will be required to submit to centralized control by regulations that will never end and will always increase in costs and needless waste of manpower.

Read teh whole article; DeWeese is spot on.

This is a long term campaign and has been in the making of rdecades. They ARE coming for your beef, folks.

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Pelosi Upset That McConnell Keeps Killing Lunatic Fringe Progressive House Bills

Dana Mathewson

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) demonstrated that she still has a flair for thoroughly pointless grandstanding despite the fact that she can't complete two sentences in a row without stumbling all over herself.

FromThe Hill:

Speaker Nancy Pelosi(D-Calif.) unloaded on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday, accusing the Kentucky Republican of effectively turning the upper chamber into a legislative "graveyard."

The House Democratic leader at her weekly news conference unveiled a poster covered with headstones representing various bills and pieces of legislation that have become stalled in the Senate.

"Leader McConnell seems to take great pride in calling himself the 'Grim Reaper,' it's part of his political campaign," Pelosi said at the press conference. "It's part of the pride he takes as leader of the Senate."

"None of these things are going to pass," she continued. "They're not even going to be voted on."

Oh no! Not a poster!

Pelosi laments that McConnell's Senate won't vote on a smorgasbord of far-left bills that have emerged from the new House Democratic/Progressive majority fever-dream.

Full disclosure: I'm a big fan of Congress not doing anything. Yes, we're paying them to be there but the best way to keep from being completely fleeced is to make sure they "help" as little as possible.

All of the legislation that McConnell isn't entertaining was created only to give the leftmedia talking points. The Democrats knew that a Republican Senate wasn't going to dignify the progressive nonsense with serious consideration. This is how bicameral legislatures ruled by opposing parties work.

Read all about it at PJMedia, here  https://pjmedia.com/trending/pelosi-upset-that-mcconnell-keeps-killing-lunatic-fringe-progressive-house-bills/  where the author observes that "One of the greatest unexpected byproducts of the Trump era is that Mitch McConnell discovered a spine that he hadn't previously possessed."

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Pinterest lists Conservative sites as Porn to ban them

Timothy Birdnow

Project Veritas has found that Pinterest is calling conservative websites port or banning certain Christian phrases to censor conservative messages.

They have listed PJ Media, Zero Hedge, and othes as porn sites to ban them.

Read the whole report.

Question; if the Left has the superior ideas, if they are the smart ones, why do they have to stifle free speech? In the arena of ideas the liberals should be able to out-compete us. What do they fear?

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Nonsensical Presidential Polls

Timothy Birdnow

Writing in The Federalist Molly Hemmingway explains why Trump will be re-elected despite some much ballyhooed ridiculously early polling that suggests otherwise.

From the article:

At least six Democratic candidates would defeat President Trump if the election were held today and he’s struggling even in Texas, a pollster claims. Sen. Cory Booker, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen. Bernie Sanders, and former vice president Joe Biden would trounce Trump by anywhere from five to 13 percentage points nationwide, the poll says.

Another poll said Biden and Sanders had 12-point leads over Trump in Michigan.

Media outlets such as Axios claim that Trump has a "re-election crisis":

Now, the public is not in election mode, and it is natural for an incumbent to be behind to the fresh faces who are, at present, feted as heroes by the slobbering media. It is also true that Trump, having been smeared relentlessly since his inauguration, no doubt is suffering a bit of fatigue from the low information voters, who are tired of the endless negativity. But none of this matters a wit because there is no actual candidate identified, so nobody is serious. Oh, they'll say they like Mayor Pete Bootycall or whatever his name is, or Bernie Sanders, the guy who really DID collude with Russia, or at least vacationed in the Soviet Union back when they were real enemies, or the cigar store Indian, or whatnot, but that is because there is no serious consideration of them. Once the campaign begins for real it will be very different.

Molly continues:

The polls are what the polls are, as they were in 2015 and 2016, when they showed Trump having little to no chance of winning the presidency. (Spoiler alert: he won.)

One major difference from that era is a poll of Wall Street insiders showing that more than 70 percent expect Trump to win re-election. A Goldman Sachs analysis also sees Trump’s re-election as more likely than not. These projections absolutely could be wrong, but firms such as Goldman Sachs are deeply concerned about making money for the corporation and its clients by making accurate predictions about likely future events.

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The Python in the Cabinet

Timothy Birdnow

A woman in Ballwin Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) came home from a trip to Jamaica to find a live python in her cabinet.

According to the Belleville News Democrat:

Araminta Miles had just returned home from a Jamaican vacation when she went to get food from the pantry to feed her dog, KMOV reported. "Something just said, ‘turn around to look’ and it looked like a scarf,” she said, according to the station.

That ‘scarf’ was an 18-inch ball python.

"I was on the phone with my friends and was like, ‘There is a snake in my apartment, bye!,” Miles said, KMOV reported.

Police were unable to determine where the python came from and how it got into the woman's apartment.

I worked for a property management company and ran into all sorts of similar situations. Once i was doing a move-out inspection on an apartment and was checking the bathroom when I turned around from the sink and there was an alligator gazing hungrily at me from the bathtub! It's jaw was open and I know it was thinking I would make a tasty snack. There were TWO alligators left behind in that tub. Both were young, only about two feet long or so, but I can tell you I jumped out of the door and slammed it shut in no time. It's not every day a man is surprised by two alligators in an apartment in the city of St. Louis.

People leave all manner of creatures in apartments. Cats are quite common; someone moves and just abandons the poor cats. I have loaded up my family and friends with the poor things, and kept several myself over the years. It's very sad; people just think they are disposable, like a old chair or lamp that is too much trouble to take with them.

At any rate, if you have a pet you have a responsibility to it (and to other people) to at least take the critter to the Humane Society when you no longer want it or can no longer care for it.

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The Golden Gate comes to Nepal

Timothy Birdnow

I didn't know Mt. Everest was in San Francisco!

Fecal mattere, garbage weighing 11,000 kgs and 4 bodies cleared off of Mount Everest.

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June 13, 2019

The Prescient MacArthur

Timothy Birdnow

General Douglas MacArthur was prescient about the problems that now face America:

Talk of imminent threat to our national security through the application of external force is pure nonsense. Our threat is from the insidious forces working from within which have already so drastically altered the character of our free institutions — those institutions we proudly called the American way of life.

* Speech to the Michigan legislature, in Lansing, Michigan (15 May 1952),

It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear. While such an economy may produce a sense of seeming prosperity for the moment, it rests on an illusionary foundation of complete unreliability and renders among our political leaders almost a greater fear of peace than is their fear of war.

* Speech to the Michigan legislature, in Lansing, Michigan (15 May 1952)

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The Last Laugh is on Smollett

Jack Kemp

What We’ve Learned about Jussie Smollett

From the article:


A funny thing happened during Smollett’s victory lap: Chicago reporters obtained communications from police and prosecutors after a judge unsealed the case file. These records included texts Smollett sent that were obtained by police. The picture of Smollett that has emerged is considerably more detailed now: He had himself a rip-roaring good time while he was planning to make himself look like the victim of a nasty assault. He is brazen. He is smug. He is without doubt a liar, and a liar who preys on Americans’ natural sympathy for racial and sexual minorities. In the church of identity politics, what Smollett did is the equivalent of stealing from the widows-and-orphans box.
Smollett’s phone records show that for months he repeatedly bought cocaine, Ecstasy, and marijuana from the brothers Olabinjo and Abimbola Osundairo, which he paid for via Paypal and Venmo, and that he wanted to meet with the brothers "face to face” to discuss "planning,” presumably for the fake attack.


Yet the decision by prosecutor Kim Foxx to let Smollett skate has probably maximized damage to his career. Because he didn’t have to plead guilty, Smollett mistakenly thinks the public sees him as innocent. Instead the public quite rightly thinks of him as a con artist, and of itself as the victim of a fraud. Had he pleaded guilty, he could now follow the well-established Hollywood formula for crafting a redemption arc. He could blame the drugs for messing up his mind, go into rehab, then perform a tearful, anguished mea culpa for Gayle King.


Smollett had a calculated plan to enrich himself by making fools of Americans, and those who eagerly complied were left red-faced with humiliation that turned to anger.

Dana Mathewson adds:

Why are we not surprised?

The thing that occurs to me is that he apparently didn't for one minute think his plan could fail. He obviously isn't very smart. Here he was, obviously having NOT been beaten up and with nothing in his "plan" to credibly explain why the "attack" stopped. He said "They just stopped." In real life that doesn't happen. They'd have stopped once they'd beaten him senseless -- or somebody'd come along and beaten THEM senseless. Or chased them away with a gun, such as... cops.

A word from Tim:

Yeah; not very bright. I suppose he figured the media would carry his water for him - and that prosecutor wouldn''t bring charges. Also, given his mother's best friend is Angela Davis, the Communist terrorist now teaching in California, I suspect he wasn't the original planner, at least not in total.

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Dersh rings in again on the Mueller report

Dana Mathewson

Says it never should have been written in the first place. And he also says Mueller should shut up and sit down -- and NOT testify to Congress.

From Fox News:

The Constitution does not explicitly provide for special counsels or special prosecutors, (Alan) Dershowitz said Tuesday on "The Ingraham Angle."

He added such offices are "inconsistent" with the founding document, adding that there wasn't a pretense for the several-hundred-page conclusion to the investigation into President Trump.

Democrats in Congress passed a "civil enforcement resolution" on a straight party line vote to hold Barr and White House Counsel Bob McCann in Contempt of Congress.

Since the President has asserted Executive Privilege Congress has no authority in this matter and will likely lose in a court challenge. The President is a coequal branch of government, and cannot be coerced by Congress. Oh, and he is the enforcement arm, so Congress can go pound sand.


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