January 28, 2018

Trust but (e)Verify

Timothy Birdnow

Dana Mathewson and I have been discussing the Trump DACA Amnesty proposal. Dana is more optomistic about it than I. Here is our exchange.

This from Dana Mathewson

I'm not wildly happy about this, but I don't really see that Trump can pack up the current batch of Dreamers and send them packing off to... where? And at any rate, if he puts this offer on the table, Cryin' Chuck has to counter with something that Trump wants. If he doesn't, Dreamers are off the table. This is high-stakes poker, and I don't see Chuckie beating Donnie -- no way. Mitch should be the one playing the game, but really. . .

Besides, the Dreamers are Obama's mess, and it's starting to look like Obama is in a pot of water which is having the heat turned up due to other considerations. It is not totally impossible that we will be the first citizens to see a former president indicted for "high crimes and misdemeanors."

And this from Tim Birdnow:
Dana, the DREAM act was a scheme by Luis Guittierez originally introduced (but not passed) in 2001. Dick Durban was behind it, too. It always was a sucker's scam. But it never had the force of law until 2012 when Obama imposed it as DACA. That's only six years. I don't think we can say that these DACA "kids" - many of whom were nearly adulthood when they came here - have nowhere to go. And sadly, what do we do? Do we allow just anyone to stay based on this? So if you can invade a country, run a bunch of people in, you can just take it over?

I get it; nobody wants to deport some person who has not known their country of origin. But does it mean a path to citizenship, so they can become good Democrats? Does it mean chain migration? If it would stop with permanent, non-citizen residency for these illegals I wouldn't mind overmuch, but you know that isn't the end game here. Trump either doesn't understand this, or he doesn't care. Either way he is wrong as wrong can be. I suspect he's going to trade an amnesty for promises of funding for a wall, so he can say he did it. I don't want political kudos - I want results. The Trump plan is the beginning of the end for the GOP and, frankly, for America as we have known it.

I hear you on the high stakes poker, but what if Chuckie calls his bluff? Did you know the Income Tax went the same way; the GOP called the Democrats bluff on it, and they were able to get a Constitutional Amendment authorizing a federal income tax. We've been stuck with that ever since because the Republicans at the time thought there was no way the Democrats could push it through. Frankly, I'd rather have no wall and keep these aliens away from voting then to have a big beautiful wall that doesn't matter. No deal is better than a fifty fifty split.

As for packing them off, maybe we can establish a colony for illegals somewhere. Why do they have to remain here? When idiot Jimmy Carter invited Castro to empty his prisons and send them here he eventually realized his mistake and began housing the Mariel "refugees" at Guantanamo Bay - It can be done. Maybe Canada will take them. But even if it can't then at least we shouldn't be giving them an amnesty, which is precisely what is happening here.

Dana, I like your optimism and wish I shared it. I really don't think Obama will ever come to justice; even his political enemies aren't going to want that because he was the first black president and it would damage public confidence in the system. (I don't know how much more it can be damaged but there will be plenty of people who will say that.)

I've never fully trusted Trump and this is entirely a "trust me" moment. Like Reagan said 'trust but verify" . Well, in this instance it would be "trust but e-verify" which isn't included in Trump's proposal. We can't verify and that makes me very, very nervous. It's like trusting the old Soviets to obey the SALT treaty by taking their word for it.

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