January 29, 2018

Trust but (e) Verify Dos

Timothy Birdnow

Dana Mathewson and I continue our discussion on DACA and the Trump DREAM plan.

From Dana:

Well, my friend, I just don't know what we can do with these people. Gitmo sounds good to me, but it also sounds pretty cruel as far as the "optics." It would be one thing if we could somehow dump them back on Obama, who seems to want to stay involved in things, and say "OK, Skippy, since you want to keep your nose in the game, here ya go -- these were your gumdrops, now figure out what to do with them, just make sure they don't cost the American taxpayers anything."

I suppose I don't totally trust anybody who works in DC either, but I trust Trump more than anybody else in that Fever Swamp, and I believe he has a few decks' worth of aces up his sleeves -- enough to confound every damned Democrat in the city and surrounding areas. As you say, DREAM was a sucker's scam, and nobody will end up being a winner, but Trump's been thinking this over for a long time now.

This from Tim: Yes, you are right; it would appear cruel to send them to Gitmo. How about Puerto Rico? I'm of a mind to spend a wad to get "Rico" not just back up but better than ever so the refugees from there go home (and don't turn Florida into a Democrat base state) and why not send a bunch of DREAMERS there to help with that? If they have to stay in the U.S. how about sending them to Hawaii, where they'd be contained in the People's Pacific Republic. Or maybe we ought to simply buy Baja California and colonize them there; Mexico owes us a wad of dough anyway. If we are going to not just make them go to their country of origin we at least need to come up with some plan to contain the damage done. Right now we let people in and scatter them to the four winds. That simply has to stop.

I agree; Trump is no doubt more trustworthy than most. That, I am afraid, may be the problem; he's going to keep his promises technically, which, since he lacks ideological footing, may wind up costing us in the end. Trump promised a wall and may well trade an amnesty to get it. I'd rather have no amnesty and no wall - live to fight another day. Amnesty is the end if it happens.

I think of Trump as sort of like an auto mechanic. He can diagnose what's wrong and replace parts. The Democrats have been replacing parts for decades using foreign made stuff, mostly from the Eastern Block. The car is sputtering and coughing, and Trump knows he has to put American parts back in. Unfortunately he's not an engineer, which is probably what is needed now, someone grounded in the whole flow of things i.e. ideological. Trump is a pragmatist and looks at what works, but sometimes you have to go system-by-system and not just replace a few parts. I fear liberalism has done that to America and we need the engineer to work on it. Granted, a mechanic is better than nothing.

I really CAN see Trump doing an amnesty to get his wall, which would be disastrous. A matter of a non-ideologue. We must keep his feet to the fire.

Oh, and that hero's reception he got at Davos worries me; these are the very people who created the Open Borders policy. I fear Trump may have cut a deal and that is why he was so well received. When internationalists applaud I get very worried. And especially right when our guy seems to be making overtures to the other side.

I pray my fears are unfounded, but we've been betrayed so often in the past.

The New World Order is entirely predicated on the elimination or at least the marginalization of national borders and the nation-state. I don't see these elites cheering for someone who is going to really make America great again.

I hope you are right and I wrong, Dana.

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