November 11, 2018

Well Planned

Dana Mathewson

Smart girl, from smart family


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Daniel Greefield writes about Synagoges facing reality - and not

Jack Kemp


"I'm a daughter of a Holocaust survivor," a 61-year-old Jewish woman was quoted as saying. "I lost all my aunts and uncles in the Holocaust, and I'm going to go down fighting. I'm not walking into a gas chamber. I'm not going to stand there like a sitting duck and get shot at. I refuse."

Yonatan Stern, an IDF veteran running tactical training courses at Cherev Gideon (Gideon's Sword), suggested that the demand is coming from the more politically and religiously conservative Jews.

Meanwhile at a lefty protest in Philly, Rebecca Hornstein, a member of the If Now Now anti-Israel hate group, who backed anti-Semites like Keith Ellison and Linda Sarsour, claimed that nobody wanted guns.

But quite a few real Jews did.

The debate over firearms in synagogues has reached into Jewish communities from New York City to Philadelphia, and from Chicago to Colorado Springs, where Mel Bernstein of Dragon Arms offered local Rabbis in the area free handguns or AR-15s, along with training and ammunition.

"You have to have the tool to fight back, and this is the tool" the Jewish gun store owner said.

The local ADL branch was unhappy with Bernstein's offer, claiming that armed clergy sent the wrong message. Five local rabbis however thought that it sent the right message and took him up on it.


Read the full article at Front Page Mag

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Stealing Florida and the Nation

Timothy Birdnow

An campaign worker has signed a sworn affadavit testifying he or she saw Florida election officials filling out blank voter ballots.

Gateway Pundit has the story:

"Former Florida Lieutenant Governor Jeff Kottkamp tweeted:

Affidavit filed by Broward Election’s employee in support of Caldwell lawsuit provides eye witness account of Elections staff filling in blank ballots. When this was reported the employee was fired and told not to come back. #sayfie

— Jeff Kottkamp (@JeffKottkamp) November 10, 2018

Earler today the attorneys for Chelsey Marie Smith released her sworn statement today alleging voter fraud.

End excerpt.

Across the nation the Democrats are busy trying to steal elections they lost in tight races. This strikes at the heart of our system, and must be dealt with in the strongest possible manner. We have long known they commit massive vote fraud, but now they aren't even bothering to hide it.

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November 10, 2018

Lies about Pre-Existing Conditions

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Why Republicans lost the pre-existing conditions war

From the article:

"For this week's elections, Democrats spent considerable resources attacking Republicans for trying to tamper with Affordable Care Act rules that require insurers to cover preexisting conditions. Now that voters have handed Democrats control of the House, ObamaCare supporters claim the election confirms what nearly every public opinion poll finds: The ACA's preexisting-conditions provisions are popular with voters.

Don't believe it. Truth is, the supposed popularity of the ACA's preexisting-conditions provisions is and always has been a myth.

Polls and attack ads that claim the provisions are popular are based on a fantasy version of these rules that assumes they have no costs. Responsible polls that incorporate the rules known side effects consistently find voters oppose them."

Read the rest.


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Fake News stories

Jack Kemp

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is
"up and workin"´ after a fall that broke her ribs

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is already up and working in her hospital room, a day after breaking three ribs in a fall, her nephew said late on Thursday at the Hollywood premiere of a film about her life. Ginsburg, a ground-breaking liberal jurist who at 85 is the oldest U.S. Supreme Court justice, was hospitalized on Thursday after falling at her office at the court, a court spokeswoman said. "The last I heard she was up and working, of course, because what else would she be doing, and cracking jokes," her nephew Daniel Stiepleman said...


Cracked ribs? Instant healing? Age 85? Is she being treated by Dr. McCoy from Star Trek?

In a related story, 5 foot 7 inch, 70 year old blogger Jack Kemp was chosen as the new center for the Lakers....

CORRECTION: Kemp was chosen as the center for the MINNEAPOLIS LAKERS, a team that no longer exists, as of early 1960. But it is also rumored that he will be a guest on the NBC tv Megyn Kelly show. more...

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Twin Cities folks, have you voted in Florida yet?

Jack Kemp forwards this:

Woman in Minnesota Receives BrowardCounty Ballot in the Mail

From the article:

"The Democrats are working around the clock right now to steal the statewide Florida election from Republicans. A woman who moved to Minnesota five years ago from Florida says she received a ballot from Broward County in the mail. Minnesota resident, Elisa Sarmento alerted her friend, Scott Presler, a conservative activist that she received a ballot from Broward County. Scott Presler posted a photo of the woman's ballot showing the return address to be from Brenda Snipes in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. SCOTT PRESLER: My friend @ElisaSarmento moved to Minnesota from Broward County FIVE years ago. "

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Let's have a (short) pity party for The New Evita

Dana Mathewson

Alex Occasional-Cortex (suddenly I'm not the only one calling her that -- others must be reading The Aviary!) can't find cheap lodging in DC until she starts drawing a paycheck from us citizens. Oy, the agony!

From the Daily Caller:

Democratic socialist and Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York announced Thursday that issues like finding an apartment in Washington, D.C., before receiving her congressional salary are “very real.

"I have three months without a salary before I'm a member of Congress, so how do I get an apartment?” Ocasio-Cortez said to The New York Times. “Those little things are very real.â"

However, she noted that she and her partner have been saving money since before leaving her job as a bartender in New York.

"We're kind of just dealing with the logistics of it day by day" said Ocasio-Cortez. "I've really been just kind of squirreling away and then hoping that gets me to January."

While Ocasio-Cortez told The NYT that she "can't really take a salary" filings by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) show that she has at least taken one "payroll check" during her time as a candidate.

Following publication of her interview with The NYT, the Democratic socialist tweeted about the issue.

"There are many little ways in which our electoral system isn't even designed (nor prepared) for working-class people to lead" Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. "This is one of them (don't worry btw " we're working it out!)"

Hat tip Urgent Agenda.

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November 09, 2018

White Women Don't Need Your Saving

Dana Mathewson

It's long been said that Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned. That sure seems to be the case when feminists are ignored and conservative women vote for, well, conservative candidates. Here's a nice column from Townhall:

Republicans foiled Democrats’ dreams of a Senator O’Rourke, a Governor Gillum and a Governor Abrams, and, apparently, white women are to blame for it.

One Twitter warrior deemed white women "footsoldiers of the patriarchy” for voting Republican, claiming that their decision is based on a desire to submit to their husbands. Jemele Hill, staff writer for The Atlantic, argued that white women are not "the face of feminism,” because they voted for Ted Cruz and, in 2016, for Donald Trump. A viral tweet listed Republicans for which white women voted in the midterms and concluded, "white women gonna white.”

Don’t worry, though. The Women’s March is here to help us out: "There’s a lot of work to do, white women. A lot of learning. A lot of growing. We want to do it with you.”

Phew! For a second there I thought we were going to have to continue navigating these scary political waters on our own. I’m so relieved to know that, instead of thinking for ourselves, we’ll have obscure liberal Twitter activists and Linda Sarsour guiding us. I’m hoping my tyrannical husband won’t be too upset with me for going against his commands. Last week he gave me an extra fifty cents in my allowance and told me to "buy something pretty,” so maybe he’ll be just as gracious when I tell him I’ve started forming my own opinions.

This is my kind of woman -- my wife's too.
The irony is, of course, rich. Leftist feminists, long-asserting the strength and independence of women, now argue that some women are so weak that they need to depend on liberals to tell them how to vote. They cannot fathom that we Republican "white women” may actually have different values than they do. It must be because we are "foot soldiers of the patriarchy.” (That’s newspeak for "self-hating idiots.”)
It's a great article, dear readers. Please read the whole thing.

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Dana Mathewson forwards this: ounger

This from Tim:

Hey, if you can change your sex based on your self-identification, why not your age?

We all knew this type of thing was coming. Surprised it took as long as it did.

I wonder how long before 18 year old boys get their driver's licences changed to say they are forty year old women to get better insurance rates? Or people looking for a senior discount? How about changing your birth date to receive social security? Medicare? There is every reason to monkey around with your age, and this is going to make a whole new set of problems. It was inevitable after America rejected the idea of objective sexes. Now everything is fluid.

How many criminals are going to claim they are under the age of majority when they are brought to trial?

We've pulled out a thread, and where has it led?

California contributor David Dickinson comments:

That was done in Canada recently, Tim!

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Fraudulent science behind radiation regulations

Paul Driessen

Jay Lehr and I have been following the debates and battles over the "Linear No Threshold” chemical and radiation toxicity model for years. We’ve always suspected that something more than mere scientific disagreements were involved. Now world-renowned toxicology expert Dr. Edward Calabrese has documented that there was actual fraud behind the 1946 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine that got this LNT model started.

Our article summarizes the chicanery behind this dominant regulatory concept – and explains why human health, well-being andlivesdepend on eliminating or drastically revising it to reflect honest scientific standards and modern knowledge about the true effects of exposure to low doses of radiation.


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All Hail Speaker Pelosi!

Dana Mathewson

Now we see what the donkeys make of their smaller-than-expected victory. Doug Schoen wrote an article that none of them will read, saying among other things that the worst thing the party could do is keep Pelosi as Speaker. He, of course, wants the party to survive and fix its mistakes. We, on the other hand, want it to self-destruct, so hoist a glass to the continuance of Auntie Nancy as keeping the gavel.

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WaPo: Trump Standing Strong

Dana Mathewson

Here's a good summation from Ed Rogers at the Washington Post:

Democrats won the House, but Trump won the election

While Tuesday night was not a complete win for Republicans, there was no blue wave, either. By most measures, Republicans beat the odds of history and nearly everyone's expectations, while Democrats were left disappointed as the fantasy of Beto O’Rourke, Andrew Gillum, Stacey Abrams and others winning fizzled. Not one new progressive Democrat was successful bursting onto the scene. It will take a few days to process the meaning of this year's election returns, but the instant analysis is clear: Democrats may have won the House, but Trump won the election.

As I always say, in politics, what is supposed to happen tends to happen. I predicted in August that the Democrats would take the House but that alone was not enough for most Democrats. As much as this year's midterms offered an obvious opportunity to rebuke President Trump, little of what the arrogant Democrats and members of the mainstream media expected would happen actually did. So much of what they said turned out to be wrong that it will take a while before the significance becomes clear. And if the 2018 midterms prove anything, it is that Trump is standing strong while Democrats and their allies who thought Trump would have been affirmatively rejected are in fact the ones who have themselves been denied.

Democrats have underperformed in comparison with the historical markers and general expectations of a midterm cycle. The president's party loses 37 seats in the House on average in midterm elections when his approval is below 50 percent  but Democrats aren't projected to pick up nearly that many seats. No liberal will want to admit it, but Trump is an asset to the Republican Party, while President Barack Obama was a disaster for the Democratic Party.

End excerpt.

Hat tip: Urgent Agenda

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November 08, 2018

Acosta Accosts Trump, Intern - gets Banned

Timothy Birdnow

CNN's Jim Acosta has lost his White House credentials after his childish outburst at President Trump and his refusal to hand over his microphone while shouting questions about "Russian collusion" at the President, who had answered his original question (about his tax returns) and was trying to call on someone else.

According to the Washington Times: more...

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Florida Felons get Vote

Timothy Birdnow

There goes Florida.

Yes, the Sunshine State has restored voting rights to felons, turning the state over to the Democrats (who themselves are, or should be, felons). has the details:

"Amendment 4 restores the right to vote to convicted felons who have completed all terms of their sentences, including probation and restitution, but excludes those who are convicted of murder or sex crimes. Those people will still be barred from voting unless their rights are restored by the state clemency board, which consists of the governor and the three cabinet officers (attorney general, chief financial officer and commissioner of agriculture and consumer services)."

End excerpt.

This is expected to re-enfranchise 1.2 million felons, most of whom will likely vote for Democrats. So the Democrats have essentially added one good sized city to their voter base with this one election, and will now likely tip the scales on the absolutely evenly divided state to turn Florida blue.

Needless to say, this was the fondest dream of the left wing glitterati. Again from the article:

"Both Democratic opponents, Sen. Bill Nelson and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, supported Amendment 4.

Throughout the campaign, the ballot measure gained star-studded support from the likes of John Legend, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, NFL stars like Warrick Dunn and even the Koch-backed Freedom Partners.

Strong financial support came from donors like the American Civil Liberties Union, which paid for more than $5 million in advertising on TV and social media, in both English and Spanish."

End excerpt.

How many illegal aliens voted for this? Inquiring minds want to know.

The Democrats never play by the rules. They have to lie about who they are, cheat, and steal because America really doesn't buy what they have to sell.

So now they automatically return voting rights to felons in Florida, disenfranchising decent citizens of their votes in order to steal another state. And the people of Florida fell for it.

Maybe we should saw Florida off from the rest of the country? It should be possible to dig a canal across the peninsula. Perhaps we can sell it to the Cuban government; it would fit right in with the Castro gulag.

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Close Call with Space Rock this Weekend

Timothy Birdnow

The Earth will have a few close calls

"The asteroids - the biggest of which is predicted to measure up to 30 metres across - will whizz past our planet on November 10.

At around 14:03 GMT, an asteroid dubbed 2018 VS1 will pass the Earth.

This asteroid is predicted to measure between 13-28 metres across - suggesting the asteroid could be five times as tall as a giraffe!

Thankfully, NASA’s trajectory estimates indicate that 2018 VS1 will be around 861,700 miles away from Earth during its closest approach.

Just 16 minutes after 2018 VS1 passes our planet, another asteroid dubbed 2018 VR1 will swing by.

This asteroid is predicted to measure up to 30 metres wide, but thankfully will pass at a distance of 3.12 million miles from Earth. with asteroids over the weekend."

End excerpt.

And the last one will pass 237,037 miles from Earth sixteen minutes later.This is just about as far as the Earth from the Moon, so it isn't exactly going to buzz over our heads. It's a close call by astronomical measures, though. This will be the CLOSEST of the three asteroids.

So, no worries mate! We aren't going to get hit, not unless one of these things were to strike something we can't see and move in it's orbit. But that is very, very unlikely.

But what this does illustrate is that we are vulnerable, and no matter how proud we are of our civilization it could be taken out by forces we do not control. Any of these three asteroids hitting the Earth would be a disaster. and we have no way of stopping them at present. A larger asteroid, say, a mile across, would end our civilization.

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Filthy "Clean Missouri" to Steal Districts from Republicans

Timothy Birdnow

One of the bitter disappointments in Tuesday's elections was a Missouri constitutional amendment that drastically altered redistricting. While innocuously named "Clean Missouri" it was basically a backdoor trick by the Democrats to steal control of Congressional districts by gerrymandering.

The Riverfront Times gives us a few details:


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A Look at 2020

Timothy Birdnow

While nobody wants to talk about 2020 just yet, I do want to make a few observations about the prospects for the future.

First, I direct your attention to this Rasmussen Report from back in September.. Well before the election Rasmussen looked at how potential outcomes may affect the next election cycle.

Here are a few quotes: more...

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Justice Ginsburg Falls, Breaks Ribs

Fay Voshell

Another SCOTUS appointment in the works? Ruth Bader Ginsburg suffered a fall in her office and broke three ribs. She is currently hospitalized.

She has suffered from bad health for a long time.

She has said she will stay at the court until she's ninety. I think her days are numbered, given her health history.
Fay Voshell comments:

She has said she will stay at the court until she's ninety. I think her days are numbered, given her health history.

A word from Tim:

I noticed this little tidbit from the story:

"In her absence, the court was going ahead Thursday with a courtroom ceremony welcoming new Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who joined the court last month."

End excerpt.

Could it be Ginsburg just didn't want to attend the welcoming party?

Jack Kemp adds:

Far be it from me to say something unkind about the Democrats on the Supreme 8-) However, Kagan and Sotomayor are really upset that they don't have the third witch to stir the cauldron with them, a la the opening scene of Macbeth. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble...


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November 07, 2018

Earth's Two Extra Moons

Dana Mathewson

And in other news... planets-space/

From the article:

"Earth’s moon may not be alone. After more than half a century of speculation and controversy, Hungarian astronomers and physicists say they have finally confirmed the existence of two Earth-orbiting "moons” entirely made of dust.

As they describe in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the team managed to capture snapshots of the mysterious clouds lurking just 250,000 miles away, roughly the same distance as the moon.

Researchers previously inferred the presence of multiple natural companions to Earth, but the dust clouds weren’t actually seen until 1961, when their namesake, Polish astronomer Kazimierz Kordylewski, got a glimpse. Even then, their presence was questioned.

"The Kordylewski clouds are two of the toughest objects to find, and though they are as close to Earth as the moon, are largely overlooked by researchers in astronomy,” says study coauthor Judit Slíz-Balogh, an astronomer at Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary. "It is intriguing to confirm that our planet has dusty pseudo-satellites in orbit alongside our lunar neighbor.”

Read it all at National Geographic

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