February 09, 2018

Day of Reckoning for Education

Timothy Birdnow

The story of the Lords of the Dance in Utah has me thinking about the decline in education in general and how there is going to come a point when everyone just says no. People have been saying no to public education for some time, with the rise of home schooling and the like. But college education is even more at risk, methinks; the universities have become so restrictive while at the same time charging far more than the education is worth, and their day of reckoning is coming.

What are the reasons for a young person to attend college? First, to get an education. But colleges no longer really teach, prefering to promote liberal activism clothed in academic garb. The end result is that people are graduating with just the bare essentials and often not even that, and now a bachelors degree is like a high school diploma used to be, hardly a solid education and definitely not your ticket to better things. For that you must go on, pay a lot more money, get a masters or PH.D. or whatnot.

Meanwhile, especially in the #metoo era, students lose the second benefit of college - meeting members of the opposite sex and dating. With the fundamental changes in the way colleges view "sexual assault" and impose unAmerican standards of proof on males, the draw of college is diminished. Who wants to go to a place where there are plenty of girls but you don't dare date them lest you be called a rapist by some crazy chick or some radical? So the carrot of sexual flirtation is no longer there. You'd be better served to just get a job and go to a bar.

Speaking of bars, there used to be a sense on campus that alcohol was o.k. provided things did not get too out of control. When I started college the student union had a bar, and they never checked i.d.'s. By my senior year they were getting strict. Now the campus is completely dry, and there are strict controls of students even off campus. If three members of a fraternity go to a bar together they have to get permission from the school administration for a "party". Parties, when authorized, are always dry.

So, poor education, no women, and no liquor. But what of the freedom that college offers?

Well, we now have safe spaces, teddy bears for upset people, and administrations that keep students on a short leashe. It is, in many ways, less free then many of the homes the students are leaving.

Meanwhile students have to hear their country badmouthed, their values trashed, and their parents insulted. If they are white they are told they are dirtbags, scum who are at the root of all evil.

And for this they pay tens of thousands of dollars, going into debt for much of their lives. Who in their right mind would do this?

I think a day of reckoning is coming, and soon.

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