December 29, 2020

Deep State

George Marlatt theorizes:

I just wrote a long post on it. After Clinton took over he replaced Barr with Janet Reno, and Clinton fired most off the prosecutors and replaced them with new ones. Where do you get hundreds of names of new prosecutors. Barr most likely had it lined up but he was still under a Bush administration that was attempting to live off the popularity of Reagan
Clinton brought in Reno who was totally unaqualified. All the new prosecutors were under her. Were they taking orders from her? The new prosecutors were deep state picks and form the basis of DOJ. This is my guess. When was Andrew Weissman hired? I guess the non investigation of the Foster murder was under Reno. The FBI director was replaced the day before Foster was murdered. Under Reno we had Waco, Ruby Ridge, and the Oklahoma city bombing covered up by the FBI and DOJ. Reno was a well intentioned person of integrity in my opinion. She was never in charge. She was replaced by John Ashcroft who is a Evangelical Christian. I remember the confirmation hearings with that fat Eddy Kennedy grandstanding to make sure that Ashcroft's religious fervor would not turn into some Facist thing like preventing women from having abortions. Ashcroft was like Reno, he did nothing. Non investigation of the 911. He didn't realize that it needed to be investigated. DOJ was running on autopilot or by the CIA assets brought in under Clinton. Then we had Gonzales. Obama put in Eric Holder who got caught in the Fast and Furious corruption. Did they get rid of any of the Fast and Furious operatives . I doubt it. They scapegoated Holder and saved the team. Then we had Loretta Lynch. What did she think her job was? She declared that she wanted to make denying global warming a hate crime. Then somehow Sessions was coached to get on the good side of Trump and get the AG spot. He did this. Trump kept him even after recused himself. Why couldn't he just be fired immediately. Trump felt he needed to deal openly with the Russia hoax and was encouraged to do so by his chief of staff, General Kelly, another backstabber. Trump weathered it all. It takes tremendous real courage and character to deal with what he has dealt with get all we get from the msm is that Trump is a narcissist or mentally unsuited.
Next after Sessions we get Barr who I think was the key CIA player that initiated the destruction of DOJ. He is real smooth, and very smart. He got stuck in a position where he could not pull off his act. He has finally been forced to lay down his cards. You can see looking at him that he is under stress. I wonder who the higher up is who called his number and reminded him of his obligation under threat of death to the secret team

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